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There is no worst feeling than losing the ability to walk. Every day, people get involved in accidents that cause them to lose the number 1 source of mobility; human legs.  If you find yourself in such a situation, you can rely on the Best Electric Wheelchairs to aid movement and get your groove going.

For those who don’t know, Electric Wheelchairs are designed to aid movement with less human help. They consist of wheels, comfortable seats, and a rechargeable battery that powers the wheelchair to move on its own. If you are in the market for the best electric wheelchair, this article provides you with details of the best options for the money.

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Top of the list is Wheelchair88, one of the best wheelchair manufacturers in the business. The Foldawheel PW-99UL is the lightest and most compact power wheelchair in the world, weighing just 45lbs. It has 4 wheels (2 at the front and back), and a motor to help control the direction of movement.

The Foldawheel PW-99UL is also known as the “Best foldable wheelchair” mainly for its ability to fold in less than 5 secs.

One main advantage is that If you’re travelling long distance , you don’t have to worry because this wheelchair is very portable and easy to carry in cars and even airplanes.

The seat measures 16″ x 16″ and is very comfortable for people with a height ranging from 5’2 ft – 5’9 ft. Taller people may not find this chair comfortable as it is built for mid-size people with a weight of up to 220lbs. The seat cushion and backrest covers are easily detachable for washing.

Another advantage is that the Foldawheel can hold up to 2 Soft Pack Polymer Li-ion batteries, with a total travel distance of 16 miles. The wheelchair comes fully charged, which means that you don’t have to charge before using it the first time.

When purchased, the Standard delivery comes with a tough & thick Travel Bag, 1 certified high-quality worldwide usable charger, 1 battery pack that can operate around 8 miles.

Consumers reported positive feedback. Most of them are satisfied with this product and the only major drawback is that shipping took a little longer than expected. This is because the electric chair is shipped from Malaysia to the United States. The estimated shipping time is 1 week.

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Kd Smart Chair Price with the Coupon here. Second on the list is KD Smart Chair, a very popular wheelchair in the market. The KD smart chair has all the features to ensure efficiency and comfortability but why is it the second best? See the reasons below :

Firstly, KD Smart chair weighs 50 lbs which are slightly heavier than the Foldawheel PW 99-UL weighing 45lbs.

Secondly, KD Smart chair is easy to fold, but not as easy as the Foldawheel PW 99-UL which folds in 5 seconds. Both the KD Smart chair and Foldawheel PW 99-UL are very portable and can be easily carried in an airplane or your car truck.

One major advantage of the KD Smart chair is that it is more compact than most wheelchairs in the market. It has an amazing turning radius that makes it extremely easy to maneuver through tight hallways and doorways.

Another advantage is that it can carry people of up to 265 pounds , which is more than the carrying capacity of the top 3 best electric wheelchair. If you want more capacity , then consider getting the HEAVY DUTY KD SMART CHAIR  (link opens in a new tab) , which is bigger and has a carrying capacity of up to 330 pounds.

The KD Smart Chair is powered by an environmentally friendly lithium-ion phosphate battery which when fully charged, can travel up to 15 miles before needing a re-charge. This battery has a life span of  up to 500 times more than conventional electric wheelchairs

In terms of reviews and customer feedback, this chair has an impressive 4.1/5 star rating on, and very few people had issues using this wheelchair. However, one of the users warned that the controller unscrews at the point that it plugs into the chair, which means you have to ensure that it’s tight at all times.

Overall, the KD Smart Chair is one of the better overall electric wheelchair and a good alternative to the Foldawheel PW 99-UL.

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The EZ Lite Cruiser comes in at number 3 on the list. This product weighs only 50 Pounds; not the lightest frame in the market but definitely not as heavy as most wheelchairs. It has a carrying capacity of up to 264lbs.

EZ Lite Cruiser has a small turning radius of Only 29.5 inches which helps it get around tight areas easily. Just like other best electric wheelchairs, the EZ Lite Cruiser has a compact view and can be folded for land and air travels.

It has a removable seat and seat cover for easy cleaning. The armrests can be raised to better side access to the seat and the battery can last up to 10+ miles before needing a re-charge.

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Wheelchairs are very expensive, and the best can have costs more than $2000 which everyone cannot afford. If you’re looking for a decent wheelchair that doesn’t cost a lot, then this product will certainly interest you.

The new compact electric wheelchair currently sells for about $1,000 and is a great alternative for those looking to save cost. This wheelchair is very suitable for elders whose age are over 50 years although younger people can still use this.

It has a weight of 72.8 pounds, which is quite heavy. The weight makes it a little difficult to carry during road and air travels. This wheelchair has a carrying capacity of up to 220 pounds.

The lightweight wheelchair can either be a hand pushed a wheelchair or an electric wheelchair. It has two types of brake systems: manual and Electric; however, the manual mode can only be used when the wheelchair is running out of power.

One of the main advantages of this chair is the price. You get this product for just about $ 1,000, which is 50% lesser than the other electric wheelchairs on this list. However, a huge disadvantage is that the battery takes a whopping 6 hours to fully re-charge. You got to have a lot of patience.

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Wheelchairs are one of the most expensive products in the market. They cost thousands of dollars, which is a lot of money to spend. It is very important to get the most robust product whenever you want to purchase one. Here are some tips on the electric wheelchair buying guide.

Weight & Size :

Wheelchairs come in different sizes and so, therefore, you should check the size and be sure that it fits your body frame, But most wheelchairs go well on up to 6ft tall people. Also, you should consider that it’s not too heavy since you’re going to be moving it during road and air travel. The ideal weight of a wheelchair is between 45 – 50kg.

Carrying Capacity :

Some wheelchairs are designed to carry up to a particular weight, after which, they will no longer be able to provide comfortability. Some might have a maximum capacity of roughly 250 pounds, while some can carry more than 300 pounds weight. Be sure to check your body weight before making a purchase.

Distance :

Another good point to note is the distance in which the wheelchair can travel before needing a re-charge. Ideally, a distance of more than 8 miles is a good point to start with.

Customer Reviews on :

After reading our reviews and doing your research, be sure to also check customer reviews on This will give you a broader picture of how the wheelchair will perform, based on the feedback from those who have used it.

In all, it is very unlikely for one to be “100%” perfect. Have that in mind.

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