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Best Roman Chair – Best Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Every industry has been experiencing varying levels of regular technological advancement and of course, the fitness arena is not lagging behind. That’s why in this article, we’re taking a very good look at the best Roman chair  , also known as hyperextension benches.

Roman Chair is one training equipment that doesn’t get the level of attention it deserves in the fitness industry.  It will be good to note that it is one of the oldest equipment in fitness history and one of the major reasons it was designed is to help strengthen the abdominal region but of a truth, whenever a Roman chair is used correctly it can do much more.

Working out is one of the things most people procrastinate the most about because it is usually a challenge. If you want to get past this challenge, then it is important you learn about the Roman chair.



Best Roman Chair 2018 – Roman Chair Reviews

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If you’re reading this review it means you agree that working out with a Roman chair or hyperextension bench is surely a great way to get in shape and reach some of your body goals. Another thing you’ll agree with is that deciding on which Roman chair to purchase is also not an easy task with the numerous choices that are available on the market.

That is why we’ve brought you a comprehensive list of the 10 best roman chair.

To help you choose the best roman chair , we used this three-step process

Step #1: Research what you should look for when buying a roman chair, based on our buying guide above

Step #2: Identify at least 15 popular and highly-rated models of various brands, prices and types.

Step #3: Narrow down the list to a maximum of 10 based on the criteria that are most important when selecting the best roman chair

Based on our three-step process , here are the top 10 best roman chair you should consider buying.

1. Marcy Hyperextension Roman Chair – The Best Choice :

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If the Roman chair you’re looking for is one that suits the needs of an average user, then this hyperextension equipment from Marcy is the workout equipment for you. A lot of work was put into ensuring comfortable usage of this equipment. It features assist handles that help you to mount and unmount and a sufficiently padded soft pad that ensures your body is in the right position all through your exercise.

It is used mainly for building the lower back but it can also be used when targeting the abdominal and gluteal muscles. It also has a durable powder-coated finish. Since you’ll need to enjoy your workout in the most comfortable way, this machine allows you adjust the ankle pads and also alter the resistance of exercises.

The Marcy hyperextension roman chair can be used for different abdominal workouts and by targeting the hamstring muscles and glutes, the lower back will be strengthened for quality definition. It comes with a back hyperextension station that allows you position yourself properly during any type of movements. Constructed with premium materials, it has a sturdy and heavy-duty tubing frame.

Marcy has been known overtime to churn out products that are affordable with unquestionable quality and the Marcy Hyper Extension Bench isn’t an exception when compared to other models. Although it isn’t a gym quality equipment it is durable enough for taller and heavier people, meaning it isn’t sturdy enough conveniently accommodate people with heights and weight above 200 lbs and 6 ft.

This chair is made of a heavy duty tubing frame and can be easily assembled with its accompanying easy to follow instruction manual that can be used even by non-techie users. Although it isn’t foldable, it has a rather compact design that ensures you can store it quite easily.  For people with average height, you’ll be able to do dips with its assist handles.


Pros :

  • It is capable of home usage for people with average height and weight
  • Affordable price
  • It comes with adjustable and well-padded ankle pads
  • Mounting and unmount in is made easy with its assist handle bars
  • It doesn’t quiver or shake while in use


Cons :

  • Distance between feet support and pad isn’t adjustable
  • Tall and heavier people might not be able to comfortably use this equipment
  • Cost of professional assembly assistance is a little high


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2. Stamina Hyper Red Roman Chair – The Second Choice :

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The Stamina Hyper Red is an exemplary 45 degrees Roman chair by industry giants Stamina. Unlike some other 45 degrees Roman chairs, it comes with handlebars, making it is suitable for push-ups and dips. With this hyperextension equipment you can do all your workouts more conveniently than ever plus you can strengthen your back and abs and also burn calories in the process.

The feet support rollers and a backrest have an adjustable design, meaning you’re at liberty to adjust it to the distance best for your workout needs. No matter your height, you’ll find this Roman chair very comfortable to use.

