What To Lookout For When Buying A Demolition Jackhammer

Best Demolition Jackhammer 2018

In the very distant past, when you needed to dig a hole in a very stubborn terrain/ground, the chances were that you would achieve the task with the use of an axe or some contrived tool like the sharpened antlers of a deer. You would lift the tool from backwards and over your head as you brought it into contact with the surface you desire to impact; your arms and back muscles providing the energy to deliver a devastating blow.

Now rewind the hands of time to our present day. With the aid of newer technologies and the need to meet construction deadlines, it is now possible to break up surfaces and carry out demolitions quicker and more effectively. This is achieved with the use of the best demolition jackhammer.

The next logical step is to ask the question –

What is a Demolition Jackhammer?

A demolition jackhammer also goes by the names a pneumatic (air-driven) drill, rock drill, or pavement breaker. It utilizes compressed air to force a drill, with a bit attached to its end, several hundreds of times in a second, in order to create the impact needed to break up or demolish a street, a wall or some other demolition task. In more detail, when you depress the handle of the jack hammer, air pumps from the compressor into the jackhammer through a valve located on one side of the device. Inside the hammer, you will find a system of air tubes, a heavy-set pile driver, as well as a drill bit stationed at the bottom.

To begin the process, pumped high-pressure air flows one way round the circuit, pushing the pile driver down so it rams into the drill bit, smashing it into the ground. A valve inside the tube network then flips over, making the air to circulate in a direction opposite to the first one. In that instant, the pile driver moves back upward, so the drill bit disengages from the ground. The valve opens again and you have the process repeat itself. The whole configuration is such that the pile driver rams into the drill bit at over 25 times each second, so the drill smashes into the ground for approximately  1500 times every minute.

The most basic parts of the best demolition jackhammer includes the bearing housing, screw plug, fan, eccentric shaft, cylindrical gear, connecting rod, hammer piston, guide tube amongst others.

You should note that the best demolition jackhammer discussed above is the pneumatic kind, employing the principle of applied air pressure. There also other variants, distinguished from how they are powered and operation. These include jackhammers driven by electric motors and rotating cranks or cam; converting rotary motion into reciprocating motion. Another variety is the hydraulic jackhammer, which is driven by a continuous stream of hydraulic fluid (either oil or water with additives). This fluid passes through a hydraulic motor or turbine, energizing a crankshaft and piston that smashes the drill bit into the ground.

With a good understanding of how the best demolition jackhammer works and the various kinds in use today, the nest steps are determining what features and specifications should guide your choice for a best demolition jack hammer.


Buying guide for a demolition jackhammer


Demolition Jackhammers have always been in demand ever since man needed to accomplish demolition jobs within a short space of time. While sledgehammers and chisels once held forth, (although they are still used for smaller, specific tasks), the best demolition jackhammers offer speed and accuracy and they can break up concrete and other hard surfaces in quick time with the engagement of a few buttons/switches and the services of a skilled operator.

In selecting your best demolition jackhammer, based on your needs and the complexity/nature of the task involved, the following tips can serve as guidelines for your consideration in selecting a demolition jackhammer:

  • Determine if price is commensurate with stated output :

In this regard, the questions you should ask yourself is whether the stated IPM (impacts per minute) and the BPM (blows per minute)  are in tandem with the cost of the best demolition jackhammer you have selected and is justifiable. In reaching a conclusion based on this criterion, you will do well to compare the prices and features of models, in order to arrive at a decision.

  • You will have to pay attention to the technology behind the operation of the best demolition jackhammer you plan to buy. Is the jackhammer backed up by a system that greatly dampens the effect of vibration/noise that is generated by the jackhammer while it is in operation? This is an important consideration because you do want your operator getting fatigued from using the equipment after only a few hours of work


  •  Does the best demolition jack hammer come with safety measures including overload protection and a soft, smooth start-up system? This feature is just as important as the anti-shock protection discussed in point 2 above and it is paramount to the health and safety of your operator and other workers.


  • You should be on the lookout for the size of the best demolition jackhammer you intend to buy. While it is noted that demolition jackhammers are power tools, it is desirable that the equipment can be carried around effortlessly. However, your consideration of size is dependent on what tasks you want to carry out, as even the smaller versions of the best demolition jackhammers can perform the heaviest of tasks perfectly.


