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If you’re reading this, you’re probably are like many other artisans that strive for the highest level of quality in their work and you’ll agree that the best bench grinder is an important part of your workshop of products.

Since bench grinders are this important, you will also agree that there are many difficulties encountered when working in the workshop.

The lack of the right tools or products is a major issue that can make your work even harder and this is one of the many reasons you need to purchase the a bench grinder that would suit your needs.

Bench grinders are power tools equipped with a spindle, grinding wheels, and a powerful motor used for adding a smooth finish, grinding off rust or sharpening tools.

Grinding tools usually measure between 6 and 8 inches in size and most recently, grinders come with dual grinding wheels with one made for coarse grinding and the other made for fine grinding.

Best Bench Grinder Buying Guide

Strength of the motor

One factor you should never forget to consider is the motor speed and revolutions per minute it can produce. Different models have different grinders and you should look out for one that can produce an rpm of at least 3500

Type of guard that it has

The job of a guard is to shield the grinders on the tool and it protects the hands of the user from the spinning wheel. A guard should also be easily removable or adjustable when you need to create space for your work.

Features that reduce vibration

It’s good to consider how much vibrations that’ll be gotten when using your bench grinder. The anti-vibration features that are deployed in a bench grinder are the features that’ll help reduce the vibrations to a possible minimum. It could be either a cast-iron feet, rubberized base or even wheels.

Spark shield

Quite a number of bench grinders these days have features that help protects users of the bench grinder against sparks and debris coming from the grinding wheels. Some manufacturers include safety goggles in the package while other units come with guards that keep the sparks away from your face and closer to the grinder. See more safety precautions here when using a bench grinder.

Years of warranty

You should make sure you’re aware of the cover the warranty offers. You might get a bench grinder whose warranty covers both the motor and grinders while another warranty might cover just the motor. Whatever it is, the warranty should last for at least a year.

Built-in lamp

A bench grinder should come with a light that helps you illuminate your work area in dark areas or at night.


We all know that cheap doesn’t always mean low quality, so don’t overlook some of the somewhat cheap bench grinders that you’ll come across.

Product Quick Compare

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Our #1 position goes to Dewalt DW756 which is an excellent 6-inch grinder with tremendous power and can be used at home and in a workshop.

When a bench grinder has a power rating of 5/8 HP while others have average power rating of about 1/4 HP, does not slow down when at work and pressure is applied,  runs quiet and smooth.

The Dewalt DW756 possesses high quality and sturdy wheel guards that are easy to clean and maintain and it would interest you to know that it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

It has the ability to perform as a commercial bench grinder and also at home and like many other Dewalt products, the DW756 comes in the traditional Dewalt yellow color.

This grinder features dual 6- inch grinding wheels that are driven by the same powerful induction motor.  Between the dual wheels is 12.5 inches of variable distance, which makes it possible to grind larger and longer projects all without any hindrance.

The Dewalt DW756 is very easy to maintain and clean and it is compatible with many accessories that can be purchased separately to make this bench grinder a powerful tool in your home or workshop.

Grinders with the same quality as DW756 usually costs much more but you get this performance and power at an affordable price tag. Dewalt DW756 is one of the best utility bench grinders on the market and is worth anyone’s consideration.

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As a craftsman, you’ll agree that Craftsman is a well-known brand in the industry. They’re known to produce wonderful and professional grade tools and the Craftsman 9-21154 bench grinder isn’t an exception.

With a sturdy design, it features a very important water cooling tray that comes in handy when the machine is been used to sharpen tools. The Craftsman 9-21154 can work at variable speeds with its control between 2000 and 3400 rpm making it applicable to different grinding applications.

It has a very vital work light, a wheel dressing tool and an oversized spark guards that make working on your project very easy.

This bench grinder has a 1/5 horsepower motor, an adjustable 6-inch grinding center and it also features a variable speed control.

Despite all these , the Craftsman 6 inch bench grinder does not take safety for granted. Hence it comes with safety features such as sturdy spark guards, over sized cast iron base, and wide clear eye shields.

In terms of pricing , this bench grinder comes affordable despite its numerous qualities and extra features. It also comes with attachments such as stone cleaner tool, adjustable shields, and the sharpening guide. For those who want a grinder that can perform common grinding jobs and runs smoothly and quietly, then this is one model you should consider. Learn more about how to use a bench grinder correctly here with our full guide, in case you’re a bit of a beginner. It’s super easy though! 

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The Metabo DS 200 8-Inch is one equipment that ranks among the best bench grinders for the fact that it is fiercely constructed and built with a strong single phase motor.

No matter the task, it can comfortably be used for heavy-duty grinding projects with the medium and coarse grinding wheels performing smoothly. Although it is not on the quiet end of bench grinders, it definitely does its work quite well despite its small size.

It has a 3570 rpm motor, a 1-inch Arbor and it does not require frequent maintenance unlike some bench grinders because its motor produces less sound and vibrations. Despite the fact that it comes with two grinding wheels, it also comes with a bayonet lock that allows for easy changing of the wheels. There’s also an aluminum die-cast in each wheel that helps to keep the wheels firm and in position.

