Best Fuel Injector Cleaners (Full Guide)

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The mechanism behind getting a vehicle to work involves combustion of fuel in the engine blocks, such that as the fuel ignites at each round, the piston fires vertically inside the engine block thus propelling the car into motion. However, a major problem associated with this process is caused by the impurities found in the fuel used in all vehicles.

So far, fuel injector cleaners have helped cars and other vehicles get past this problem without much stress and that is why you need to consider the best of them. This article is a roundup of the top 5 best fuel injector cleaner on the market, and how to choose a fuel injector for your vehicle.

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For a long time now (about 4 decades), the BG brand has gained its place atop the list of reliable automobile product manufacturers.

The BG 44K is made especially for gasoline engines and its quick action cleaning process on fuel combustion chambers, fuel injectors and others are almost second to none. Its ability to act very quickly and also efficiently is one of the many reasons why people rate it as one of the best fuel system cleaner.

With this fuel system cleaner, any problem related to residues or rusting getting inside the injectors are easily and quickly solved. It ensures consistent and efficient removal of upper engine deposits and restores engine performance. This fuel system cleaner is made with non-alcoholic components and is also compatible with all kinds of fuel and fuel additives.

As one of the best fuel injector cleaners on the market, it is cost-effective and all kinds of engine issues such as residue collection, power loss, stalling, stumbling and others are corrected very quickly. No matter the kind of vehicle you use, this fuel system cleaner can be applied periodically to make sure valves, the fuel injector and the Chambers are working optimally. A single treatment of 1 to 20 gallons will work excellently and improve your vehicle mileage to a very great extent.

It has quite a significant and impressive action against carbon and varnish in your fuel system by providing a quick cleansing of cooked corrosive deposits and fuel injectors. It is one of the best oxygen sensor safe fuel injector cleaners.

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The Royal Purple 11722 Max-Q lean Fuel System Cleaner is one of the best fuel injector cleaners because it also acts as a stabilizer. Just like other injector cleaners, the Royal Purple 11722 is a capable product for cleaning fuel injectors. In restoring fuel efficiency, it also reduces deposit buildup and eliminates tailpipe emission all at the same time.

The complete combustion of fuel in the chambers and intake system is made possible by the innovative and novel technology used in making this injector cleaner. The Royal Purple system cleaner performs wonderfully with turbocharged, naturally aspirated and supercharged engines. So many cleansing formulations can only be used for gasoline but definitely not this one; it is also perfect to be used for diesel engines or gasoline. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a 4-stroke engine or a 2-stroke engine, this cleaner performs excellently for most vehicles.

You will definitely begin to notice favorable changes even just after the first use of Max-Clean because it will generate increased horsepower and refine fuel efficiency. It prevents hesitation and rough idle, prevents stalling and also prevents any ill-timed spark plug fouling from happening. It also significantly reduces Co, NOx and hydrocarbon emissions for the benefit of your car and the environment in general. It makes sure there’s no room for oxidation and corrosion.

Although it is argued by many that it is only natural for vehicles to experience a buildup of these deposits due to fuel combustion, we all know they reduce engine reliability and performance. That’s why the Max-Clean efficiently reduces pinging and knocking that is caused by the deposition of these carbon substances.

As a matter of fact, what Royal Purple Max-Clean system does is to restore fuel consumption and bring back the surfaces of the engine. It also stabilizes fuel throughout storage and off-season and restores fuel consumption. By using the entire 20oz treatment that the Max-Clean contains, all the crud that low octane fuel left behind previously will be cleaned off.

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The Lucas Fuel System Cleaner is made by an American based company and with it comes the quality you’ll normally expect. Although used majorly by owners/drivers of trucks, their “Quick Transmission Fix” additives, and oil supplements are known and used almost anywhere in the world. The Lucas fuel system gives optimum value for money. The 1-gallon package of the injector cleaner and fuel system has the capability to treat up to 400 gallons of diesel and gasoline fuel.

Beyond being just a fuel injector cleaner, this fuel system acts as a fuel conditioning agent by enhancing the durability of the fuel injectors and pumps. It helps to burn and dissolve all unwanted and unnecessary toxic emissions. Meaning you are sure of the degree of safety the fuel system affords you. The formulation of the Lucas Fuel system cleaner is done in such a way that it lubricates and cleans the whole fuel operation chambers including the piston rings.

There are a lot of reasons to choose the Lucas Fuel system cleaner and one of them is that it affords you complete cleansing and lubrication for your fuel system amongst other products. All within one application, this injector cleaner offers high efficiency and smoothness. It also prolongs the mileage capacity of your vehicle and helps to neutralize all problems that have to do with low sulfur fuel. Of course, with this fuel cleaner, you get complete fuel combustion and it neutralizes toxic emissions.