  • Does your preferred best demolition jackhammer come along in a carrying case? Like a wheel loader enclosing the demolition jackhammer?  This feature not only protects that more sensitive parts of the equipment but it is also instrumental to the ease with which you can move the demolition jackhammer from place to place.


  • Does your preferred demolition jackhammer come with a standard, safety rating? Safety is the most important characteristic when operating a demolition jackhammer. Today’s manufacturers always include the safety protocols for their products, which usually adhere to global standards for the equipment. If in doubt about the safety level of your best demolition jackhammer, you can ask your local dealer or check out the website of the manufacturer.



Quick Summary

Now that you have an idea of what features to lookout for in the best demolition jackhammer, the following tips should be committed to memory for use at your next purchase of the equipment:

Step 1:  Have a list of all the desired features you would like your best demolition jackhammer to have.

Step 2:  Draw up a list of the top 10 brands that have the features/functionalities that you specify. This list should also include prices, extra functionalities as well as the availability of accessories/tools.

Step 3:  You can scale down that list to the best of 4 or 5, from which you can now make your final choice. A way to go about pruning your list is to view the reviews and ratings of users of the beat metal lathes, from merchant sites like Amazon.


The Best Demolition Jackhammer 2017


To help you choose the best demolition jackhammer , we used this three-step process

Step #1: Research what you should look for when buying a demolition jackhammer, based on our buying guide above

Step #2: Identify at least 15 popular and highly-rated models of various brands, prices and types.

Step #3: Narrow down the list to a maximum of 10 based on the criteria that are most important when selecting the best demolition jackhammer

Based on our three-step process , here are the top 10 best demolition jackhammer you should consider buying





The XtremepowerUS Jackhammer is among the best demolition jackhammers with a rich repertoire of features and functionalities that will leave you confident.

For starters, it is powered by a powered with a 2200 W input motor, which enables it to deliver all the power you will need to tackle the most complex of jobs and smash the hardest of surfaces. This power rating helps this best demolition jackhammer achieve 1900 Impacts per minute (IPM) and 1,400 blows per minute(BPM), with a no load speed at 55J. It also works well under the power rating threshold of 120V/60 Hz.

If you have a need for light weight tools, the XtremepowerUS will tick the right buttons for you, as it weighs an unbelievable 15 kilograms without the extension cords.

Due to its cutting edge ergonomic shape and design, this  demolition jackhammer dampens the effect of vibration, hence your operators will not have issues with being fatigued, even when working under hot weather conditions.

This best demolition jackhammer also comes with essential accessories such as a plastic enclosure, work gloves,  a 1 1/8 inches flat chisel and an 11/8 in bull point chisel as well as a hexagon bar wrench and oil loader.


  1. It is powered by a 2200 watt input motor
  2. It has a power rating of 120V
  3. It comes with a blow mould case

What we liked :

  1. It features a nice shovel attachment
  2. It can be used easily by female workers.
  3. Little vibration is felt during use

What we didn’t like :

  1. Sometimes the hammer may get stuck
  2. There have been cases of oil leaks
  3. The motor sometimes heats up too fast
  4. It uses exclusive bits.

The Xtreme power US enjoys a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 Amazonian stars for product performance and satisfaction.It received special praise for offering functionality and performance at a really affordable price.









The TR Industrial Jackhammer is another stellar entrant and a good contendant for the award of the best demolition jackhammer.  This jackhammer is loaded with features that enables you to get the job done in ample time.

For starters, the TR Industrial comes with as array of work heads and bits including Point, Flat and Spade Scoop Shovel Chisels Bits to give you options when dealing with different surfaces and workloads. It is sturdily built from steel and cast iron, hence you can rest assured that this best demolition jackhammer will keep it together as you go about your tasks.

A first amongst its peers, the TR Industrial TR89100 has a machined cylinder that is Computer and Numerically Controlled (CNC), hence you can be sure of the accuracy and precision of any tasks you undertake. This control allows it to achieve a Blow per minute(BPM) rate of 1800.

This device can work on concrete, clay and any other surface, a testament to its versatility.

