8 Best Ice Augers For This Winter Season (2019)

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Winter has a tendency to freeze bodies of water and burying things underneath. Therefore, fishing in a lake in such conditions can only be done using the best ice auger. If you are considering buying an electric ice auger, your priority should be getting the best quality.

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This new ION cast bottom ice auger design has made the product smoother. The product no longer produces jagged holes. You will also not experience any worn frayed line or lost fish with this ION ice auger.

ION 25280 has a centering ring that will make it easy for you to drill. It will also keep the blades perfectly in their cutting position. This ION has a straight-through blade design that will remove any catch at the breakthrough.

Hence, you will not have any jarring yanks or stops. The single aluminum piece at the bottom also ensures that you get a consistent edge engagement when using the product. This product will make the process of re-drilling old holes and dirty ice easy.

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Landworks is known as one of the leading brands in the high-end electric ice augers industry. After all, the innovative nature of the Landworks Company is what has regarded it unbeatable over the years. Also, the product has been performing exceptionally throughout the several years it has been in the market.

Besides, the high price of the product is worth the many years that it will serve you exceptionally. Especially, this Landworks ice auger will work like a charm.  The 48 Volts electric machine will help you get the job finished in just a few minutes.

This is because it has several features that will serve you well. First, the Eco-Friendly machine is very quiet. This electric ice auger possesses a quiet motor that will offer you the freedom of drilling every hole you want without making a noise. Hence, you will not scar your fish away.

Second, the product provides maximum safety. Landworks has designed this cordless ice auger so that it can be safe for you. It has an overload protector that will prevent the powerhead from overheating.

Also, the handles are widely spaced so that they can help you improve your comfort and balance when you drill. Third, Landworks is ecofriendly. You will not use any oil or gas when using this ice auger. The power is strong enough to power Landworks without producing any fumes.

Forth, the performance of the ice auger is very impressive. For starters, a high efficient 3 planetary Gear Mechanism is featured on the powerhead that increases its efficiency. Also, the motor is brushless to ensure that the digging process is very easy for you.

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Nils is a company that prides itself on producing the best ice augers in Finland. This Master UR600C is their best ice auger for cordless drill. It provides versatility since you can attach it to a cordless drill or use it with your hand.

Besides, the product has blades that are sharp enough to cut through the lake ice without difficulty. It is also equipped with a cutting head that is made of chrome-plated steel. This allows the product to work without putting pressure on the bottom.

Also, the device will drill properly with minimal pressure when used as a hand ice auger. Master UR600C is very powerful as well as fast as an electric drill as well. It can drill holes that are up to 6 inches in diameter allowing you to catch small to medium fish.

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Hand ice augers are still products that are useful in the drilling industry. After all, manual products become the go-to products when everything else fails. The Strike master hand ice auger will give you an amazing as well as a reliable manual ice drilling experience.

It has chrome alloy stainless steel blades that will give you smooth and efficient cutting in the thickest ice. The paint on the product is powder-coated. This ensures that there is no build-up of ice even if you are drilling in the coldest conditions.

Also, the handles have a soft rubber grip that will give you a firm hold on the product. Besides, using this product will not feel like work even though you will be using your hands. It is even difficult to break a sweat when using the Strike hand auger.

Another great feature of the product is the ergonomically designed handle system. This system will allow you to adjust the ice auger from 48 inches to 57 inches. Hence, the Strike Master ice auger is one precise product.

Additionally, the product comes with a blade guard that you can use when you are not using the ice auger. However, if you select an ice auger with a large size, it will be difficult to use. Hence, select a manageable size if you’re going out on the lake. 

Strike master is also not the strongest auger in the market. Nevertheless, it is affordable and it will cut through the type of thick ice that the other hand ice augers will not. Its 200 RPM torque will cut through 15-inch ice in 60 seconds.

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If you have been looking for an ice auger that is also high quality, then go no further than the ION-29250. Also, if what you want from your ice auger is precision and power, then this is the best option for you.

This new ION brand is an option that will not let you down. Besides, it has additional features that are not found in the old ION ice auger versions. For instance, the product has an innovative cast bottom.

