Best Monopods On The Market (Buying Guide)

A monopod is a worthy investment for any photographer. There are hundreds of monopods out there. Read our guide of the best monopods on the Market!

If you are a photography freak, you will know that stability during a shoot is everything. You cannot afford to have even the slightest shake. Some shoots are a once in a lifetime event, and your reputation is pegged on an excellent outcome. How do you solve the stability issue, yet retain flexibility on the job? 

A monopod is more or less, like a tripod except as the name suggests, a monopod has one adjustable leg instead of three. Stability is crucial in low light areas to avoid blurred photos. Traditionally, photographers for a stable and solid camera base have used tripods, but monopods are also an excellent option.

Tripods are excellent for the provision of stability, but they are not perfect for all types of situations. If you have to move around a lot during a shoot, especially if you are photographing crowds, wildlife or sporting events, a tripod may prove to be very cumbersome, thus not very practical.

A monopod provides a much better alternative by providing the same stability a tripod does but is faster and more practical to set up. A monopod reduces shake when you are using a long lens. During a long shoot, holding a heavy lens or a heavy camera in your hand can be very tiring as a combination of some lens and camera can weigh quite a few kilograms. Fatigue during such situations is reduced by using a monopod.

A monopod’s uses are many and varied, such as reach extension to get a proper angle or clearing a crowd by hoisting the camera up above heads. Monopods are very versatile, and they are an essential part of photography gear. They are fantastic alternatives to tripods but are not suited for all photography types and only suit situations where extra maneuverability and flexibility are needed.

In this article, we have made a comprehensive list of the best monopods in the market and what should be your guide when buying one. Here are some of the best monopods that you should consider before buying one:

Best Monopods On The Market

Manfrotto Element Aluminum 5-Section Monopod

The Manfrotto Element Monopod offers fantastic support for your equipment while out in the field. You can take it anywhere, and it folds into a neat and compact package that fits into your backpack. The Manfrotto is a sturdy partner when out on a shoot. It comes in two amazing colors and has a lock twist mechanism, which makes it super easy to operate.

This monopod has an ergonomic handgrip and a wrist wrap, which allows you to hold on as you adjust the height in a crowd. It is for easily transportable and gives you nimbleness during a shoot that requires you to be fast on your feet: a convertible ¼” and 3/8″ screw for connecting the camera or head. The tripod boasts of either interchangeable spiked feet or rubber to aid in better stability in slippery surfaces.


  • It has an ergonomic handgrip, allowing you to work comfortably for long periods
  • Uses a lock twist mechanism that holds your camera firmly in place and easy to operate
  • Has a convertible screw for connecting the head
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Easily adjustable and has a wrist strap that you can hold on to while you adjust the height in crowds.
  • Comes with a spike for use in grassy areas, and perfect for those garden wedding photos or birthday party


  • It is only 47 inches and not suitable for tall people. If you were six feet and above, you would have to stood-up while using it.
  • You cannot use it in the rain. If moisture gets between the rubber grip and the plastic collar, then the grip starts to spin independently, and you cannot tighten or loosen it
  • Not very durable and parts break off easily.
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Manfrotto Element Aluminum 5-Section Monopod, Red (MMELEA5RD)

Product Description

  • Convertible Screw (1/4' & 3/8) for camera or head connection
  • Twist-locking mechanism
  • Interchangeable feet (rubber or spiked)
  • Ergonomic hand grip w/ wrist strap

The Coman KX3232 Monopod Aluminum 5-section With Fluid Video

The Coman Monopod Aluminum 5-section is another excellent monopod you might want to consider. This monopod is made for the satisfaction of videographers who need to leverage their monopod height to get clearance above crowds and to get a broader range of angles. The Coman monopod’s superior performance and high fluidity give you superb footage, super-sharp photos, and new creative angles.

The Coman monopod is made from quality materials containing aluminum, making it lightweight and carries a maximum load weight of 13.2lb. Its folded length is 26 inches, and it weighs 3.9lb, making it light enough to carry in your backpack and ideal for traveling and events such as sporting and outdoor shooting

This video monopod base allows a 360-degree swivel, 45-degree tilt in every direction and 90-degree drop notch, which will enable you to alternate from portrait to landscape modes. When you lock it in an upright position with its Vertical Lock, you can use its removable base as a mini metal tripod.

The Coman features a multi-function pan-tilt head, which has a pre-set balance equalizer and tilt or pan locking featuring a 3/8 inch connector for linking accessories. It also features a 360˚ pan and +90˚ and -70˚ tilt and an Integrated Flat Base with a 3/8″ to 16″ thread which makes the head flexible enough to be used with most sliders, tripods, cranes or jibs.