You can expect very efficient increased ride quality, fuel economy, and also prolonged engine life when you use the Lucas fuel system cleaner appropriately.

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This Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner comes with premium content and is well recommended all over the world by lots of automakers. It uses novel technology to perform its outstanding cleaning duties on your vehicle’s injector system. This premium content is as a result of its patented polyethylene amine and PEA technology. The combination of these two powerhouse components means that your vehicle gets top-notch elimination of deposits from internal combustion. All the deposits from the fuel injectors, Chambers, intake valves and flex fuels are all effectively eliminated from the system.

Let’s call this the complete fuel system cleaner because it protects, stabilizes and reduces the problems of your engine. It also acts on weak injectors almost immediately. If you have an engine that usually doesn’t start on time or an engine that has not been looked after for a long time, then this is the best injector cleaner for you.

As a fuel additive, it helps in ensuring that the fuel system is kept clean even when you use gasoline that contains hydrocarbons and ethanol.

The Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner is made by a trusted brand and besides improving fuel performance and efficiency, this injector cleaner also brings emission down significantly. The formation of deposits in the fuel system caused by the use of substandard gasoline is prevented by the molecules in the Techron. Besides the fact that it is quite affordable compared to the other products here, it is compatible with a whole lot of fuel, fuel additives and vehicles.

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As one of the best injector cleaner on the market, the Liqui Moly Jectron gasoline cleaner is able to remove contaminated gasoline simple by helping your vehicle eliminate carbon deposits. The Liqui Moly Jectron fuel system cleaner is made by a German-based company that has a wide variety of gas and oil treatments.

Another thing this cleaner is known to do very well is to eradicate starting problems. In doing this, it offers your vehicle good throttle response, non-lean surging, low pollution, and smooth idling by making sure there is total fuel combustion. Very importantly, the Liqui Moly Jectron cleaner promotes fuel atomization and very accurate injector dosing making sure your vehicle engine is able to regain its optimal performance level.

In order to ensure fuel efficiency, it reduces the consumption of fuel. This happens majorly when it is used in engines with catalytic converters. Although it has been designed especially for gasoline engines, the Liqui Moly Jectron cleaner can also be comfortably and efficiently used as a preventive solution or measure for turbochargers and catalytic converters.

In addition to its ability to remove contaminations, the Liqui Moly Jectron cleaner also has the capacity to prevent carbon deposits from reforming. This means irregular running issues are eliminated. While cleaning your fuel system, it protects all vital components from corroding and also improves throttle compression and response. While considering its potency strength, the Jectron fuel system cleaner is quite affordable per can.

In conclusion, the Jectron cleaner optimizes your engine’s performance just like all these other products listed. However, the hallmark of the Liqui Moly Jectron cleaner is that it cleans the injectors efficiently without having to take them out of place. Some users have called it the best fuel additive while some say it’s the most efficient fuel injector cleaner and we think we agree.

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Basic Facts about Fuel Injector Cleaners

  1. You are advised to use a bottle of fuel injector cleaner every 3000 miles, especially when there’s ethanol in the fuel you use.
  2. When ethanol combusts, it creates other non-combustible by-products, such as carbon and rust – which eventually reduce the efficiency of your car’s engine.
  3. Apart from price, the most considered factor for the purchase of fuel injector cleaners is the cost efficiency and the cleaning potency of your preferred product.

How do Fuel Injector Cleaners Work?

Car owner or not, you must have at some point heard that the fuel gotten from gas stations is not pure, and from the contents of this article so far, you can see that fuel injector cleaners handle this problem.

Fuel injector cleaners are poured directly into the fuel tank to be mixed with your fuel. It then dissolves the solvents, additives and thick deposits that must have been gotten from production and especially the tank farm. After dissolving them, these impurities then burn away during the combustion process i.e. while your car is in use.

Not to sound like a cliché, but with the help of the best fuel injector cleaners, you should see improvements during the operation of your vehicle.

How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaners

At some point in the section directly above, I mentioned that you would pour the cleaner into your fuel tank. Well, that’s not the whole story. It’s actually quite easy, but even the easiest things have to be taught.

Firstly, before the application, the fuel in your tank has to be near empty. This is so that the fuel can mix well with it when you go for a refill. Research has shown that pouring it afterward will not achieve a good fuel-cleaner mixture.

Next, you need to understand the quality of the fuel injector cleaner you are about to use. Different cleaners require usage in different fuel ratio. Therefore, make sure to read the instructions carefully, and see how much of the cleaner you can use in your car tank’s size.

Lastly, top up with your regular fuel. In relation to the previous point, make sure that you get a full tank, except you have calculated the ratio, and then you know what amount to use for say – 5 liters of fuel. However, if you do so, remember that you have to add more fuel injector cleaner when you refill. So, in my opinion, it’s best to add the cleaner to a full fuel refill.