This Roman chair by Stamina is on the affordable side in terms of pricing. Although Stamina labels it has a 300 lbs capacity, we have found that the maximum capacity is majorly around 250 lbs. It’s also important to know that this isn’t a gym quality chair. The Stamina Hyper Red can be folded meaning storage is easier even with limited space in your home or gym.

For those that are light or need to do push-ups, this Roman chair features hand grips that could be used for dips. It is also a great gym machine for upper bodyweight exercises and of course, it has pads that are essentially padded for above average user experience. This sufficient padding means you won’t have any need to complain about stomach of ankle pain while using this particular hyperextension equipment. The padding of the upholstery can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe.

This roman chair has foam rollers that are comfortable and are sure to support you even during your longest workout periods. With a flat floor, the slip resistant rubber caps help this Roman chair stay put in the position you want while it’s in use. It is suitable for small flats or home gyms with its foldable design that allows it to be easily stored even with little space.


Pros :

  • It has an adjustable, compact and foldable design
  • It can be easily assembled without professional expertise required
  • It has a capacity of 250 lbs
  • You can use this equipment with or without dumbbells depending on your abilities and goals
  • Impressive quality for the price
  • It is affordable


Cons :

  • This Roman chair and hyperextension equipment may not be very suitable for people above 250lbs , although the product description says otherwise.


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3. Stamina Pro Roman Chair – The Third Option :


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The Stamina Pro is yet another Roman chair that can be used as a 45-degree sit-up and a hyperextension bench. Like some of other 45-degree Stamina hyperextension pieces of equipment, the Stamina Pro offers you the support and the required design to get a complete core workout in the comfort of your home. It comes with an adjustable thigh support and foam rollers that can be adjusted to different levels. Helping you get the necessary distance for comfortable sit-ups and safe hyperextensions.

With this Hyper Bench Pro, you get exceptional core strength, strong back muscles and ripped abs. You’ll be able to work your middle and upper abs in four varying crunch positions between flat and a 30-degree decline. It comes with a pin that helps to vary the workout intensity. It’s designed in such a way that the pivoting foam rollers keep your ankles secured in a particular position so that your body is always aligned in the correct workout position. You can also use this equipment to target building your lower back muscles with standing hyperextension exercises.

The Stamina Pro might not be as professional and robust as the other Roman chair but creative users will enjoy every bit of this equipment. It will take approximately 50 minutes to assemble this equipment.

It features a padded upholstery that ensures you’re comfortable and easy to clean. Meaning no matter how sweaty you get during workouts, you won’t need to sweat to clean it out. It also has extended hand grips that are easy to reach allowing you to have more comfortable hyperextension routines.


Pros :

  • It is convenient, compact and easy to store
  • Designed to help strengthen the whole core
  • It has a capacity of 250 lbs
  • Backrest, footrest and thigh support are adjustable to accommodate height and workout intensity
  • It comes with an adjustable thigh support that’s sufficiently covered with durable upholstery
  • It features hand grips that are easy to reach
  • For those that are light, you could use dumbbells to increase resistance
  • It has a slip resistant footrest and rubber frame caps
  • Bench has thickly padded upholstery


Cons :

  • The locking pins sometimes falls out easily
  • Taller people might not find it comfortable to use
  • Professional users won’t find it very sturdy



People that have an average height and size and are looking for a Roman chair that has more functions than most other hyperextension equipment will find this equipment sufficient. With its features, price, and quality, this Roman chair is a good buy.


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4. Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair :

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The Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back hyperextension is a classic back extension machine with comfortable and adjustable foot rest. This Roman chair is a sturdy and big workout equipment is ideal for even taller users and the manufacturers have slammed it with a solid 10-year frame warranty meaning it is a well-conditioned machine.

We love the Powerline Roman chair for lots of reasons and one of them includes the fact that it is versatile. It allows you train your back, glutes, hams and abs in total safety and comfort. It’s general knowledge that the lower back and abs are important to successfully go through our everyday activities which is why this Roman chair helps to keep them tight and strong while avoiding injuries. Its dimensions and design give it a durable heavy-duty steel build.

The extra wide base of the Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension machine means that it does not wobble when being used and of course it can be adjusted to fit different user needs. It has a manual inversion mechanism, powder coat finish that is electrostatically applied and it supports up to 250 lbs.