This is one of the most outstanding features of this product because it has been designed to help you drill holes more smoothly. Also, the design on the ice auger gives it more accuracy when drilling on ice.

ION-29250 also has a design that offers an appealing appearance. From the handlebars that have been redesigned to the powerhead, everything on this product looks amazing. The powerhead is both compact and sleek to enable you to drill even in the tightest spaces.

Another great feature on the ION-29250 is its stellar performance. This product has a lot to offer in terms of efficiency. For instance, the blades are very strong and precise when cutting and the battery is a 40v 5 amp-hour XC5 accessory.

This means that the product will give you sufficient power for drilling ice of about 1600 inches within one charge. This is also a sixty percent increase in capacity than the original model. Also, the product has a planetary gear transmission that is the same as ION’s first electric drill.

ION-29250 has an Aluminum cast bottom that also helps to make the process of drilling and redrilling holes smooth. The redesigned handlebars are closer to the powerhead to make drilling next to walls easier as well.

Lastly, the two LED lights on ION-29250 are installed under the powerhead. These two will give you enough light to finish any drilling activities you have in the dark. Thus, if you like to fish under a shelter, this product will be great for you.

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Many features make this Landworks Earth Ice auger amazing. For starters, the product is very efficient. The powerhead has a 3 planetary Gear Mechanism that increases the efficiency of transmission.

Also, the motor is brushless and it will make your digging process more efficient and smooth. Besides, the product is only 15 pounds. Second, Landworks is eco-friendly. Since the product is powered by a battery, it does not require any gasoline to operate.

Hence, it does not produce smog when digging. The product also is quiet. Third, the device is very safe. The ice auger has an overload protector that will prevent the powerhead from overheating. Also, the handles are widely spaced to ensure that you have balance when you are operating the drill.

Lastly, the product utilizes a 2 amp-hour lithium-ion battery. A charger is also included in the package. If you want a 4 amp hour battery you can purchase that as well. Overall, this is a cutting edge product that will drill through any obstacles, especially a frozen lake. 

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This is another great ION ice auger option if what you want is a machine that will give you top-quality performance. The ION 19150 leaves up to the reputation of ION products. It has awesome features and it is affordable. Besides, the product is very durable and it will last for many years.

One of its best features is its ease of use. This pioneer ice auger does not have a complicated system to use when compared to more recent models. Also, the ice auger will not cause any mess since you will not be required to use gas or oil.

Since you will experience no spills, your car and clothes will remain clean when you use the product. The second feature on the ION 19150 that you will love is its solid performance. ION 19150 has an incredible performance as a result of its strong blades.

These blades are placed such that they will let you drill in a smooth fashion. Besides, the ice auger also has a ring at the center that meters the depth of each cut you make. Also, this product can drill holes that are up to 8 inches wide and 34 inches deep.

ION 19150 has a Slush Flushing Reverse. This will prevent you from engaging in the hassle of scooping slush from your drilled hole. All you have to do is press the backwards button. All the slush that is present in the hole will be removed.

Lastly, the product has an amazing handle. It is widely spaced and it will allow you to balance your tool properly. Also, this design is helpful when drilling surfaces that require significant pressure to be exerted. The handle also has a trigger button that will make working with the ice auger easy.

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RAZR might be a fairly new company but let it not fool you into believing they lack expertise. This is especially true when you consider the electric ice augers that they produce. Besides, the RAZR electric ice auger is very budget-friendly.

Hence, they make it possible for anyone to own an electric ice auger. Also, the features that the product carries are perfect for ice fishing in a lake. For starters, RAZR will offer you stellar performance. It has a 24 v amp-hour lithium-ion battery.

This capacity can drill at least 1500 inches of ice when it is charged fully. Therefore, the performance is almost similar to that of an ION electric ice auger. RAZR also has an ergonomic design that is very sleek and elegant.

Additionally, the handle is designed so that it can be comfortable in your hands. You will, therefore, make holes easily without causing much pressure on your arms. RAZR also offers smooth cutting.