Although you might initially worry that the bearings might get damaged, but over time you’ll have no reason to worry because the bearings are of top quality.

Although it’s a bit heavy, its weight is more of an advantage because it reduces the vibrations while it’s in use compared to other products. That’s why it is a real pleasure using it no matter what it is you’re doing. Despite that, the tool rests and protective shield are small, they are also reasonably durable. This is a compact, heavy-duty and dependable bench grinder which performs smoothly. It is more expensive than its pairs but sincerely, it is worth the investment.p

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Our Second choice 8-inch bench grinder is Delta 23-197 which is designed and equipped to support variable speeds ranging from 2000 to 3400 rpm

This bench grinder features tool rests that is perfect for sharpening drill bits due to the slot milled on them. This variable speed feature ensures you can buff, polish, grind and even sharpen. This unit is well recommended mainly because of its slow variable speed capability which becomes vital when you need to sharpen lathe tools.

It has wheels that are fine for sharpening and grinding and the grinder works well for whatever it is used for. This piece of equipment is built to perform specific needs and will need to be adjusted to ensure wheels don’t wobble.

With the way it is built, it will sit snugly on a work bench without bolts or clamps and you will not have to worry about it falling off while it’s in use.

This Grinder comes with a built-in work light with a simple power switch that ensures needed visibility whenever you work in dark areas or at night.

The tool rests work to relieve the grinding wheels of some pressure and help the user easily adjust the angles to which the wheels touch the object. All these in a bid to provide a smoother finish. As one of the versatile bench grinders with variable speed, the Delta 23-197 deserves to be on the list of the best bench grinders.

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The JET 577102 JBG-8A is an 8-inch heavy-duty bench grinder that’s suitable for industrial projects. It’s the ideal choice for those looking for a powerhouse when it comes to varying features.

The JET 577102 JBG-8A comes with 8-inch wheels that help to avoid problems that have to do with interference anytime you’re grinding a large piece of item. It also has a 1 HP motor thus making it better than so many other bench grinders.

The JET 577102 JBG-8A is a lightweight bench grinder weighing just 25 kg but do not let that fool you, it is capable of handling intense projects effectively. It comes with adjustable tool rests that improves the overall safety of the bench grinder and by extension you the user much more control over your instruments to ensure a consistent and precise workstation.

Each wheel on the The JET 577102 JBG-8A has guards made from cast iron and the clear eye shields that sit atop each wheel enables you to get closer to the wheels knowing fully well your eyes are protected while working. There is also a dust vent at the back that forces debris produced as a result of grinding to the back of the grinder.

It features sealed and pre-lubricated ball bearings that make it possible for its grinder to last way longer than other bench grinders. It comes with add-ons like the quick adjustable eye shields and the cast iron wheel guards that are ideal for different applications. It also has a rubber mount that ensures reduced vibration.

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If what you’re looking for is a bench grinder that has high quality and still comes in as affordable then you have found the WEN 4276 6 inch bench grinder. The motor of this bench grinder runs very smoothly, quietly and you’ll discover that it does not stall out anytime extra pressure is expended against it.

It features a 2.1 amp motor and runs a speed of 3450 rpm. This power is high enough to perform light duty tasks.

It boasts a smooth and quiet motor that starts to the highest speed very quickly and maintains a steady speed. Its base is made of a solid iron cast that ensures stability when you’re working. It has a rubber foot that holds it securely in place. This is definitely a very good and affordable grinder. This WEN 4276 6-inch is capable of doing justice to all basic sharpening and shaping projects you need it for with its 2.1 amp motor.

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Sunex is well known for the quality power tools that they have been manufacturing since 1977. Like many of their products, the Sunex 5002A has upheld the Sunex trademark high standards. One of the cheapest grinders in its range, the Sunex 5002A Bench grinder is the perfect bench grinder for those on a budget because it costs way less than much more.

It has two grinding wheels, one with a pretty coarse 36 grit that easily grinds and Sands down materials fast while the second wheel has a 60 grit surface and is well suited for light sanding.

The rugged cast iron base of the Sunex 5002A accounts for most of its stability and by extension means you’ll have a steady hand while you sharpen your tools. Weighing about 36 lbs, this is more of the perfect stationary workshop machine than a portable bench grinder.

It is a heavy duty 8-inch grinder with a 3/4 HP motor and runs at 3,450 rpm. It works well for sharpening tools or lawn mower blades and it runs smooth with little or no noise or vibration. Although it is highly recommended that this  grinder is bolted down, it can be used without being anchored down.

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The Porter-Cable PCB525BG is also a very powerful bench grinder that comes with 5.0 Amp ball-bearing induction motor and delivers variable wheel speeds ranging from 2000 and 3400 rpm. This variable speed allows you choose the speed you need for your project so as to increase productivity in sharpening, grinding and shaping.