Constructed with top quality materials, this hyperextension equipment is sturdy and durable.

It has a reasonably straightforward construction which implies that you can easily assemble the equipment with just two adjustable spanners. The Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension feels pretty secure and has a positive locking mechanism. The Powerline has a sturdy feel when you tighten the bolts optimally and while it has a 10-year warranty for the frame, all other parts of the machine ate covered by a one year warranty.


Pros :

  • Padding is sufficient enough for comfortable use
  • Usage is always safe thanks to its sturdy structure
  • It has wide and long dimensions making it safe for anybody
  • The footrest of the Powerline is adjustable in such a way that you can get the needed hyperextension
  • It can be used for both home and commercially use


Cons :

  • The handle bar could have been a bit longer
  • The small and square edged hip pads is not all that comfortable



It’s definitely one of the best Roman chairs and its dimensions are perfect to allow anyone who needs to workout with it. It is also very versatile and allows you the freedom of targeting different types of exercises to get valid and tangible results in the shortest time.


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5. Powertec Fitness P-HC10 Roman Chair :

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The Powertec Fitness P-HC10 is an hyperextension chair that makes it possible to strengthen your abs, glutes and lower back in a very comfortable and precise position. This Roman chair comes with an adjustable foot roller adjustable foot roller system, footplate, and seat.

With this workout equipment, you get a dual system that offers total core training. The P-HC10 features one of the best designs on the market and it has very functional and high-quality products. In its price range, this is the only Roman chair that provides a variety of variations. It’s designed in such a way that you can lock in at an angle of 45 degrees when you need to do slanted hyperextensions.

The adjustable foot roller system and the adjustable seat can be used to perform hyperextensions. It is designed to let you perform Roman chair sit-ups with its dimensions measuring 24″ by 30″ by 50″ (W × H × D). It has lifetime frame warranty, a one year warranty on grips, pads and other unspecified parts and a two-year warranty on the component parts like spring pins and bearings.

This is a high-quality Roman chair with a competitive price. This Roman chair is particularly useful in targeting lower abdomen and with that, you can easily and comfortably enjoy your workouts. It can be easily assembled as it comes with an instruction guide.

The Powertec fitness P-HC10 can support a capacity of 500 lbs and has the capability to accommodate all body sizes and types. It also features dual hyperextension or Roman chair that helps to strengthen the lower back abs and glutes.


Pros :

  • The Powertec fitness P-HC10 can be adjusted in so many ways
  • It can support up to 500 lbs weight
  • It can be deployed as a sit-up board and also as a hyperextension machine
  • Can be used for commercial purposes
  • It is easy to store due to its average compact size
  • It can be adjusted between angles 45 to 90 degrees
  • It is pretty easy to assemble
  • With a stable and sturdy structure, it is perfect for all types of body size and types


Cons :

  • It is way more expensive than other Roman chairs on the list although you get value for your money



This hyperextension bench makes workout way more comfortable and effective. It’s ample padding and heavy duty steel construction provides stability during your exercises and that’s why it is on this list of the best Roman chair.


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6. Cap Strength Roman Chair :

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The CAP Strength Roman chair is one of the very few Roman chairs on the market that has a built-in dip station to enhance upper body work. It is the all-round chair that’s able to work every section of your body from top to bottom. It is built with high-quality steel and is expected to last for a long time no matter how often it is used heavily.

The Roman chair has a really lovely design, it feels very solid and doesn’t tilt or move around while in use. With well thought-out pads that have a little gap in between the pads, the pressure in this area won’t cause you any discomfort.

When it comes to versatility, this Roman chair is incredibly versatile. You’ll be getting 100% versatility and you’ll be able to work out your chest and arms thanks to the dip station that comes with this equipment. It is designed with double foam leg rollers and a large chest pad the lets you securely and comfortably place your legs in place for a wide variety of exercises.

The steel it is made with ensures it won’t break, wobble or rust anytime you exercise. This Roman chair is so sturdy there’s hardly another unit that comes to it. So if you love oblique and hyperextensions this chair will aid you in stretching and twisting without losing your balance.

