Make Your Car Shine With The Best Car Wax in 2019

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Paint jobs weren’t designed to last too long. That’s why houses require paint maintenance every few years. Cars, on the other hand, are exposed to more environmental conditions (like rain, hot temperature, and especially countless hands making strokes all over, etc.) that reduce the quality of paint on it. This is why well-maintained cars don’t require washing with soap-based products alone, but careful polishing with a quality car wax.

Reviews serve as a guide when you have many choices. Here, we give a general rundown of the best-rated car wax products for your perusal. With the information I have shared with you till this point, you should have no trouble picking the one that works best for you from this list chosen from the best.

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This product is unique because it is not marketed as a car polisher. Instead, it is formulated to clean the car and make its finish last longer. This means that it does not cover blemishes to the car’s bodywork like scratches and peeling. If you want a heavy-duty paint restoration job, you will be better off with a polish.

Aero cosmetic pioneered the Wax as you Dry method and later on developed the waterless wash tools with the inclusion of the Waterless Wash Wax Mop patented by yours truly.

This highly reviewed product works like a charm in enhancing shine and preserving the car’s finish. The product leaves a smooth, glossy finish that offers protection against ultraviolet rays, preventing the paint from fading. Its high polymer non-stick UV protection is its most sought-after feature.

Another notable point is that it can be used on the car’s interior without fear of it staining or damaging the surfaces. This product is really gentle and car-friendly among other car waxes.

Its uniqueness is portrayed in its eco-friendly and biodegradable nature, so if you are an environmentalist, using this product doesn’t violate any codes. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause skin reactions on contact. More importantly, their wax washes all invention is the safest way to wax your car with or without water.

The Aero Cosmetics Waterless Wax Kit’s 144Oz bottle comes at a cost-effective price and is not easily exhausted. It is good for multiple uses and does not run out easily.

Also, as a show of good faith from the manufacturers, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not getting desired results as described in the product details. This is one of the best wax for a car you should consider buying.

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This product is a testament to the saying “oldie but goldie”. It has maintained a constant position as a market leader since the 1980s, improving with time amongst other products. This best car wax is more of a “sealant”, as it is made entirely out of synthetic material.

Tested and trusted, the Liquid Glass finishes with a high gloss that is impenetrable to the most abrasive environmental factors. It dries into a glossy finish that will make your car look good as new. It can be used on any sort of vehicle-motorcycles and heavy-duty vehicles included.

The most important features that have made this product a favorite through the years include its highly durable finish, gloss, and the strength it imparts on the automobile’s exterior. After application, the wax can last for up to a year. The manufacturer of this product boasts that with 25 applications, the vehicle becomes chip resistant.

With the high quality of the Liquid Glass, it is a boast we are inclined to believe. This product is so hardy it is used to polish boats and even fire trucks, which get a lot of punishment from long exposure to water and sun. Its resistance to scoring by salt is what makes it desirable for boat renovation. This product also has other desirable features; it does not oxidize on exposure to wind and sun, thus, it does not turn yellow with time.

It has to be applied on a wax-free, clean, warm surface (e.g. under the sun) and after application, a 4-hour “curing” time under the sun is recommended for the polish to bond effectively with the paint.

Every product has its cons, and this best car wax is not an exception. The “curing” time makes its application a planned, elaborate affair as it needs to be under the sun for up to four hours.

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Meguiar is a big name in the wax production industry. The Meguiar range of products is popular for not just providing quality but also for being affordable. An added advantage is that it comes with its own applicator pad and a microfiber towel to get you started.

Easy to apply, the Meguiar Ultimate Liquid Wax boasts up to six months of glossy shine on your vehicle. Its application does not need any special conditions, rain or shine. It is formulated with synthetic polymers that enable it to bond even without heat, producing a mirror-like sheen after application.

The product is easy to apply and spreads smoothly. Another perk is that it does not give other surfaces like plastic the cloudy effect that some other products seem to have. This means that even if your hand slips onto the trimmings of the car during the application, you will not run the risk of ruining something.

Of course, it comes with water resistance and UV ray protection. Meguiar products are especially recommended for black cars, as they do not cause scoring and chipping on the paint and leave no streaks. Instead, you get a smooth, glossy, classic finish.

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A carnauba and synthetic wax blend, the Car Guys product come with this guarantee – “you only have to use it once a year!” That’s a very bold claim. However, reviewers haven’t had any contradictions to that statement so far, so keep your fingers crossed.