This is a result of the transmission from the die-cast aluminum. Together with the two identical stainless steel curved blades, RAZR will do a good job of drilling holes. Also, you can use the product to drill a hole of 15 inches in about 20 seconds.

RAZR cutting technology is considered to be one of the best in the industry. Also, RAZR has a very bright LED light that will help you fish in the dark or under a shelter. The light can easily be switched on and off as well.

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Ice Augers Buying Guide

So, what should you be looking for when you go to buy your new ice auger? This is a list of the most important features that you should consider. The list will help you narrow down your choice to an ice auger that will fit your needs.


The ice auger sizes that are available in the market include 4.5, 6, 8, and 10 inches. Hence, select a size depending on the size of the fish that you want to target. If you want a versatile size you can go for the 8-inch blade.

However, if you want to target a panfish, then a 6 inch or a 4.5-inch size will be sufficient. Besides, blades that are 10 inches wide drill holes that are big in sizes enough to drag a large fish like a trout. Also, the length of the ice auger should be long enough to drill through the layers of ice.

Also, selecting an ice auger that can be adjusted is the best possible option. Such an ice auger will allow you to adjust the device to the thickness of the ice as well as your height.


The quality, as well as the durability of the blades of the best ice auger, are vital factors to consider. Select blades that are strong enough to withstand the tear and wear that happens as a result of cutting through ice.

There are also two types of blades to select from: chipper blades and shaving blades. Shaving blades melt through ice precisely and quickly because of their smooth and razor-sharp cutting edges.

On the other hand, chipper blades chew through ice quickly due to their sharp and serrated teeth. Nevertheless, the more the blades on an ice auger the faster the drilling speed the product will possess. 


The weight of the ice auger is a significant factor to consider as well. Lightweight ice augers will be ideal if you plan to walk long distances to get to your fishing post at your lake. Therefore, you can select a hand ice auger since they are the lightest.

An electric ice auger is also lighter than a gas-powered auger but it is slightly heavier than a hand ice auger. Besides, a lighter ice auger is easier to use. It also places less pressure on your wrists.


Ensure you select an ice auger that is long enough to cut through the layers of ice. Also, consider your height when selecting an ice auger to make the process more comfortable for you. However, the best ice augers are those that have adjustable height knobs as well as an extension. These features will let you adjust the ice auger to your preference as well as the thickness of the ice.


For you to drill through the ice, you need very sharp blades. Hence, if you select the best ice auger in the market, you will have blades that are very sharp straight from the box. These blades should also be easy to sharpen and replace. Good blades will need sharpening after at least 2 years.

Ease of use

Any machine that you buy should be easy to use for the size. Therefore, you should start and operate your ice auger without any complications. Also, ensure that the option of ice auger you select can remain stable on the surface when drilling. Besides, the handles should be ergonomic to make it easy for you to control.


Your ice auger should be easy to carry. Nevertheless, do not look at the portability of the product and forget the safety as well as the thickness of the ice you will be drilling. All these are factors that should determine how portable your product should be.

Also, you can consider the frequency with which you will be transporting the ice auger. Besides, the portability of the ice auger will also determine how easily you will carry it from one hole to the next.


The best ice auger will offer you other accessories such as a blade guard for maintaining safety when the product is not in use. Also, you can get an extension in sizes that will help you adjust the height of the ice auger. One other accessory that is commonly provided is a cover for the powerhead.

Types of Ice Augers

There are different types of ice augers in the market. They include hand ice augers, gas-powered ice augers, propane ice augers, and battery-powered electric ice augers. In the olden days, there were only two ice auger options.

People had to choose between the heavy, noisy, and gas-powered ice augers or the lightweight and very difficult to handle hand ice augers. However, once the lithium-ion batteries were introduced, electric ice augers became popular.

These electric ice augers are becoming more and more appealing.

So why electric ice augers?

There is still a place for the gas-powered ice augers and the hand ice augers in the market. However, electric ice augers have many more advantages.


Electric augers are known to be very quiet especially when compared to the propane-powered and noisy gas ice augers. The brushless electric motors on these products will let you drill many holes without scaring the fish off.