Alongside its ability to allow you adjust the height, it supports a maximum weight of 300 lbs and is ideal for home use. The CAP Strength Roman chair might be low cost but it is definitely not low end. It’s value and quality supersedes most of the other products in the range.


Pros :

  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is balanced, strong and will not wobble while in use
  • One of the most versatile Roman chairs on the market
  • This Roman chair is pretty affordable
  • Allows for both vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • It comes with a dip station that enhances the variety of exercises you can do with it
  • It has handles that can be used for dips or as supports
  • It comes with rolled padded edges and 4 oversize foam rollers that ensure maximum comfort


Cons :

  • Assembly seems too technical , hence you may have to pay to get it done



If what you want is a Roman chair that allows you get good results in a safe and comfortable condition, then this is the workout equipment for you.


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7. Bodycraft F670 Hyper Extension :

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This Roman chair is designed to maximize the efficiency of most exercises that stretch and strengthen the lower back, the core abdominal and oblique group of muscles. With the way it is designed, it is a good space saver that can fit in a space as small as a standard closet. Let’s just say it is fully adjustable because the ankle pad supports adjustments for different positions to help accommodate users of varying heights.

Its handles are slip resistant and are very comfortable for gripping. One other thing that we love is the fact that this equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a pretty affordable Roman chair. It has a padded pelvic support, a pair of foam padded roller-type ankle pins and a pair of foam padded handles. All these are on a sturdy powder coated steel frame that offers leverage and support on a stable platform.

The Heavy 12 Guage Steel used in making the frame of the Bodycraft F670 is incredibly durable and sturdy, meaning it will last for a long period of time. It has a foot holder that is made from a very comfortable foam material. The foam ensures your legs are well protected during whatever exercise you’re engaging in.

One of the major things we look out for in a good Roman chair is its versatility and this Bodycraft F670 Roman Chair is truly versatile. It is sturdy, stable and can provide the necessary support for different types of exercises like dips, yoga, curls and much more. It weighs just 62 lbs and supports user weight of up to 300 lbs.


Pros :

  • The Bodycraft F670 is made of comfortable leather materials
  • It has a heavy gauge steel frame
  • Features an adjustable two piece frame
  • It has well-padded handles
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The padding can be adjusted as desired to accommodate different heights
  • Made with durable steel frames that are weather resistant and will last long
  • The pads featured provide leg comfort all through the workouts
  • The Bodycraft F670 works perfectly on smooth and flat surfaces


Cons :

  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an assembly instruction guide
  • The bench doesn’t fold for storage



This is a versatile and simple exercise equipment that comes at an affordable price but offers great value. It is a quality abdominal equipment that tones and enhances your physique. It is definitely a good deal.


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8. Soozier Hyperextension Chair :

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This chair from Soozier is to an extent the most user-friendly Roman chair in this review. It is the perfect blend of strength, flexibility, and efficiency in training. With this Roman chair, you can target multiple muscle groups and work on different exercises. The Soozier was essentially designed to help you work on core strength and this ensures you can exercise in a full range of motion whenever your body is at an incline.

It comes with foam padded ankle rests and two padded chest blocks, this hyperextension equipment is the ideal machine if you need to work on your core abdominal muscles. With its secure ankle rests you’ll be able to perform forward and side sit-ups steadily and its 45-degree angle is perfect for crunches.

The top section comes in as easy to adjust and allows you adapt the different heights to your needs and also the level of difficulty in your workouts. With this Roman chair, any form of wobbling has been eliminated due to the reinforced steel frame used in making it thereby reducing the risks of injury.

The Soozier Roman chair can be used for different exercises targeting the lower back, hamstrings, obliques and abs. Although it is quite affordable, one let-down is that it isn’t as versatile as a lot of other Roman chairs on this list. Notwithstanding, those who want to build a very strong core, lose weight or maintain weight will find it very useful.

It has comfortable pads that lock your legs in for the complete range of motion. It has a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs. The sturdy metal frame has a soft and supportive cushion for your body with its compact design. This is a nice option for the home gym.


