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Best Drum Throne 2017 – Drum Throne Reviews

The everyday musician (or drummer in this case) cannot only be on the lookout for how his/her musical instruments churn out quality sound, but  also the ability to play such instruments for long periods without strain or fatigue. Hence, it becomes important that you not only select good musical instrument but also pay close attention to other accessories that help you in achieving quality music by providing comfort.

As a drummer, the type of drum throne you use could make the difference between a great performance and a mediocre one. You must, therefore, place a great premium on the type of Drum throne you settle for if you want to have a swell time playing the drum.

In this article , we’re going to review the best drum throne that are available in the market. We will highlight their pros and cons , and also provide links to where you can buy them online. Read along.


best drum thrones


Pre-Purchase Considerations (Buying Guide for Drum Thrones)

Comfort : 

Your choice of a Drum throne must offer you as much comfort as possible. This consideration must come first before anything else. A number of Drum thrones offer comfort via a mixture of features such as seat covers and softness, adjustability amongst other features such as cup/towel holders, stick placers and so on. So you must base your decision to buy a Drum throne after a careful consideration of the above specifications.

Know the types of Drum Thrones :

There are basically two types of Drum thrones:  The Bicycle seat model type and the bar stool model type. However, whatever type of Drum Throne you select, make sure you have thoroughly determined what your needs are and how each of these drum throne types will help you meet them.

If you are getting your Drum Throne from an offline dealer, be sure to test the two types of thrones first to see which one will suit you, before you make a purchase.

In addition, you can compare prices of the various models of Drum Thrones available and juxtapose that against the features that each one offers.

Now that you know what to look out for before buying , let us take a look at the best drum throne 2017.




After long hours of research , we found the Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne  As the overall best for you. The reasons are listed below :

The Gibraltar drum throne is very stable.

 It has a good padding that is deep enough to support you

 Positive reviews from people who used this drum throne

 It has a more stable locking system

 During our research , Professional drummers constantly told us this is the best drum throne for the money


The Best Drum Throne 2017 – Top 3 Products


Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum ThroneROC-N-SOC Nitro ThronePork Pie Round Drum Throne
Its padding is deep enough to support youIt is easily adjusted to serve various purposesThe covering of the throne is very durable
It has a more stable locking systemThe Nitro Throne is sturdyIt does not squeak, rattle and it stays in place
. It is very sturdyIt is easy to assembleIt can be adjusted to a wide range of user heights


Drum Throne Reviews 2017 – The Best Of All

To help you choose the best drum throne 2017 , we used this three-step proces

Step #1: Research what you should look for when buying a drum throe , based on our buying guide above

Step #2: Identify at least 10 popular and highly-rated models of various brands, prices and types.

Step #3: Narrow down the list to a maximum of 4 based on the criteria that are most important when selecting the best drum throne

Based on our three-step process , here are the top 4 best drum throne you should consider buying.





Top of the list is Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne , which is the overall best drum throne for the money. The Gibraltar Heavy Drum throne fulfils the desire of the average drummer to play the drum as comfortably and as ergonomically as possible. Over a Year of research and technology gave birth to this drum throne

For starters, the Gibraltar employs a top grade soft foam for its throne seat, thereby providing you the comfort and support you require during your drumming sessions. The seat is also covered with Vinyl, which ensures that during playing sessions, there is no fear that you will slip from the seat. The seat is designed after a motorcycle seat, in order to help your posture during play.

The stand of the Gibraltar has a height range adjustment of between 18 to 24 inches, hence it can accommodate a wide variety of users. The throne employs the latest technology in use,as the stand lock features a memory console that automatically adjusts the seat to the last used height, after this throne drum is unpacked.


Another important feature of the Gibraltar Heavy Drum Throne is that its stand is double braced ,which ensures that your throne remains level during play and that your throne is able to withstand any external shocks during travel or lifting.

That said , this drum throne may not be very comfortable for extremely tall people. During our research and interaction with drummers , we found out that this drum throne provides comfort up to 6″2 inches tall. It gets a little uncomfortable after that.

Pros :

  1. It is very stable
  2. It is very sturdy
  3. Its padding is deep enough to support you.
  4. It has a more stable locking system
  5. 5.It is durable.

Cons : 

  1. 1.This drum throne is stiff and unyielding
  2. It may not be suitable for extremely tall users
  3. You will need a drum key to adjust the collar of the seat







The second best drum throne is the Roc-N-Soc Nitro Throne made by a company that continues to push the boundaries in terms of innovation and research.