The KX3232 is super easy to set up, and if you have to do a quick shoot, you will be set up in no time. It is suitable for all DSLR, SLR and Video Cameras cum Camcorders, which weigh up to 13.2 pounds. Made from aluminum, it has five sections and extends to 73″, making it perfect for taller people. It is conveniently fitted with a flip lock, which provides leg extension on demand. The tightness of the flip-locks is adjustable according to your requirements. The tightness is adjusted by the use of a Y-style key that comes with the monopod. The Coman comes with an 8-year warranty and a carrying bag for toting it around.


  • With its five sections and extension to 73″, it is ideal for taller people
  • It is easy to set up
  • You can leverage the height for crowd overhead shots
  • It is very durable and comes with an 8-year warranty
  • The Integrated Flat Base is versatile enough to be used with any tripod, crane or jib
  • The video monopod base has a 360˚ swivel in every direction, 45˚ tilt in all directions and you can alternate from portrait to landscape at will
  • It is portable and comes with a carrier bag


  • Not suitable for very windy outdoors
  • It easily tips over if touched
Monopod, COMAN KX3232 73.2 inch Professional Monopod Tripod Lightweight Aluminum Telescopic Camera Monopod with Pan Tilt Fluid Head and Tripod Base for DSLR Video Cameras

Product Description

  • 【Compact but Durable】 Premium materials with aluminum, more lightweight, more max load weight.A...
  • 【Pivoting Mini Metal Tripod】The monopod base enables 360° swiveling, 45° tilting in all...
  • 【Multi-function Pan Tilt Head】Features pre-set counterbalance, pan/tilt locking with 3/8" easy...
  • 【Easy Set Up】This Camera Monopod Suitable for all SLR, DSLR, Video Cameras plus Camcorders up to...
  • 【Specifications】 8-years warranty | Adjustable Height: 26" to 73" | Tilt Range: -75° to +90° |...

SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod

The SIRUI P-326 Carbon fiber Monopod is excellent lightweight support for cameras and superbly suited for point and shoot camera, compact camcorder, and DSLR. In certain situations where tripods are not allowed, a monopod is an excellent option for ensuring you still get amazingly steady shots.

This monopod is great for uneven terrain. A rubber foot on the monopod base can be turned clockwise to reveal a metal spike that you can use for the rough terrain. This is great for wildlife photographers and mountain climbing shots as it is sturdy enough to use as a walking stick.

The SIRUI comes in six sections and when fully extended is 61″. It is made from carbon and is very light, weighing only 14.1 ounces. It has a reversible ¼” to 20″ and 3/8″ to 16″ screws on the mounting plate, making it very versatile. 

 The wrist wrap and ergonomic hand grip is comfortable for long hours of shooting and offers insulation, especially during winter. It also has a small compass and an aluminum keychain carabiner.

The SIRUI P-326 offers silicone twist locks that enhance durability. As a photographer or videographer, you have to be sure that the locking system is secure and durable. With temperature changes, the leg locks and tubes expand and contract. The twist leg lock ensures the leg locks stay tight. The leg locks only need a ½ turn to lock or unlock, making the monopod super easy and fast to set up.


  • It is very light and portable
  • It is durable and sturdy. You can use it as a walking stick in rocky or uneven terrain
  • The silicone locks are reliable and do not expand or contract with temperature changes
  • Ergonomic handle that offers insulation
  • The rubber foot transforms into a spike when needed


  • The rubber around the spikes wears off with time, exposing the spike
  • If you are tall, you may have to stoop a bit unless you add a ball head
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SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod

Product Description

  • Light-weight 8X carbon fiber in 6 sections
  • Reversible 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 screw on the mounting plate
  • Wrist strap and hand grip for comfortable hold and insulation
  • Silicon twist lock enhances durability

K&F Concept KF-MP2624 Monopod

The K&F Concept is a multi-function monopod for cameras, and doubles up as a walking stick, especially for rough and uneven terrain. It is ideal for use in travel photography, extreme sports, sports interviews, etc. The rubber foot hides a metal spike that is useful in rough terrain. A twist of the rubber foot reveals the spike.

The KF-MP2624 offers versatility with its leg locking system, which has adjustable height, ranges of between 54cm (21.26″) to 171cm (67.32″). It has a four-section durable body made of aluminum, is lightweight, yet can support 6.6 pounds (3kg) of camera plus lens, excluding telephoto zoom lens.