Pros :

  • Will last long due to its reinforced steel frame
  • Specifically designed for complete core workouts
  • It can be used for different exercises to enhance the abs, obliques, lower back and hamstrings
  • The pads lock in the legs securely and comfortably for full range of motion
  • Supports up to 330 lbs of weight
  • It is very affordable
  • It is relatively easy to assemble


Cons :

  • Tall users might find it a bit difficult to use
  • It isn’t a heavy duty roman chair
  • It isn’t commercial standard



Last on the list but definitely not the least, this is surely one of the best Roman chairs on the market. Affordable price, sturdy design and core strength focus are the hallmarks of the Soozier Roman chair.


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9. XMark-11 Guage Roman Chair :


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The XMark Roman chair has a height adjustable design that allows adjustment up to 10 different positions. This hyperextension equipment makes use of your own body weight in generating resistance to help you build your hamstrings, abdominals, glutes, hips and back. While it is much more robust, it has a design similar to that of the Marcy Hyper Extension chair reviewed above.

The oversized thick ankle roller pads are covered with vinyl and they work effectively to remove the stress from sensitive pressure points on the upper thighs and hip bones thereby allowing an unrestricted full range of motion.

With this Roman chair, you’ll be able to perform side bends, hyper extensions, sit-ups, triceps dips using the incorporated triceps dip station while also maintaining comfort and safety all along. It is widely known as one of the top lower back workout equipment and its 11- gauge steel 2″ × 3″ model construction makes it a very reliable option for those that are heavy or might want to make use of weights during back extension exercises. It features angled rubber handlebars with molded finger grips and a 3″ thick Duracraft midsection pad coated with sweat and tear resistant Duraguard vinyl.

One of its hallmarks that differentiate it from many other Roman chairs is its horseshoe design which ensures extreme stability meaning that even under heavy usage, it won’t wobble. Despite its maximum weight being 350 lbs, its stable horseshoe design allows it carry some few more pounds.

While you are ble to alter the heights to 10 different positions, it helps you vary the resistance. In case you find that the flat-positioned back extension extra hard for you, you’ll be able to decrease the resistance by moving the feet support. You can also perform bodyweight exercise and strengthen your upper body using the triceps handles for dips and because this section isn’t adjustable you might find it either too wide or narrow depending on your height.


Pros :

  • Probably the most balanced and stable Roman chair
  • Adjustable up to 10 different positions
  • It has a capacity of 350 lbs
  • Arguably the best lower back exercisers
  • No matter your height or weight, this Roman chair can serve your purpose
  • It’s made of heavy-duty durable construction


Cons :

  • It’s quite heavy, so it isn’t very mobile
  • It is a bit pricier than others



It is probably the most complete Roman chair that we love. It has a strong, comfortable and sturdy design and it is very adjustable. Complaints probably don’t exist.


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10. Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Roman Chair :

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The Fitness Reality X-Class Light chair comes with a slogan – Real People. Real Results. So if you’re ready for real results, this Roman chair will give you the same intense gym-quality workout at the comfort of your home. Being one of the most versatile Roman chairs on the market, when working out with the X-Class abdominal/Hyper back extension bench, all you need do is train hard and in no time you’ll get the required needed results.

This equipment is perfect for building muscles with multiple exercises and can support a height range of about 5′ and 6.4′ and a massive 650 lbs of real weight capacity. It supports 14 different thigh cushion height adjustments, 3 decline and 1 flat bench adjustments that help you do more exercises than most other Roman chairs. Meaning that you’ll be able to save money by not needing to buy any other gym equipment for your home.

Other hallmarks of this Roman chair is its tapered bench with 2.5″ thick medium density foam. The bench is covered with moisture and sweat resistant double stitched vinyl. This means you don’t have to worry about very hard/sweaty routines. It’s roller pads are 4″ thick and can be adjusted to two different heights.

It has a steel frame construction with a 45 degree Hyper back extension angle and non-stop handlebars. It features a thick thigh foam cushion that supports the midsection and aids comfort whenever you’re extending with 14 cushion height adjustments. The frame also has wheels on which it can be easily moved around in the room where it is being used.