The TR Industrial harps on the need for safety, hence it comes with safety clips and rollers to secure the blow-molded casing it comes in. This product is listed and rated under the standards set by ETL  and UL; in that regard, the equipment features a  double insulated plug for better overload protection. Noise generation and vibration are kept to a minimum with this tool, as operation noise does not go above 108 decibels. It also plays actively in the weight department, coming in at a portable 16 kilograms excluding the external attachments.

Features and Specifications

  • This TR Industrial Jackhammer is powered by am 11 AMP motor
  • The TR Industrial generates 45J of impact energy
  • This best demolition jackhammer achieves 1,800 blows per minute.
  • The equipment features a CNC machined cylinder.
  • The  equipment features a dual ball bearing armature
  • This best demolition jackhammer has a 360-degree swivel auxiliary handle
  • It comes with a plastic moulded roll-out case.
  • It has a double insulated plug

What we liked :

  1. The TR industrial is well built
  2. It is an efficient equipment
  3. It is certified durable by the TÜV’s 176-hour durability test
  4. It is suitable for rocky terrain

What we didn’t like :

  1. The motor  might tend to heat up quickly during use
  2. There have been cases  where the shaft leaked oil
  3. The TR Industrial may not work adequately with tree stump removal.

This best demolition jackhammer enjoyed a customer review/rating of 4.3 out of 5 Amazonian stars for product performance and satisfaction. The equipment received special accolades for generating enough power using electricity and also for carrying out jobs with precision and accuracy.









The Arksen 2200W Electric Demolition Jackhammer competes for the top spot amongst the best demolition jackhammer in the market today. This is because it scores high marks for being pocket-friendly while still packing features and accessories that deliver functionality and efficiency.

For starters, this best demolition jackhammer delivers at 1700 Impact per minute (IPM) while holding the fort at 55 feet per square pound. It is powered by a 2200 Watt motor, hence you will not be losing out in the power generator sector. With a 360-degree swivel foregrip handle, your operator is guaranteed to exercise absolute control over the way this best demolition jack hammer is handled. The Arksen is really portable as it comes with a heavy duty carrying case with an excellent handle.

The Arksen can handle a wide variety of surfaces and tasks including chipping, concrete hole making, trenching, demolition, bricks, blocks, tiles, slabs, chimneys, housing foundations, stucco. It has the ability to generate 1,900 BPM.

Running on a rated output of  110 V / 60 Hz, the Arksen 2200W Electric Demolition JackHammer comes highly recommended for both industrial and domestic use. Adding to its appeal is a useful and wide range of accessories including safety goggles, safety gloves, flat chisel (16 inches), bull point chisel (16 inches) and oil can.

Benefits :

  • The Arksen is made from heavy duty and durable construction.
    •It is Perfect for tasks such as demolition, Trenching, Chipping and creating holes In concrete
    •This best demolition jackhammer comes with a 360° swivel firm- grip handle.
    •The Arksen works well with 1-1/8 in. hex shank bits
    • It can be plugged in anywhere; the  hammer does not require a compressor

Specifications :

  • Color:  It comes in red
  • It is powered electrically
  • The size of its motor is 2200 Watts.
  • This demolition jackhammer has a chuck size of 1-1/8 In.
  • It works with a voltage of 110V/60Hz
  • It bears a no Load Speed of   1900RPM

What we liked :

  1. The equipment is suited for flat removal of obstacles
  2. Its motor does not overheat

What we didn’t like :

  1. It does not hold up well with reinforced concrete surfaces.



The ARKSEN 2200W Electric Demolition Jack Hammer enjoys a customer rating of 4 out of 5 Amazonian stars for product performance and satisfaction. You can go along with this best demolition jackhammer if you need effectiveness and functionality but on a strict budget.









If you are searching for the best demolition jackhammer that offers you all the features that guarantee an effective work execution, look no further than the Neiko Electric demolition Jackhammer. This best demolition jackhammer comes with a number of features.

For starters, this demolition jackhammer comes with chrome-vanadium drilling chisels. These chisels give you the strength, toughness and durability to handle the most complex of tasks, without having to worry about breaking the bits. And for your double delight, the equipment comes packaged with two of these chisels; talk about getting value for your money.