The KF-MP2624 is portable, with a compact size of 540mm (21.25″) and a net weight of 540g (1.19lbs). It comes with a carrying bag with an adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap, making it easier to carry around. It comes with a standard tripod screw (1/4 inch) which you can use for attaching to your video, camera or spotting scope.


  • It is sturdy and doubles up as a walking stick in rough terrain.
  • Easy to collapse and set up when need be
  • Suitable for tall people
  • Made of aluminum, thus very durable and light-weight
  • Portable and comes with a carrying bag with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Versatile leg-locking system
  • Rubber feet have metal spikes used for rugged terrain
  • Great for long shoots or events


  • The rubber foot tends to wear away after some time and leaves the metal spikes exposed, which damages floors.
  • It gets slightly weak if you extend the bottom section all the way
  • The top does not tilt for sky shots
  • The wristband is somewhat small for people with large hands.
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Camera Monopod,K&F Concept 4-Section 67"/171CM Compact Portable Travel DSLR Monopod Unipod Stand Walking Trekking Stick Aluminum Alloy Lightweight SLR Cameras Canon Nikon Sony Camcorder Video

Product Description

  • 【Multi-function】: Not only a monopod for cameras, but also act as a walking stick for outdoor...
  • 【Flexible】: Leg locking system offer an adjustable height range of 21.26" (54cm) to 67.32"...
  • 【Material】: 4 sections leg with durable aluminium body, adds up to durability factor along with...
  • 【Portability】: Compact size of 21.25''(540mm) N. weight:1.19lb(540g). Plus carrying bag and...
  • 【Application】: Supplied with a standard 1/4 inch tripod screw thread for attaching to camera,...

Manfrotto Xpro Aluminum Video Monopod 

When you think about shooting videos, what comes to mind immediately is a tripod. However, when the shooting demands a lot of fast movement, a monopod is your best bet. Like a tripod, a monopod is camera support, but unlike a tripod, the monopod has only one leg. 

Monopods are perfect for jobs that demand quite a bit of movement. You can easily fold it up and stuff it into a bag then carry it to the next location. Then it is quickly assembled and set up for the next shoot. It is quite convenient for the videographer or filmmaker that is constantly on the move. 

Monopods are collapsible and come in different heights. They also come with varying numbers of collapsible sections. More the sections translate to a smaller full collapsed length. The monopod is easy to carry around. It is a more practical choice over a tripod, especially if a lot of movement is expected. 

The Manfrotto monopod is centered on a versatile base. This base works well with the various monopods on its catalog. It deploys effortlessly and has nice feet at the bottom that help to keep the camera stable. This means you can comfortably work with it in many different locations.

The fluid head is durable, lightweight and works well with a ball head to support camera gear that is on the heavier side. It is the perfect monopod for general as well as real estate shooting. You have the option to keep the bottom pivot locked. However, it is quite easy to use should you need to use it. 


  • Has a FLUIDTECH base for smooth movements in all directions
  • Features quick power lock with dependable security
  • Super-fast set up
  • Goes up to 79.9 inches and can be folded to 30.7 inches in length
  • The newly designed rubber leg warmer provides fast and safe movement
  • Excellent operating eight for overhead shooting
  • Comes with a dedicated professional video head
  • Has an Easy Link 3/8 inch connector that fits an external monitor and other accessories
  • It features the Manfrotto 500PLONG video camera plate
  • The Manfrotto patented power-lock flip locks open and shut with a snap ensuring fast operation as well as a taut immovable lock
  • D-shaped leg sections inhibit unsought twisting between the sections thus increasing stability


  • The monopod may not stand when operating the vertical lock
  • Should not be left unattended when not in use
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Manfrotto Xpro Aluminum Video Monopod with 500 Series Video Head, Black (MVMXPRO500US)

Product Description

  • FLUIDTECH base for smooth movements in all directions
  • Quick power lock reliably secures & ensures super-fast set up.Maximum Working Height: 79.9 inches....
  • Newly designed rubber leg warmer for fast & secure movement
  • Great operating height for overhead shooting. Dedicated professional video head
  • The MVMXPRO500 has one Easy Link 3/8 inch connector to fit an external monitor or other accessories...

Neewer Extendable Camera Carbon Fiber Monopod 

The Neewer monopod is loved for its lightweight carbon fiber monopod. The monopod, which is expendable, can be extended to 66 inches (168 centimeters) and folded to 19.68 inches (50 centimeters), which makes portability easy. It weighs at most 11 pounds (5 kilograms) for an excellent performance.

It is durable, comes with a 3-leg tripod base, and allows you to shoot at different angles as well as heights. The 15-degree incline of the tripod support base helps the monopod to complete a 360° all-encompassing rotation. 