This durability is a great selling point of the product and is as a result of the nano-polymer compounds it was formulated with. The liquid form of this product makes it easily spreadable.

One of the best car wax products out there, its shine and protective qualities can only be surpassed by a few products. It gives a glossy finish that does not cloud over with time and protects against dirt, sun, wind and other environmental conditions that could affect the surface of the car. Their money-back guarantees on Amazon is a testament to their confidence in the durability and efficacy of their product.

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The Finish Kare synthetic wax was created by German technology in a process called “synthesis”. This is what gives it its extreme qualities: resistance to melting, a hard finish and gloss and resistance to tear and wear.

This hard wax is a powerhouse when it comes to car waxes. Its features are all formulated to last through the most extreme conditions. It gives the car’s bodywork a high heat-resistance of up to 250 degrees and hardness, protecting it against the harshest conditions. The heat of the sun and even acid rain are no match for the protective effect of this wax.

The Finish Kare comes in a wide tub that makes a collection with an applicator easy and is thick but very spreadable. After application, buff the car with a soft, microfibre cloth for best results. In a few minutes, the paint will harden and you are good to go.

This product is relatively inexpensive and is suitable for all sorts of automotive surfaces. It is one of the best wax products for the car.

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Why Should You Wax Your Car?

If you are yet to be convinced that waxing is an important part of your car’s maintenance routine, here are a few reasons why you should give it serious consideration:

  1. Waxing serves as an extra layer of protection on your car’s paint, insulating it from external factors that would fade it. As the paint is the most exposed part of the car, it gets the most punishment from environmental factors, and once these factors overwhelm your car’s paint, it starts to affect the body of your car itself, causing rust in the metal body works and breaking for plastics.
  2. It extends the shine, beauty, and newness of your car paint, saving you from an essential paint job every few years. With that, while your paint makes your car look presentable (to say the least), the best car waxes make such impressions last.

What Are Car Waxes Made Of?

Considering what you may be thinking right now, it’s not fun to mess with things you don’t understand. Car waxes in the barest sense are chemicals, and the word “chemicals” doesn’t exactly sound safe in layman cognitive terms.

So, what are car waxes really made of?

Most importantly, won’t the ingredients used for manufacturing waxes have side effects?

Let’s find out!

Firstly, you need to understand that there are clear differences between car waxes and car polishes.

What’s the difference between car wax and car polish?

Car polish is a product that is used with an abrasive action to flatten the top coat protection of your car’s body. This ensures equal reflections of light throughout your car, hence, a polished look varying in different degrees of abrasiveness as featured by the product brand itself.

Car waxes on the other hand as explained previously, are applied in your car to protect the paint job from compromise and giving it a shiny feel while at it. So, while they both provide similar ends, their means of getting there quite differ.

The most common ingredient combination in traditional waxes includes carnauba waxes, mixed with natural oils, petroleum distillates occasionally, and other wax types – especially beeswax. Other combinations including similar ingredients like resins and special polymers are used to make the most recent brands or include more features to the product as car wax hardeners and shine enhancers.

Carnauba Wax:

Classified under vegetable waxes, Carnauba wax is gotten from the leaves of a palm tree native to Northern Brazilian states. They are also called the queen of waxes and their most common uses are found in car waxes. Other applications include cosmetic products, furniture waxes, floor waxes, shoe polishes especially in saltwater environments, and when combined with coconut out, it’s used for surfboard waxes.

Its’ vast use in different products is mostly owed to its shine, as well as hypoallergenic and emollient properties. Therefore, it’s technically impossible to have a decent car wax without this particular ingredient. And being from a natural source should support its’ reliability claim.

Bees Wax:

Obviously, this particular ingredient doesn’t require that much introduction, because you probably tasted it this morning. Gotten from bees, this edible ingredient also does a great job of providing a protective barrier for your car’s paint. With regards to the definition where waxes were explained as protective substances for your car’s surface areas, well, beeswax is responsible for that.

Then again, naturally occurring substance – another green light!

Synthetic Wax:

Synthetic waxes have a considerable edge over Carnauba waxes because they provide more durability but far less shine. They are made from rare plastics or silicone, depending on the manufacturer’s preference. So, instead of being used as a replacement, they are used together with other wax ingredient types while they compensate for their individual defects.

Natural Oils:

A major example of natural oils used in the production of car waxes is the linseed oil, which like the Carnauba wax, contributes sine to the functions of the car wax. With an additional contribution of luster and minimal protection supportive of the beeswax, natural oils are important to the manufacture of reliable car wax. (FYI) They are also used in car paint sealers.