As a result of this reinforced chisel bit, your Neiko is suitably placed to work on a number of surfaces including ground, concrete and hard surfaces. The Neiko Electric demolition Jackhammer comes with an all metal body but plastic handling in order to deliver comfort to the operator as well as ensure you have durability, safety and stability for all your jobs and demolition tasks.

Benefits and Specifications

  • This demolition jackhammer is driven by a powerful 11.3 Amp high-performance motor, which delivers  1,800 impact beats per minute with 45 joules force. This enables the equipment to readily break through concrete, brick, ground and earth
  • The Neiko comes in the form of a heavy duty all metal construction, that is coated for weather and corrosion resistance.
  • Neiko demolition Jackhammer comes with a custom made helical gear system. This enables the equipment to operate more smoothly, effectively and  quietly
  • It operates with a 360 Degree swivel auxiliary handle with firm grip for better user performance.
  • Set comes complete with accessories: 4 extra carbon brushes, 1 oil container, 3 wrenches, 1 safety protection kit with goggles and work gloves


What we liked :

  1. It is inexpensive
  2. It is rugged during operation
  3. It has large tool bits

What we didn’t like :

  1. It might be necessary to tighten up the bolts of the hammer after a number of uses.
  2. It is necessary you use the correct grade of oil for the equipment.


The Neiko enjoys a customer rating/review of 4.2 out of 5 Amazonian stars. A key attractive attribute of this best demolition jackhammer is that it is also a budget friendly equipment that delivers on functionality and performance.








The Dewalt D25980 Pavement Breaker is among the best demolition jackhammers that have the power and the structure to enable you to carry out the most demanding of demolition jobs, at the push of a button.

As its name suggests, the Dewalt is most suitable for breaking up pavements and roadside constructions since it has s shock-proof feature that keeps the operator insulated from the effects of vibrations and fatigue. Because this best demolition jackhammer is powered by a 15 Amp motor, it also features an overload protection to keep both the equipment and the operator safe and sound during work times.

The handle of the Dewalt is made from plastic in order to ensure that the user experiences comfort and convenience. The machine runs smoothly and with less noise because of the presence of a soft start system in the motor. With an impact energy of 61 ft per lbs, the Dewalt will effectively take you through demolishing tough pavements and other roadside constructions in no time at all.

Benefits and Specifications

  • This demolition jackhammer generates 61 Ft-lbs of impact energy thereby providing optimum performance.
  • The Dewalt features a Shocks- active vibration control system. This system reduces vibration levels by up to 70 percent.
  • This best demolition jackhammer is powered by a 15 amp motor.
  • It comes with rubber coated handles, to deliver comfort and convenience.

What we liked :

  1. It works best on many surfaces
  2. It works well with the installation of drains
  3. One of the most powerful demolition jackhammers

What we didn’t like :

  1. The vibration dampening can still be worked on.
  2. It is one of the most expensive demolition jackhammer.

The Dewalt has a customer rating/review of 5 out of 5 Amazonian stars. It receives special mention for its ruggedness and versatility, for a wide range of jobs.










If you seeking the best demolition jackhammer that gives you the freedom to perform jobs at inclined angles, as well as in slant and horizontal orientations, then you should look no further than the Bosch DH1020VC Inline Demolition Jackhammer. This best demolition jack hammer is easily adaptable to work in either vertical or horizontal position. And to increase your efficiency with this equipment, there is a variable speed dial that offers you a better control of the jackhammer as you carry out your tasks.

In giving you greater control and flexibility, The Bosch comes with 12 different chisel lock positions, so you are able to achieve better manoeuvrability and control as you engage in different orientations on the job.

An essential feature of this demolition jackhammer is that the hammer comes with an elongated air cushion; this provides the needed insulation against the effects of excessive vibration so that you don to tire out due to fatigue.

The Bosch boasts of a removal rate that is 80 percent higher than the average for other brands and it achieves more than 40 percent impact force for every blow made.

Benefits and Specifications

  • The Bosch has a top-notch In-Line Design which enables both horizontal and vertical concrete demolition usage.
  • This best demolition jackhammer provides optimum concrete removal for an efficient demolition process.
  • You can achieve better vibration Control with the presence of longer air cushion in the hammer mechanism.You reduce fatigue and other effects with this feature.
  • The Bosch comes with a variable speed dial to enable you to control your demolition tasks.
  • The Bosch features a vario-Lock, a mechanism which rotates and locks chisel into 12 different positions in order to provide optimum lock angles.