While it is not the smallest monopod in the market, it feels durable. Moreover, it is not too burdensome since it is lightweight. The plastic latches may seem a little off, but they work just fine. 

It is a fantastic accessory to use as alpenstock as well as for shooting outdoors. The 5-position legs give you adjustable shooting and allow you to adjust different angles easily. 


  • It is light-weight which makes it easily portable and easy to use when working outdoors
  • Can be used as an alpenstock
  • Has a foam hand grip for comfortable holding with a wrist strap included
  • Sturdy and stable with a non-slip foot (with pad for indoor use and spikes for the outdoors) 
  • The 5-position leg aids in providing flexible shooting
  • The demountable foot makes it excellent for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It collapses easy, and you can carry it around in a backpack
  • The locking extension is twistable making it easy to pull and set
  • The 5-position leg adjustable system presents a flexible shooting experience
  • The fluid head makes for smooth video work
  • Very easy to set up and stands well on its own


  • The aluminum cap where the camera is mounted is not firmly fixed
  • The legs at the base are not long enough and fail to provide adequate support
  • The pan is base and cannot be adjusted
  • The monopod head only features fluid tilt
  • You have to bend down or lift the entire monopod to unlock the ball joint in the base
Neewer Extendable Camera Carbon Fiber Monopod with Removable Foldable Tripod Support Base: 5-Section Leg, Max. 66 inches for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Cameras, Payload up to 11 pounds/5 kilograms

Product Description

  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Kit includes a carbon fiber camera monopod and a 3-leg tripod base, durable and...
  • EXTENDABLE MONOPOD: The monopod can be extended to 66 inches/168 centimeters, folded to 19.68...
  • SHOOTING AT DIFFERENT ANGLE AND HEIGHT: 15 degree tilt of the tripod support base can help monopod...
  • PORTABLE AND EASY-USE: With its light weight, it is easy to carry when travel outdoor; Can also be...
  • COMFORTABLE and ULTR-STABLE: Foam hand grip for comfort holding and stability; Wrist strap included

Polaroid 72″ Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod 

Often, a videographer is requested to work at places or occasions that do not allow tripods for specific reasons. If you have to shoot at events that frown upon the use of tripods, then this monopod is your go-to solution. It is expertly built, sturdy and reasonably priced. 

This monopod is a dream come true for the tall user. It goes up to a full six feet, which prevents you from stooping. It is also built to hold cameras of different weights, as it is quite sturdy. Additionally, it is ideal for work that requires prolonged exposure, but the location lacks in space.

The high density, no-sweat grip gives a secure hold, which ensures your grip does not slip. In addition, it is so light that you can comfortably hold it up above a crowd to get a specific shot at a particular angle. It also features a solid aluminum leg as well as a quad-section. 

The spiked foot is a great addition, especially if you have to set up on damp ground or grass, which helps to keep it steady where it would slide and make shooting quite taxing. 

This monopod comes with a universal mount, which works perfectly with all digital cameras, as well as:

  • Camcorders
  • Remote devices
  • Slave lights
  • Boom mikes

The monopod extends up to 72-inches and is easily portable as it is lightweight. Its aluminum legs with quad section lend it stability. It allows the videographer to concentrate on their shooting without shaking, especially when working in small spaces.

You can easily hold it above your head at a 30-degree angle to get some high angle shots. A weighty tripod would be impossible to work with for such. However, it may not be wise to try holding it that high with a full-frame camera. 

It also allows the videographer or filmmaker a measure of stability while shooting, which results in smooth movements. If you need the perfect monopod to take on vacation, this is the one. 


  • Features a commercial rubber with a telescopic spine for a firm grip 
  • It comes with a bag
  • Sturdy
  • Quad-section, solid aluminum leg features a stay-set locking mechanism
  • Commercial-grade rubber tip with retractable spike
  • Compact and light-weight for convenience, yet it extends to 72.”
  • Works perfectly with long or heavy lenses
  • The tubular aluminum has thick walls and is pretty strong
  • The latches easily open and close keep each section at the preferred length


  • It is not the lightest monopod on offer
  • May not be easy to carry for long distances
Polaroid 72" Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod For Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Product Description

  • Perfect for situations when you need long exposures yet are short on space
  • High-density, no-sweat foam grip for increased stability
  • Quad-section, solid aluminum leg features stay-set locking mechanism
  • Commercial grade rubber tip with retractable spike
  • Compact and lightweight for take-anywhere convenience, yet it extends to 72"

IFOOTAGE Carbon Fiber Video Monopod 

IFootage is well known for its durability as well as versatile camera support accessories. This monopod features all of iFootage’s manufacturing excellence. It is lightweight and comes with the standard iFootage quick release system as well as the single hand-operated auto extension. 