This commercial grade exercise equipment can be used comfortably under hard usage even for long years its slip resistant handlebars ensure you can easily get on and off the chair. Although it might seem like it is quite complex, this hyperextension equipment is pretty easy to assemble.


Pros :

  • This is a high-quality workout equipment
  • It can adequately support weights of up to 650 lbs
  • It is comfortable
  • It has a very stable and robust structure
  • With its type of design and frame, it is versatile and doesn’t wobble when in heavy use
  • It can be adjusted for the 45-degree hyperextension exercise
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


Cons :

  • Way pricier than most other Roman chairs



This is a comfortable and efficient workout equipment. Objectively, the X-Class light is a far better option in terms of satisfaction.


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Who needs a Roman chair?

The Roman chair has become an increasingly popular piece for fitness freaks but it is important to know if it is good for you. A Roman chair is good for :

  • People who need to strengthen their backs for their work or training
  • People who want to tone or build their hips and waist
  • People who want to prevent back pains that are caused due to sitting for very long hours daily
  • People with lower back pain that are caused by weak muscles


Benefits of a Roman chair

Roman chairs are designed to be compact and small apparatuses that are usually waist high and used to target your core and back muscles.It helps work your legs and back for stability, improved health and strength. We’ll all accept that your back and core are essential to a healthy living since it is where we derive strength from. This is exactly the reason these workout instruments can and should be used by everyone.

A roman chair , depending on its design is beneficial in so many ways but most importantly, they;

  • Help to toughen the back muscles: Roman chairs help increase the range of motion and effectively reduce stiffness and aches when used properly.
  • Strengthens abdominals: consistent use of Roman chairs will help tighten abs by isolating your ab muscles to help reduce excess belly fat
  • Empowers Glutes, Hips, and Legs: Apart from helping you work on your stomach and back, a roman chair will also fortify your hips, glutes, and legs.
  • Easy to use: unlike some other workout equipment, they’re usually designed as small, compact and lightweight and this makes them easy to use and move around at any time.


Roman chair Buying Guide : What to look out for

The truth is that despite all the advantages and benefits that the Roman chair has to offer if you don’t get the right one for your needs , it’ll become a liability. One other thing that is important for you to note is that, although these hyperextension benches have similar styles, there are few differences which make them stand out on the market. So in order to help you choose the right Roman chair, there are some things you should look out for. They include


  • Design Quality

If a Roman chair is heavy or wobble, it is a no-no. It is important to make sure that your Roman chair is stable and light. This is because stability will ensure that it doesn’t move while you exercise which will then hinder you from exercising correctly or even injure you in the process. A Roman chair must be sturdy and durable.


  • It must be comfortable

If there’s any chance you want to enjoy your workouts then your equipment must be comfortable. The Roman chair must have a thick padding on the leg supports and on the chair rest.


  • Must be adjustable

There’s a need to be able to adjust the height of a Roman chair. If the height is too short or too tall, the exercise will most likely be performed wrongly.


  • Add-ons

Some extras to aid your workouts won’t be a bad idea. Especially if you’re interested in a full body workout, some Roman chairs come with additional equipment or features that ensure you’ll be saving money and getting more value


  • It must be easy to clean

After all the sweat during your exercises, there’ll be a need to clean up and it’ll be good if you can do it quickly and easily. So keep that in mind.


How To Use A Roman Chair

If you do not know how to use a roman chair, you might not get the best out of this piece of workout machine so please take note of these tips on how to properly use your Roman chair.


To maximize your routine for the best results, it is important to know that the Roman chair is used best for hyperextension exercises. To do this –

  • Lie face down on the chair keeping your ankles carefully under the footrests
  • Next step is to bring the pad down such that its top touches your waist and allows you to rest your thighs on the pad. This means the top half of your body is free to bend back and forward without any hindrance.
  • Finally, raise and lower your upper body slowly and at regular intervals repeatedly as you feel comfortable.


Final Verdict

If you’ve followed this review up until this point, we’re proud to say you’re ready to confidently choose the best Roman chair for you. The Marcy HyperExtension Bench might be our favorite; however, you should look carefully at what your needs are before finally deciding on which hyperextension bench to settle for.

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