Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)

Summer is over, for now, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t come back. We have already started our countdown until next summer, and we are sure some of you have as well. The best way to enjoy summer is to prepare early and take advantage of all the available deals.

If you are like us, then we are sure that you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach. We can already picture it, sun sand, and all the carefree fun in the world. But before you get carried away daydreaming, do you have a beach blanket? If you are planning on going down to the beach, you need a sand proof beach blanket.

In 2019, finding a sand proof beach blanket isn’t easy. There are a lot of sand proof beach blankets out there and no one to tell you which one is the best. Here’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the internet, and here are our picks for the top 11 sand proof beach blankets in 2019.

1. Roebury Beach Blanket

Measuring about 55` by 70`, this blanket is ideal for the whole family. The Roebury blanket also comes in a variety of colors and variations. These range from the bellflower pattern, green or blue plaid, stripes, pink, yellow and blue, and the wavefront with blue and black.

The Roebury Beach blanket is also durable, and it will become fast friends with your washing machine. This is due to its inner lining that wipes clean to stains and dirt.

Moreover, it is water-resistant and can pair well in grass and sand without picking up too much dust and dirt. This makes it ideal if you intend it for outdoor purposes as it can withstand constant water and remain in good shape.

Last, but not least, this beach blanket is very soft. This is great for kids as it is chemical-free and free of fluff and grains. It’s lightweight and also folds easily, which makes packaging it an easy task. The Roebury is a perfect blanket for nearly all outdoor activities.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
Roebury Beach Blanket

2. The ABETER Sand Free Beach Mat

Coming at number two is this dual-layer blue Plain 79` by 79` mat. You can get this blanket in two sizes depending on your needs. The larger blanket is best if you have a big family.

The ABETER is sand-free and waterproof; therefore, dust, sweat, and dirt, in general, won’t be an issue. However, for comfort, a towel can be added to add softness and act as a cushion.

The designers of the ABETER used a net made fabric that is easy to clean. This is ideal for going out on hikes, beach camping, and any other outdoor activity you might think of. To add to its versatility, it has four nails that you can use to fix it across the surface to avoid it being blown away.

Another intuitive feature of the blanket is that it is comprised of two layers of fabric. While the upper layer allows sand to pass through the inner layer does not. This enables it to filter sand from your body and dispose of it to the sides creating a sand-free experience.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
The ABETER Sand Free Beach Mat

3. WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket

The WEKAPO sand free beach blanket is made of 100% Nylon. It is very compact and can fit almost any bag pack for travel. It is also lightweight, only about 14.0 oz, yet it can comfortably accommodate up to seven adults.

This blanket comes with six metal stakes with four corners punched on. That enables you to fix them to the ground and have two spare ones just in case you break, or you lose one. With a simple design, the WEKAPO has five pockets sticking out and four corner pockets, these provide the place to pin it down or create a tent.

It is also not only sand resistant but also waterproof. This means you can shake off water or dust particles to reveal your clean blanket, and any wet will dry before you even notice.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket

4. Quickdry 210T Ripstop Nylon

Another nylon sand proof beach blanket to consider is the Ripstop 210T. The blanket is made with parachute nylon, and it takes advantage of the material’s quick-drying properties. This makes it a great choice, particularly for people with families.

Kids make a lot of messes, especially when they are at the beach. You no longer have to worry about your kids making a mess at the beach if you choose it.

This Ripstop Nylon blanket covers about 90 sq. ft, enough to accommodate up to 7 adults. Despite being big enough to accommodate seven people, you can easily roll it up. It comes with a separate carrier bag making it easy to pack for those long trips.

Versatility is another feature that you will like about this blanket. From the beach to camping to stargazing, this blanket does it all.

It only costs about $27.50, and you can read more about it here.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
Quickdry 210T Ripstop Nylon

5. OCOOPA Sand Free Beach Blanket

This oversized beach blanket comes in several different colors, making it the perfect fit for a lot of people. And as much as it gives you a variety of colors to select from, it also ensures that you have all the accessories you need. It is also very lightweight as the creators used 100% nylon to make it. The blanket can also withstand long periods of use.

Since the blanket is big, it is suitable for people with big families. And if you don’t have a big family, you can invite some friends and make that trip to the beach even more special. The beach blanket comes with a carrier bag making it even more portable.

Another great feature of the blanket is that it is washing machine friendly and will not fade. It also promises a sand-free experience as you can shake off the dust and pack it.