It is excellent for the shoot that demands a lot of movement and picking up. The Cobra 2 strike features a modular design that comes in four parts:

  • The main body
  • Quick-release mount
  • The quick-release low angle camera pod
  • Detachable rubber foot

With the quick-release grip, you require minimal effort to remove the camera from the pod. The quick-release grip makes it very easy to detach the camera from the post with minimal effort. There is a ruler built inside the rod to ensure you input the right shot length. 

The base comprises a changeable ball joint that locks and unlocks with a simple twisting knob. This Red Dot Design is an award winner that is built for ease in operation and endurance. It is ideal for travel as well as shooting outdoors. 

This monopod is available in aluminum and carbon fiber. The carbon fiber monopod is lighter than the aluminum one.


  • Features a detachable 4-section design that malleability in use. You have three options: a fixed video monopod with alterable feet; a portable monopod; a low angle camera pod for multi applications.
  • It has a telescopic design, which makes extending it easy.
  • Pivoting tripod. The monopod base allows a 360 degrees pivot, and it can tilt at 90 degrees in any direction. Additionally, you are easily able to change over from landscape modes to portraits. 
  • It comes with Quick Lock and Unlock Release, which allows single-hand operation. Slide it down to release and slide back up to unlock. 
  • Incredibly light, rigid and can support as much as 22lbs. 
  • The tripod bottom is built to turn into a high hat in seconds
  • It does not produce any strange sounds which make it perfect for many varieties of shoots
  • The tripod feet are easily broken down due to the quick release design system
  • The photographer/videographer is easily able to transfer the camera mount to a short tripod with the monopod feet
  • Every part of the Cobra 2 series fits perfectly into place which aids in making every movement quite smooth


  • It does not come cheap
  • The camera mount may be difficult to pry loose
iFootage Cobra 2 C180 Carbon Fiber Monopod with Low Profile Tripod

Product Description

  • iFootage has redefined the monopod, providing you with yet another essential item of camera support...
  • iFootage Cobra 2 series with the unique quick lock structure allows you to act rapidly
  • Premium materials made with carbon fiber tubes
  • Lightweight, ergonomic buckles designed to last. Simple unlock and lock, single hand leg length...
  • It integrates the monopod, alpenstock and low profile tripod into one. Easy to switch its functions

Monopod Buying Guide

As a photographer or videographer, whether professional or not, the joy of sharp photos and clear videos is something shared in common. There are some basic guidelines; however, that dictates what a monopod should offer. Here are a few tips to consider before buying a monopod:


The tripod’s material should be a top priority. There are three basic material options:

  1. Aluminum is the most inexpensive and practical option and recommended for novices
  2. Basalt fiber is a blend of various minerals and is similar to carbon fiber and fiberglass
  3. Carbon fiber is durable, easy to use and care for, and portable. Carbon fiber monopods are pricier but work well in cold conditions.

As an amateur, you might want to start with the aluminum monopods, but for an investment that will give, you return over a long period, get the carbon monopod.


Photographers travel a lot, and a tripod is too bulky to keep toting around. The monopod comes in handy in such situations. Most monopods are foldable, come with carrier bags, and their weight is reasonable enough to carry around. Choose a weight you are comfortable traveling with.


Your needs determine the monopod’s maximum height. Check the maximum height it can reach, its minimum length and the closed length when the monopod id folded. Consider how many sections the monopod has. The more sections a monopod has, the higher it can go.

Weight Capacity

Consider how much weight the monopod can carry in case you need to shoot with DSLR cameras with heavy photo lenses. Manufacturers include this information, so ensure you check this information before you purchase the monopod. The more massive a monopod is, the sturdier it is, but that means it will hamper your movement and defeat the purpose of the monopod.


Ensure the monopod has a good grip. Less expensive monopods will have a foam grip while pricier ones will have a rubber grip.

A monopod is a worthy investment for any photographer. There are hundreds of monopods out there. You might just be tempted to throw your hands up in despair and decide to wing it without a monopod. However, blurry photographs are not even remotely funny.

There is nothing more frustrating than shooting an event, only to find that half the photos are blurry and the videos shaky. If you are a professional, even better, you have a good idea of what to look out for. As a newbie, being here means you are passionate about taking great photos.

Thank you for reading with us today! This comprehensive guide will be your guiding light in the confusing world of monopods. Our parting shot? Read widely and choose wisely! Be sure to check out more helpful guides to choosing the right products online at ReviewsCube.


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