Top 7 Best Bench Grinder Stands on the Market

If you are passionate about metalwork, you definitely know that your bench grinder can only perform its duties efficiently when placed correctly. So to achieve this you need to purchase a bench grinder stand that will hold your bench grinder in an appropriate position.

Well, if you are wondering which bench grinder stand will help you a great deal, you don’t need to worry anymore. In this article is a rundown of the top 7 best bench grinder stands that will make you an expert in your metal activities. Stay on and read to the end.

1. WEN 4288 Cast Iron Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand

The WEN 4288 pedestal stand is one of the most popular bench grinder stands among woodworkers. Made with cast iron, the stand is pretty durable and sturdy enough for tough working environments. Also, the steel design minimizes vibrations while working.

The 31.5-inch pedestal gives your grinder enough resting space, in turn, making your working area more organized. To enhance working convenience, the stand is also designed with a water pot for quenching workpieces. Moreover, this is not the kind of stand that will get you worried about the installation since the process is pretty simple. It comes with pre-drilled bolt holes for fastening the stand on the floor. The cast iron top comes with holes and slots to ease the process of mounting the grinder to the stand.

Talking of compatibility, this Wen pedestal stand has all the versatility you need. Not only is it compatible with all WEN grinder models, but it also accommodates quite a variety of bolt alignments.


  • It comes with a water pot for holing working pieces.
  • It is compatible with all WEN grinders.
  • The stand provides maximum stability, in turn, reducing vibrations that may jostle down your working tools.
  • The hook at the back of the mounting plate helps in keeping cords out of the way, in turn, enhancing safety at work.


  • The only parts of the stand that are cast iron are the base and the quench tray.

2. Pit Bull Bench Grinder Stand

This pit bull bench is everything you need to have a perfect grinding station. To begin with, its installation doesn’t require much technical expertise. It is designed with pre-drilled holes, which in turn makes the installation process pretty simple. With heavy-duty steel construction, the stand is quite durable and a worthwhile purchase for optimal productivity on your grinding activities.

Metallic objects tend to be prone to rust, especially when exposed to wet weather. This stand is designed with a powder coating to prevent rusting. The 18-7/8″ x 19-3/4″ base size and a 7-7/8″ x 8 3/4″ top ensure safety and maximum stability while grinding.

If you have limited space at your workshop, this stand will be ideal for you because it won’t take much of your working space.


  • The stand is quite easy to install with the pre-drilled holes that are featured.
  • It is rust-resistant thus maintaining its impressive steel construction for the longest time.
  • Made of steel, the stand is pretty durable and able to withstand tough working conditions.
  • A tool tray is included to keep your screws and other fixtures at reach.


  • The stand tends to vibrate much.

3. Sunex Tools 5003 Universal Bench Grinder Stand

Want to make the best out of your grinding activities? The Sunex tools grinder stand is everything you need. First of all, the grinder is designed with a sturdy base with pre-drilled holes for an easy mounting process. It has the capability to support a 36-inch bench grinder providing you with a convenient working height.

You don’t want to be a nuisance in your environment every moment you are doing your metalwork. This grinder stand comes with a base specially designed to minimize vibrations while grinding. It is also quite versatile and it’s compatible with SUN5001A, SUN5002A, and other 6″ or 8″ bench grinders.


  • The stand is easy to install with pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • Featured with optimal stability, the stand is quite efficient.
  • The 36-inch height allows you to work without having to strain your back.
  • It works with minimal vibrations’
  • It is compatible with various grinder brands.


  • It doesn’t come with the mounting hardware.

4. Bench Grinder Stand HTC HGP

If you are looking to take your metalwork to the next level, its time you give your workshop a more serious look with this commercial brand HTC Bench grinder stand. First of all, the grinder stand won’t limit you to just a single grinder model. It is specially designed for compatibility with various grinder models in the market.

With this grinder stand, installation is made quite easy with the pre-drilled holes on the 8.5 by 9.5 inches top plate. The stand’s height can be adjusted from 21 inches up to 41 inches making it quite convenient for most users. Besides, the height flexibility gives you room to operate your grinder while seated or standing. Also, the exclusive wedge locks provide a solid work platform for efficient performance.