The adjustable work lamp helps to keep your work environment lit so that you can easily see whatever it is you are doing clearly and the adjustable aluminum tool rests comes with a groove that ensures easy drill bit sharpening.

Weighing about 39.87 lbs, this bench grinder, and its variable speed is ideal for sharpening, shaping, grinding and surface preparation of different materials including drill bits, lawn mower blades, knives and even garden tools

As soon as it is set, the platforms will hold their settings and that’s because the grinder doesn’t vibrate excessively out of place after adjusting the flanges to correct any wheel wobbling. Overall, this is a lovely piece of equipment because it has most features you want in a bench grinder despite the fact that it is on the cheap/affordable end. It creates an impressive first impression because it has a very good build quality.

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This Dewalt DW758 bench grinder is instantly recognizable on the workbench thanks to its yellow paint. It’s durability, usability, versatility, and reliability speaks volumes once you turn on the motor.

The Dewalt DW758 8-Inch Bench grinder is a worthwhile upgrade from the DEWALT DW756. Its 8-inch wheels protract beyond the motor housing meaning there’s enough room to maneuver your tools when sharpening, polishing or grinding large, long or odd shaped pieces.

It’s a good thing to enjoy your work and he 8-inch wheels and the dual rear exhaust ports make your work enjoyable. There’s a 12.5 inches clearance distance between the wheel and this allows the grinder to be used for longer and larger projects.

One special hallmark of the Dewalt DW758 is that its 3/4 HP motor was designed and engineered to the highest qualities you’ll find. This gives the user reason to leverage this power tool for a very long time as far as it gets properly maintained and taken care of. It comes with the Dewalt 3 year limited warranty that covers defects due to faulty materials or construction. Like many other bench grinders, it has a spark deflector, eye shields, and 36 & 60 grit wheels. It’s there for all to see, this is one of the best you’ll find on the market.

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Grizzly, known for manufacturing industrial grade tools have surprised the market with this budget-friendly bench grinder. The G9717 comes with a1/3 HP motor that runs at about 3450 rpm.

Its motor starts up to the highest speed very fast and runs smoothly enough such that it can be used for a long period. Its dual-purpose design makes it possible for you to use 3/4 inch or 1/2 inch wide wheels. It has oversized safety shields that make sure your eyes are safe from sparks

The motor used in the Grizzly G9717 is a single phase industrial-duty and has bearings that are factory sealed meaning it does not require any lubrication even for the lifetime of the bench grinder. It features two 6″ aluminum oxide grinding wheels with one being 30 grit and 60 grit.

Apart from the 6″ wheels having different grits, this bench grinder also has an easy-to-use on and off switch. It features tool rests that supports your tools while you work. The grinder base includes two holes that allow you mount the bench grinder to the workbench to improve your grinding experience. If you’re on a low budget and you need a grinder for home and DIY purposes then the Grizzly G9717 is one grinder you should take a good look at.

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Types of Bench Grinders

There are different types of bench grinders and they come in varying sizes and configurations. Bench grinders with wheels 6 and 8 inches are among the most common but most people will find the 6-inch wheel grinders adequate for their projects.

However, the 8-inch bench grinder will work perfectly for those who need it for heavy-duty or industrial applications. One hallmark of the 8-inch wheels is that it most likely has a longer lifespan and faster surface speeds. Despite the fact that the motor turns at the same speed, the wheels with a bigger diameter allow the outer side of a wheel move faster meaning it grinds even faster.

Knowing what to look for before investing in a bench grinder is important so we’ll take a break look at the different types of bench grinders that are available for you to know which one will suit your needs. Find cheaper bench grinders here if you’re on a bit of a budget. 


Another thing to look out for in the best bench grinders are portability and how they can be easily moved from place to place. They are bolted to the bench and used to grind down metals easily and safely.


Although similar to the traditional models, the pedestal bench grinders are mounted on a pedestal or stand which is then fastened to the floor. They are definitely not portable but they make up for that in terms of stability and extra durability.


Industrial bench grinders work just like the remaining two types but essentially, they’re constructed and designed to perform heavy-duty grinding. They’re sturdier, larger and will mostly be used for industrial purposes.

Uses of a bench grinder

The grinding wheels of some of the best bench grinders rotate at very high speeds and utilize the friction from the rotation to grind away materials. This rotary motion is what allows you get uniform tool sharpening effects on your materials.

Apart from this, the grinding wheel is used by lots of artisans to shape metals or other materials for other purposes.

Final Verdict

If this comprehensive article, we’ve curated a list of the bench grinders on the market for you. These great grinders will definitely be a great addition to your garage or workshop. It’s important to know that all these bench grinders have their own strengths and weaknesses, which are why you’ll need to choose which model, will serve your purpose best depending on your type. The good thing here is no matter what your budget is or what kind of model you want, there’s a bench grinder for you.

Finally, the quality of your work shines forth on the quality of the tools you use so choose the best bench grinder for you wisely.

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