What are Fuel Injector Cleaners Made of?

Now that you know that fuel from gas stations aren’t very safe for your car, you almost don’t have a choice now than to use cleaners now. But, if I say that fuel injector cleaners make the impurities in the fuel go away, you can’t just take my word for it. Well, a very good reason for that is in the ingredients.

Irrespective of the product type, there are three major chemical ingredients found in fuel injector cleaners, namely;


PIBs are polymeric chemicals adopted into additives to keep fuel impurities such as soot and other oxidation products from harming your engine or reducing your car’s fuel economy. They are used in both diesel and gasoline injector varieties.

They are also used as explosives and to clean the waterborne oil spills in Elastol.

Polyisobutylene Amine:

The major difference between the PIBA and the previously highlighted PIB is its higher effectiveness in removing moisture from the fuel composition. On the contrary, however, it isn’t as effective as PIB in cleaning the combustion chamber, so they complement each other in making the product work for you.

Polyether Amine :

The PEA compels the solidification of deposits that restrict the smooth flow of fuel in your combustion system. It melts down the bonds of solid deposits and allows them to be burned during combustion. The major advantage of using this particular ingredient is that it leaves no residues while eliminating the impurities.

Alternatives to Fuel Injector Cleaners

Having tried not to oversell you on the importance of fuel injector cleaners to your engine, I thought it best to paint you a picture of what happens when you don’t use them. Naturally, when you keep using impure fuel products to power your vehicle, in a matter of time, you’ll have to do a maintenance routine which will obviously cost you more than any fuel injector cleaner would.

If your car’s fault is due to the impurities in the fuel you used, then the mechanics would have to forcefully remove said impurities from your engine. It has to be a forceful process because, during maintenance, all the impurities from the past fuel refills will have to be taken care of at the same time; and they don’t come off easily.

Therefore, solvents will be forced through your fuel injectors at high pressure. This can’t be a DIY project for you take the car to the auto shop for maintenance or send all the fuel injectors over to the same.

Clearly, mixing your fuel with the injector cleaners is the best option.

How to Clean Your Fuel Injector Cleaner

I know that at some point during this guide, I must have said something about cleaning fuel maintenance as a job for the professionals and not a DIY project. However, I know a few people who only see that as an invitation to the challenge. Therefore, to prevent you from damaging your vehicle, let me show you how to do it instead.

This process is especially required when you discover that your fuel discharge is very inefficient. You’ll need a fuel injector cleaning kit (obviously), and a fuel line disconnect tool. You need to recognize that in some cases, the injectors are better off replaced than cleaned.

  • Locate your fuel injectors, the pump and other related components in the layout of your vehicle. You can do so by checking the manufacturer’s instruction manual.
  • Disconnect the fuel pump from the injectors and connect the pump back to a tank using a tube. You could also connect it to an empty fuel container instead so that when you’re through with the cleaning process, you can start mixing with the best fuel injector cleaner.
  • Also, disconnect the pressure regulator vacuum line and connect the cleaning kit to your fuel pressure test port which is attached to your engine’s fuel rail. Make sure you use the cleaner’s instruction as a guide so that you don’t connect the wrong tubes to the wrong places and further damage your car. Most importantly, make sure that this connection has no exposure to fuel because the cleaner is flammable.
  • Leave the fuel cap open throughout this process to prevent the cleaner from gathering enough pressure to combust because that could be hazardous.
  • Turn on the car’s ignition and let it run for about 10 minutes and make sure that the fuel pump is turned off for this. When the cleaner has been exhausted, the car will turn off by itself.
  • Lastly, remove the cleaner and reconnect the fuel pump as well as the fuel regulator vacuum tube/hose. Close the fuel caps and turn on the engine. Listen for any irregular noise and drive for a short distance to feel your new transmission’s smoothness.

If you hear abnormal noises from your car after this process, then you must have done something wrong. Unfortunately, I can’t decipher that from here. You need to take it to the automobile shop and give them a full confession.

In the same vein, if you’re still getting poor mileage, that means the process didn’t work. With that, you might need to replace the injectors instead. For that, you need a specialist.


If you’ve been a car used for a long time, you would understand that you just have to do these seemingly unnecessary things to be at a lesser risk of car damage.

On a personal note, I take pleasure in knowing that by doing the right things, I am less likely to face problems. This is very applicable to the use of vehicles. As explained, use fuel injector cleaners to protect the integrity of your car or spend more at the auto-shop cleaning the entire fuel system, or even replacing the parts connected.

I hope you found this piece on the best fuel injector cleaner / best fuel system cleaner very helpful.

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