Finally, the designers chose a unique design when making it. You can easily put small things like your keys and phones in the pockets that are on the blanket. This ensures you do not lose them.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
OCOOPA Sand Free Beach Blanket

6. CampMe Large Beach Blanket

Another great sand proof beach blanket is the CampMe beach blanket. It promises longevity as the designers used premium quality materials to make it. The materials are also soft and friendly, making it a must-have for beach season. It also comes with four metal stakes to pin it down in case of windy weather. The designers also included a bag that you can use to carry it.

Another great feature is that the designers made use of a new design that combines waterproof with dustproof. The design ensures that you have a pleasurable experience without having to worry about sand and water.

A lifetime of warranty is another option that will make you instantly fall in love with this beach blanket. As the seller claims, they don’t ask any questions, return the product if it gets spoiled while in use. If they believe in their product this much, then you can believe in it too.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
CampMe Large Beach Blanket

7. BigMouth Inc. Gigantic Watermelon Beach Blanket

The next entry on this list is the gigantic watermelon beach blanket from BigMouth Inc. It has a unique design and is big and soft. The blanket measures 5 ft. wide to be precise. You also have a few options when it comes to design. If you are not a big fan of the watermelon design, you can pick from either pineapple or strawberry designs.

This takes sand proof beach blankets to an entirely new level. It prevents you from feeling any sand particles much more than any blanket on this list. This makes it a great feat if you want to go to the beach.

Something else we love about this blanket is the triple stitching used to toughen it. The triple stitch is a technique used to toughen the product without making it too bulky.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
BigMouth Inc Gigantic Watermelon Beach Blanket

8. Sand Free Beach Blanket Extra

This list would not be complete without the sand free beach blanket extra. It is one of the best sand proof beach blankets in the market. This is because it is made of premium nylon material that’s soft and dust resistant.

The blanket also comes with a small bag to carry it in. This makes it handy if you are traveling, and you want to free up space in your bag pack.

Another advantage of this blanket is that it comes with a variety of options to pick from. There are colors as well as size. If you are going to be using it with a large group of people, you should choose the largest one. Seven adults can comfortably use it.

It is also durable, tear-resistant, and perfect for washing machines. It dries fast, making traveling and packing convenient. It is also very versatile and can be used for almost all outdoor activities you might want to engage in.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
Sand Free Beach Blanket Extra

9. Sunlit Silky Soft Sand Free Beach Blanket

Another awesome beach blanket is the Sunlit silky soft sand free blanket. The blanket comes in a wide variety of colors, which means you can easily find one that suits you. This blanket is so beautiful that you’ll be using it in all your Instagram posts.

To add to this, the blanket is made of silky soft and cool material. This material is not only perfect for the beach but also for any outdoor surface.

We also loved the fact that it’s odorless and water and dust resistant. It also comes with a bag that you can use to carry it in.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
Sunlit Silky Soft Sand Free Beach Blanket

10. Voited Fleece Outdoor Pillow Blanket

Another blanket that made the cut is the Voited fleece outdoor pillow blanket. This blanket is made with 20 D Ripstop REPREVE fabrics and is a must-have if you don’t have a beach blanket. The designers made it with two things in mind, comfort, and eco-friendliness. That’s why they chose to use a unique material.

Another great feature of the beach blanket is the cushion. It makes the blanket a lot more versatile, and you can use it anywhere. Unlike other sand proof beach blankets on this list, this blanket is relatively small. It’s 54 by 80 inches, and two adults can comfortably use it. It can also shrink to a sleeping sack of about 14x5x5 inches or a pillow of 15x15x4 inches.

Last but not least it is made with added with a Teflon Eco-Elite coating to ensure it is dust, dirt as well as water-resistant. This makes it easy to maintain and ensures that it will last for a long time.

Top 11 Sand Proof Beach Blankets (2019)
Voited Fleece Outdoor Pillow Blanket

11. Moonature beach blanket

The blanket on our list is by no means the least. It might even be the best, depending on your taste.

The Moonature beach blanket is one of the most popular sand-proof blankets in the market today. The designers used quick-drying polyester when they made it making it the perfect blanket for the beach.

Apart from being quick-drying, it is also sand proof. You don’t worry about sand ruining your day as you enjoy the beach. You can use this blanket for a pretty long time as it is both durable and tear-proof.

The beach blanket also comes with some nifty accessories such as the stakes and pouch. You can use the pouch when carrying the blanket to reduce the amount of space it consumes. On the other hand, you can use the stakes to prevent the beach blanket from being blown away.

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Like we said at the start of the article, although summer might seem far away, it’s never too early to start preparing. Grab yourself a sand proof beach blanket so that you’ll be ready for a day at the beach. Plus, you can use these articles for other outdoor activities as you wait for beach season.

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