Petroleum distillates:

These are derivatives of crude oils converted into solvents that ease the spreading of waxes during application. Therefore, while other ingredients focus on the strength and quality of the product, this one in particular to making the application as eco-friendly as possible because spreading wax is way harder than it sounds.

Polymers and Resins:

These substances also found in auto paint sealers simply increase the duration of protection offered by the car waxes. Technically, the average car wax duration is about 6 months – but with the addition of these ingredients, that’s likely to increase making it more economical.

Choosing The Right Car Wax

There are a thousand and one car waxes available for your car, hence the burden of making the right choice. It is understandable when confusion sets in as to which product to go for. This is why you need a guideline when choosing the product to get, and there are several important factors to consider:

Type of Wax Base:

The first wax type of products are carnauba-based waxes. Carnauba is produced by a species of palm trees dubbed “tree of life” palms, and make the leaves of the tree impervious to water. This singular quality makes them perfect for wax products. Carnauba-based products are incorporated with petroleum distillates and naphtha because they are naturally hard when dry.

On the other hand, synthetic sealants tend to come in greater quantities than carnauba waxes but have the same function. When the right synthetic product is chosen, it is every bit as effective as wax-based sealants.

Ease of Application:

In addition to that, car waxes can come in spray, paste, running compound or liquid forms. You should make your choice based on what would be most convenient for you. It would be rather tedious to use a car wax that requires ten steps and dance before usage. Choose a car wax that is easily applied and can be applied at home, with ease.

Features of the Car Wax:

Some car waxes create beading with water and so are best used on a dry surface. A standard wax product should have UV protection to serve against sunlight fading the car’s paint. You should know the unique features of the car wax you are to choose and make your choice based on your desired preferences.

The protection your desired car wax offers should extend to water resistance. This ensures that when it rains or when the car splashes into the water, the car’s exterior keeps looking as good as new. This will also make sure that it does not just wash off when the car is washed-instead it should make the car shine.

Type of Car:

Even though some waxes are multipurpose, there are definitely some better suited for black cars, some for white and some for colored cars. It would not do to get the wrong kind of wax and further damage your car’s paintwork. Therefore, always ask for specifications before choosing the wax to use. Our reviews below will also serve to guide you on what kind of wax products would do justice to your treasured ride.


Consider the cost of the wax to be bought, as it should be commiserating with the quality. It is not necessary to get an expensive wax product just because it sounds like they do more; there is always a cheaper yet more effective alternative. For cost-effectiveness, you should get a good quantity of car wax for the price offered. The wax should also be good for several applications to get value for your money.

How To Use Car Wax

If you love DIY activities and you want to take on this one by yourself, this guide should put you through on it. However, before you get into that, it’s always best to have professionals do it. If that’s not good enough for you, try some YouTube videos or see a professional and have him/her do it in your presence. That works as a huge confidence booster which I have learned from personal experience.

It is important that you adhere to certain preparations before giving your car a coat of wax. This prep provides a clean surface for you to work on and maximizes the shine. Therefore, you should

Clean the surface of your car thoroughly:

Since the wax is supposed to protect your car’s paint job from damage, it’s just common logic to make sure that the car itself is free of compromising materials before applying the wax on it. I would advise you to thoroughly wash it, scrape off mud, bird droppings and dirt and have it dried like you normally would after a wash before applying the wax.

This alone could increase the degree of protection offered by the way as well as increase the quality duration on your car.

Have a good plan:

Before waxing your car, you should determine the method of application that would be most convenient for you.

Hand waxing involves using an applicator like a micro-fiber towel to buff the car by hand, using circular motions. With hand waxing, you can reach the desired areas of the car’s bodywork, even though it can be rather tasking and time-consuming.

Electric buffing is less time consuming and less labor-intensive. It involves using an electric buffing tool with a buffing pad attachment to cover the surface of the car in sections, giving the effect you need.

Between these two methods, one provides ease of use, while the other is more efficient – you know which. However, here’s an even better option. Use both methods. Use your hands on all areas of the car like you would with the hand waxing method, and then finish it off with the electronic buffing to make it more efficient.

Your car should make heads turn when you pull up. It is an investment and should be treated with care. Go beyond giving it a wash from time to time and pamper it with a total waxing. You will appreciate the beautiful finish and your car will love you for it.

Also, you need to understand that you might not get the desired results if not properly applied. Therefore, we recommend that you let a professional handle the waxing, or have a professional supervise you once or twice before you fully go into DIY mode.

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