Instant Start

Flooding your ice auger can be a very painful experience. Propane and gas-powered ice augers have problems that include fuel and oil leaks, flooded engines, dirty spark plugs, and gummed up carburetors.

On the other hand, electric battery powered ice augers do not experience these problems. Once you flip the switch you will have access to instant power. Besides, you no longer have to pull at cords trying to get the ice auger to start.


The best electric ice augers do not produce the fumes that are commonly produced by gas-powered ice augers. Hence, you can use these products inside your shelter or hut without worrying about inhaling toxic fumes.

Power on demand

The new lithium-ion batteries used for the electric ice augers do not lose their power as they discharge. What this means is that you will have an ice auger working at full power until all the battery power is drained.

Besides, these products have a display that indicates your battery use as well as the percentage remaining. Also, you will not have to leave the engine in idle when moving around from hole to hole to prevent you from hurting your hands and wrists.


One of the features that accompany modern ice fishing is mobility. As a result, the modern electric ice augers are lighter than the gas-powered ice augers. This is why the heaviest electric ice auger weighs about 22 pounds.

No fuel

The electric ice augers eliminate the need to mix your oil or gas for a gas ice auger. After all, gas has a smell, it is dirty, and it can spill everywhere. Additionally, gas is added weight you require to carry when you go fishing. With the electric ice auger, none of these conditions will apply.

High drilling capacity

Contrary to popular belief, battery-powered ice augers possess the necessary power to drill several holes. This power is also enough to drill deep into the ice. For instance, the modern electric ice augers can drip about 1600 holes on ten-inch deep ice.

Other features

The constant innovation of electric ice augers has further led to the introduction of additional features that make drilling easy. For instance, these products now have built-in LED lights that will help you to drill at night.

Hence, you no longer have carry torches, flashlights, or headlamps. Another added feature on these products is the back gear. This feature will allow you to push any slush under the ice leaving you with a completely clean hole and no obstructions.

Best ways to use Ice Augers

Here are some of the operation and maintenance tips that will help you keep your ice auger in shape.


If your blades are not in their best condition, drilling ice will take large amounts of time. Hence, ensure that you take care of your blades. For instance, do not drop the blades on the ice since it will ruin their edges as well as damage the head of the unit.

Also, always remember to replace the blade guards every time you finish using your ice auger. The guard will protect the blades from getting nicked up. This is something that can affect the performance of the blade.

Besides, not placing the guard on the blade is a safety hazard. You can also use the blade protector to cover the blades. Since the protector is specially created to custom fit your blade, it will offer you maximum protection.


The first thing that you should do is ensure that your ice auger is secure before you travel. You can even secure the ice augers in the car using elastic shock cords. There are products and accessories in the market that will help you to secure the product when traveling.

Besides, you can also get the heavy-duty bags or the hard plastic cases that will protect your ice augers from transportation in vehicles. The handles are also there to simplify transportation. Some bags have pouches that will hold items such as spare blades or an extra spark plug.


There are certain things that you should do before you start drilling holes. Inspect the blade screws and tighten them if they are lost. This will reduce any chance of injury or losing ice auger parts when drilling.

Also, check whether other parts such as the powerhead joint are connected tightly. Any loose blade will alter the pitch of your ice auger. Hence, it will not be efficient. When you start drilling, you should let the blades cut the ice.

Do not put too much pressure on the ice auger. Once complete, shake the ice off the blade and wipe any wetness then place the guard over the head. This will help you avoid getting your drill frozen in the ice.


For storing, you should hang the ice augers vertically. A horizontal position can make the drip portion of the ice auger warp. Also, you can buy the best mounts and stands to help you store your ice auger properly. You can even remove the drill from the rest of the ice auger so that the two parts cannot join together.

When reassembling the parts, put grease between the two drill parts to release them without causing damage.

Ice fishing is a wonderful sport that can be fun for anyone. Nevertheless, deciding on which ice auger to buy will offer you the best rewards. Therefore, ensure that you select wisely.

Thank you for reading with us today! Be sure to check out more helpful guides to choosing the right products online at ReviewsCube.



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