In terms of stability, this HTC grinder-stand never disappoints. It is designed with a wide base with four non-slip leveling feet to provide you with optimal stability. It is outstandingly sturdy; thus, can hold grinders of up to 500 pounds.


  • Set up is quite easy with the pre-drilled mounting holes at the top plate.
  • It is adaptable to various grinder models.
  • The flexible height options allow you to get your preferred working height without much trouble.
  • The four anti-slip leveling feet provided ensure maximum stability.


  • The mounting plate is flimsy compared to the rest of the stand.

5. Grizzly Industrial H7763 – Pedestal Stand For Bench Grinder

Do you want to make your working station more organized and exploit its potential to the fullest? The grizzly industrial grinder could be your ultimate solution. Being a pedestal stand, it will consume very little of your small workshop’s space. Also, assembling the stand is quite simple. You don’t need much mechanical expertise to get it working.

Besides, the stand is also designed with a tray to keep all your essential working tools easily accessible. With a 32-inch height, the stand will enable you to work for long hours without getting overly exhausted. Moreover, with the mounting holes at the bottom, you can always mount it on a surface that will bring it up to your convenient height. The tripod design at the base of the stand gives you maximum stability and minimized vibrations while grinding.

The stand also comes with mounting holes that are compatible with most grinders hence making it quite a versatile piece. The parts of this Grizzly stand fit in perfectly giving it quite an impressive finish.


  • It has outstanding stability, in turn, reducing vibrations.
  • The stand won’t consume much of your workshop space.
  • It gives the user a long term service.
  • Assembly is easy and it won’t take much of your time.


  • The bottom of the stand is lighter than that of other grinder stands within the same price range.

6. Delta Power Tools 23-040 Grinder Stand

Looking for durability and performance? The Delta Power grinder stand is your answer. It is sturdily built with durable material for optimal longevity. It is also designed with a wide base to ensure maximum stability and safety.

The stand also features adjustable brackets to accommodate the specific kind of grinder you are using. Note that this stand can be used with various bench grinder models though it is specially designed for Delta grinders. Other than stability, the broad base also helps in minimizing vibrations during heavy work.

Moreover, with this stand, you won’t go get your back injured from long hours of grinding. It is designed with a 23-inch height that allows you to shape your metals without the need of having to bend.


  • It comes with all the necessary hardware required in mounting the grinder.
  • The stand is easy to install
  • It has an outstanding stability thanks to the broad base
  • It is suitable for 6-inch and 8-inch grinders.
  • This stand is highly compatible with various grinder models.


  • The assembly maybe a bit of a problem if your grinder base is very flat
  • The leveling bolts are slightly smaller.

7. Buffalo Tools BGSTAND Bench Grinder Stand, 21

If you are looking for a versatile bench grinder stand that accommodates most of the grinder models we have in the market, look no further. This Buffalo tools stand is all you need. It is specially designed with a 10×11-inch mounting plate with six slots for compatibility with most grinder makes. It is also made of cast iron, which makes it quite resistant to wear and tear from tough working environments.

Moreover, this stand will enable you to keep your working environment clean. This is thanks to the removable drip pan that prevents dirt from falling on the floor during metal shaping or sharpening.

From the ground, the stand stands 31 inches high giving you a comfortable and safe working space for the best of efficiency.


  • It is compatible with the most popular models in the market.
  • Made of cast iron, the stand is quite durable.
  • It comes with a drip pan to maintain a clean working environment.
  • The installation process is pretty simple with the user manual.


  • The setup bolts are not included.


If you have been lacking a grinder stand to complete your metalwork collection, now you know what to buy. Despite the plethora of options in the market right now, this article has reviewed for you the best bench grinder stands in the market right now. Make your pick now and nothing will stop you from taking your metal art to the next level. We hope that we made your decision easy and you will recommend this article to other metal workers out there. After all, caring is sharing.