What we liked :

  1. The handles are well protected from shocks
  2. It is lighter compared to other brands in its category
  3. It generates huge amounts of power.
  4. It is very flexible when in operation.

What we didn’t like :

  1. It does not work smoothly with wide chisels
  2. There have been cases where the handle broke during use.

Overall, this  demolition jackhammer enjoys a customer review/rating of 3.5 out of 5 Amazonian stars. You will thoroughly enjoy the capabilities of the Bosch to handle not-so-straight-forward jobs, with precision and accuracy.








If you are on the lookout for the best demolition jackhammer that packs a lot of power and punch, then this Makita brand will tick all the right buttons for you. This is because the Makita generates up to 2,900 BPM, one of the industry leaders in that regard. Its power is complemented with its ability to create 7.6 kg of impact energy and has carbon brushes that can last for up to 150 hours.

If you have a particular concern with vibration and noise, then the soft handle grip of this  demolition jackhammer that reduces vibration and fatigue will tickle your fancy. It is a very good jackhammer for this anti-shock and anti-fatigue property.

Another desirable feature of the Makita is its ability to convert shank demolition bits and use them as rotary hammers (spline shank). With its easy one-touch retainer bit system, you can rest assured that you will not pile up on maintenance costs.

This demolition jackhammer is also portable, coming in at just under 8 kg, hence it can be moved from place to place.


Benefits and Specifications

  • This demolition jackhammer is really compact, bearing less weight for optimum control.
  • The Makita has a soft rubber grip side handle, which minimizes vibration and reduces operator fatigue.
  • The equipment possesses an Innovative anti-vibration spring located  between  the tool body and rear handle for reduced operator fatigue
  • It comes with a One-touch tool retainer that facilitates quick bit changes
  • The Makita possesses extended life brushes, which enable you to obtain more work between service intervals with less downtimes/periods.
  • The Makita generates 2,900 BPMs

What we liked :

  1. It is suited for small jobs
  2. It is highly durable
  3. It works smoothly
  4. Price is quite affordable

What we didn’t like :

  1. You may have to purchase the extra bits you need to work with the Makita

This best demolition jackhammer commands a customer approval rating of 4.6 out of 5 Amazonian stars. The Makita receives special recognition for its compact size being able to deliver a pace setting BPM  of over 2,500.








This is another stellar entrant in the best demolition jackhammer reviews. And this is for a number of reasons.

The first is that this best demolition jack hammer features a grip handle that is ergonomically designed so that the operator is comfortable and can conveniently tackle jobs and tasks in the most awkward of positions. With the variable speed dial button, you can stay in control of the chiselling, demolition or any other process and achieve the precision and accuracy that you desire.

Another important feature of the Bosch DH507 is that you can set up to 12 different chisel positions with the cutting-edge Vario-lock positioning so that you can tackle a number of different tasks in varying orientations. This demolition jackhammer also comes good in the weight department, weighing just over 7 kilograms excluding the external accessories.

Benefits and Specifications

  • This Bosch has a firm ergonomic Grip Area, which ensures that the user experiences optimum comfort when chiselling in unusual locations and in tight positions.
  • This best demolition jackhammer has a hammer Mode cum Vario-Lock Selector, by which you can move from one work mode to another.
  • The Bosch DH507 features an innovative vario-Lock Positioning, which optimizes the use of twelve different positions for your chisels, to compensate for different work angles.

What we liked :

  1. It is lightweight for the power it generates
  2. It is precise and accurate in its operation
  3. It has a smooth operation.

What we didn’t like :

  1. You may need to purchase extra accessories

The  Bosch Demolition Hammer enjoys a customer rating of 5 out of 5 Amazonian stars for product performance and satisfaction. You can rely on this best demolition jackhammer for its flexibility and its ability to work in a variety of positions and orientations.







The first feature that catches your attention with this best demolition jackhammer is the fact that the DEWALT D25980 can be conveyed by means of a customized hammer truck; hence you have portability and mobility wrapped up in one serving. It is powered by a 15 amp electric motor with a soft start button; this feature reduces the tendency of the bit to ‘walk’ during operation.