A big trade-off of this innovative stride is the introduction of a nitrogen gas absorber. This feature allows the player to set the height of the throne by depressing and pulling up a lever, which raises or lowers the throne. This is in contrast to its previous feature which employs a tightening mechanism.

The height of Nitro throne seat also accommodates the average user because it has an adjustable height allowance of  18 to 24 inches, in order to help you find a comfortable sitting position.

For those of you who would like to be firmly supported, the Nitro Throne seat is made from a stiffer material that is not made from much flex, hence you are able to gain the firm support that you need. Still speaking about the seat, the Nitro design is based on that of the bicycle; this is to prevent the player experiencing fatigue during playing sessions.

The seat is heavily braced, which ensures that at whatever price you obtain the ROC-N-SOC Nitro throne, you are assured that this drum throne will serve you for many years to come.

Other Features of the Nitro Throne :

  1. The Nitro throne comes with extra kits to allow for the retro-fitting of existing thrones with either a new seat or back rest.
  2. The Nitro Throne is available with sculpted seats
  3. The Nitro Throne also features colored/embroidered seats

Pros :

  1. The Nitro Throne is sturdy
  2. The Nitro Throne is durable
  3. It is easy to assemble
  4. It is easily adjusted to serve various purposes

Cons :

1.    The hydraulic press will have to be replaced totally if damaged







The Pork Pie Round Drum Throne is another quality entrant in the best drum throne reviews. For starters, the Pork Pie Round drum throne’s seat is made from high quality, ultra-heavy high density foam. This material, in addition to the depth of the throne’s seat, will make the average drummer play for very long periods without feeling tired or fatigued.

It also gives both comfort and firmness, which is a lifesaver for the average drummer. The design of the Pork Pie Drum Throne mirrors that of a plush bar stool; which means more comfort of the drummer.

The diameter of the seat is 14.5 inches wide, which is adequate to serve the average user. The height of the cushion is approximately 6 inches, hence when you seat on the Throne, you are immediately sucked into a comfortable position that supports your back and lower limbs adequately.

The legs of the  Pork Pie Round Drum throne is double braced, which means that you enjoy the  added benefit of not only having a durable throne but also the ability of the throne to withstand external shocks such as when the throne is bent.

The Pork Pie Round Drum Throne is a favourite of popular musicians such as Robin Diaz, Walter Earl and  Billy Freeman.

Other Features of the Pork Pie Drum Throne

  1. The covering of the throne is very durable
  2. This throne drum does not crack or split during rapid changes in temperature

Pros : 

  1. It is extremely sturdy
  2. It can be adjusted to a wide range of user heights
  3. It is easily collapsible
  4. It does not squeak, rattle and it stays in place

Cons :

  1. Its height ranges might pose a challenge for smaller users
  2. Its maybe a little too expensive for you.







The Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne is manufactured with the needs of the drummer at the centre of all considerations. For starters, the most noticeable part of the Tama drum is the Ergo –rider seat. This seat is developed with the comfort of the drummer in mind. It combines the comfort of a traditional round seat backed up with the support of a saddle or a bike oriented seat.

Furthermore, the Ergo-Rider seat features a two –seat indentation and a 20mm thick insert of foam to assist you play in a healthy and productive manner. The seat also helps you maintain the correct posture while playing the drums.

The seat lock system features a two-piece locking hinge which ensures that you enjoy solidity and stability during your drumming sessions. The Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne  also features a hydraulic height mechanism, which allows you  raise and lower the throne  as easily and as quickly as possible.

Other Features of the Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne

  1. The cloth draping system prevents the collection of perspiration while you are playing
  2. A front-cutaway feature of the throne seat allows you to engage a full range of motion with your thighs and you also get to play unhindered.

Pros :

  1. The Tama Drum throne is easy to assemble
  2. This throne drum comes with extra large rubber feet for increased stability
  3. The top seat gives increased range of movement
  4. It is very durable
  5. It is very sturdy

Cons :

  1. It is very heavy, which makes moving the Tama around a tedious process.
  2. The price is a little on the high side



In conclusion, while a quality Drum throne will give you more comfort and support during playing sessions, the key is not having to spend so much money on a Drum Throne Set. You should be on the lookout  for models that serve your most basic needs at an affordable price.

Hope you enjoyed our list of the Best Drum Throne  2017

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