The technology behind this Dewalt D25980K is such that you are able to enjoy a 70 percent reduction in shock and vibration, hence making it an enjoyable tool to use in the workplace. You can rest assured of the safety of both man and equipment because this demolition jackhammer comes with an overload protection for the motor.

The Dewalt D25980K comes with exciting extra functionality with the availability of the following accessories:  two bullpoint chisels x 2, a 1-inch flat chisel, a 3-inch flat chisel, a  pegged foot plate and a  flat foot plate for the hammer truck. The yellow and black coating on this best demolition jackhammer gives it exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion capabilities.

Benefits and Specifications

  • The Dewalt 25980k generates a 61 Ft-lbs impact energy, providing you with optimum performance.
  • This best demolition jackhammer features a shocks active vibration control.
  • This equipment is powered by a 15 amp motor, fitted with overload protection
  • You can achieve high productivity levels with the electronic soft start.
  • It features a cord wrap for easy cord storage and retrieval

What we liked :

  1. This  demolition jackhammer is versatile and can be used for an array of tasks including concrete demolition, sidewalk & road demolition, ground rod driving and basement waterproofing.
  2. It is portable
  3. It comes with useful accessories
  4. Its anti-vibration system is functional.

What we didn’t like :

  1. The hand truck can be improved upon.
  2. It is a bit too heavy


Overall, this demolition jackhammer received a customer review/rating of 4.7 out of 5 Amazonian stars. It will serve you for situations where you need a portable device that delivers power and precision to a wide variety of work surfaces.









If you working on a very tight budget but still desire to have a good slice of most of the functionalities that come with the use of the best demolition jackhammer, then look no further than the Sky Enterprise USA Demolition Electric Jack Hammer.

For starters, you can have this equipment drill up to 4 meters deep in concrete, soil and mostly any other work surface.

The Sky comes in a super strong metal casing, yet it is ergonomically built and weighs in at just under 20 kilograms. Hence, you will be able to operate this equipment with ease and without any fatigue or discomfort.

Benefits :

    1. It comes in a tough metal casing
    2. It is designed ergonomically.
    3. It is powered by an electric motor rated  1,240 watts



  1. Setting up the Sky is relatively simple
  2. The hammer is powerful


  1. The amount of oil included in the set can be increased.
  2. The hammer is a bit too heavy for the case.
  3. The armature can be improved upon.

The Sky Enterprise scores a customer rating of 3.8 out of 5 Amazonian stars for product performance and satisfaction. The recommendations that are mostly likely to leave a great impression on you is the fact that is a great deal for the price at which it is offered for sale.




As stated earlier in this article, the safe usage of your selected demolition jackhammer should be your paramount consideration, in order to avoid causalities and fatalities in the workplace. During the operation of any models of the demolition jackhammers mentioned above, you should ensure that the following precautionary steps are observed by operators and other workers in the vicinity of the equipment:

  • Ensure that the operator(s) and other workers wear protection glasses, in order to give 100 percent eye coverage to protect against flying debris, bits and pieces.
  • The operator(s) must put on gloves to provide protection against vibration and fatigue.
  • All staff must put on steel-capped safety boots.
  • If the best demolition jackhammer is operated via an electric motor and outfitted with electric corded hammers, ensure that the cord is kept a safe distance from away from hazards and other dangers.
  • You must ensure that the breaking or demolishing of materials and objects is not carried out directly overhead, in order to prevent the structure from collapsing on workers in the area of operations.
  • Ensure that all workers at the site are fitted with earmuffs/ earplugs, especially where your best demolition jackhammer operates at high decibel levels.
  • You must ensure that the parts and accessories of the demolition jackhammer are screwed on tightly, in order to prevent parts like the hammer coming off in the middle of an operation. If it is a hydraulic powered jackhammer, you must ensure that the oil level is at an acceptable level for safe use.



The best demolition jackhammer is meant to help you quickly accomplish your goal of demolishing/breaking up surfaces and other work objects, in good time. The above mentioned models and their features are meant to serve as a guide for your consideration when making a final choice.

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