7 Best Football Helmet Replicas On The Market

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A football game is very intense and physical. Therefore, it requires the players to wear protective gear such as helmets. Apart from enhancing safety, helmets also give the players comfort as they give their best on the field. Failure to wear an appropriate helmet can lead to severe head injuries, and as we all know, prevention is certainly better than cure.

While football players must wear them for safety, some fans buy helmets as keepsakes. Most fans love to get their best-loved team names printed on them, and they get their favorite players to sign on their replica helmets. 

If you want to purchase a replica, there are lots of great helmets you can check out. Naturally, players will consider safety above everything else. They must be very thorough while browsing for the perfect helmet. 

Besides, they will consider durability as a significant factor in their helmet of choice. Considering the lifesaving benefits as well as avoidance of serious injury, here are 7 of the best football helmets on the market. 

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This product has replica designs of every current NFL team. It is one of the most popular helmets in the industry and is marked as a best seller on Amazon. In addition, the reasonably priced item makes it affordable to all buyers. 

However, it was not created for action on the field. It lacks the safety elements that are prerequisites to the prevention of serious injuries. This helmet is designed primarily for presentation purposes. It even comes with a shield to prevent you from wearing it. 

This helmet is designed to mirror the actual size, feel, and weight of the genuine product. However, buy it for the low price as well as to show pride and support for your favorite team. 

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This football helmet visor not only looks cool but also gives the player that extra boost of confidence needed on the field. It helps to protect the player’s eyes from the sun as well as giving him a little additional protection. 

The EliteTek is a superb visor that gives a player that extra advantage on the field. The colorful visor color is excellent for barring the sun’s rays from obstructing a player. This makes it possible for the player to see the ball clearly and effortlessly. Moreover, the visor is shattered and fog-proof and is strong enough to take a direct hit without obtaining a single scratch. 

It features a two-clip system that allows the wearer to quickly and easily wear or remove the helmet. 

For most players as well as fans, the look is the selling point. However, a player may not be allowed to go out and buy it without first checking with the league. Some leagues bar the use of colored visors during the regular play season. The clear ones are preferred. However, they may allow them during practice and perhaps, tournaments. 

If your league allows the use of a colored visor, you should strongly consider buying this one. It can help you gain an edge over your opponent out in the field. 

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A serious football memorabilia collector will love the Revolution Speed Mini Helmet. Being a collector’s item, your purpose for buying this helmet should be for ornamental use only. Moreover, this product is not gender-specific; hence, anyone can buy it. 

Owning one of these small helmets is the new super cool way to proudly display your team support. Some of the latest styles include helmets with white matte shells as well as silver decals and a silver facemask. 

The Riddell NFL helmet comes with interior padding and a 4-point chinstrap for better support. Its interior padding manifests the standards of the Speed Classic design, and it includes your team’s official colors as well as the emblem. It uses the special facemask that is worn by a majority of the star players. The helmet is moderately priced and can be used for autographs. The helmet is 5 inches, and one should not be tempted to assume it would fit a small child’s head. 

It is an excellent piece for your office with its beautiful design and it can turn out to be a great conversation starter. Your purchase is delivered in a clamshell clear retail box, and the team logo is a sticker, which is not taken very well by many buyers.

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Schutt Replica helmets are full-size helmets that feature the same details as the original one, as well as an on-field helmet. These replica ones do not include all interior padding or liners. However, they feature a metal faceguard and the bona fide chinstrap and jaw pads.

It looks just as good as the authentic ones, and fans can don it while attending games. It is well built, features a high finish as well as excellent graphics. However, without all the interior padding, it would not be wise to use it in the field for any sports activity. It is best purchased for decorative purposes only.

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This helmet has become a favorite with many football players, teams and fans. It uses the special order facemask that is worn by a majority of the big league players. It features the internal padding that is reflective of Speed Classic creation. 

It features a four-point chinstrap, and the helmet comes in a clamshell clear retail box. It is pocket-friendly, and reviews from customers who have purchased the product say that the Riddell mini helmet comes with superior detailing when compared to the regular mini helmet. 

It also makes a great display helmet for your home or office to show support for your team.

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The New Orleans Saints Replica helmet is the perfect gift for a New Orleans Saints fan. It is a great fit and can be used decoratively. You can display it on your shelf with your collection of Saints’ collectibles. 

The Riddell New Orleans plastic and uses the special order facemask that is worn by many of the star players who opt for this helmet. The Riddell New Orleans is an exceptional quality product with internal padding that reflects the Speed Classic design. It features a standard four-point chinstrap and is delivered in a clear clamshell retail box.

It also sells at a reasonable price and looks superb on display.

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This helmet comes with a plastic facemask and realistic interior foam padding. It also features a vinyl-leather chinstrap. It comes in size 1/4 scale versions of the regular NFL football helmets. The chrome helmets may not be uniform in appearance because of the creation process. Some of them may actually feature imperfections. 

It looks like the genuine Riddell Seattle Seahawks helmet and is of good quality with a sticker logo. This mini helmet comes at a reasonable price and is an excellent find for any Seahawk fan. It makes a great gift, especially for young fans who want to have a keepsake associated with their favorite team. 

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Football Helmet Buying Guide

Your football helmet must fit perfectly. The most crucial role of a helmet is to provide adequate safety for the player. You must ensure that your helmet meets the standards of the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). 

It is important to note that no helmet can offer an athlete absolute protection from injury. However, a good one will reduce the chances of severe injury. 

Here are some of the factors you must consider when shopping for your helmet:

The Shell

The shell is the helmet’s outer element. This element prevents any impact from being harmful to the wearer. A helmet’s external component is called the shell. This component acts as a barrier against impact.

The shell should be made of durable and robust material. It should also provide adequate ventilation for air to flow suitably to boost heat management as well as comfort. Some varieties of helmets that help in making your helmet pads fit snugly to the shape of your head, giving you a perfectly customized fit.

The Padding

You can opt for inflatable padding or pre-sized. In addition, you can choose either thinner or thicker pads to have a better fit. Inflatable padding should come with the appropriate pump for use. 

Ascertain no space exists in between the temple and helmet, as well as between the jaw and the helmet. A perfectly fitted helmet should not move when you wear it. 


The best foam does not require compression time. Thermoplastic foam is a good example. In addition, it takes in most of the shock upon impact. Vinyl Nitrile foam is also great for effectively absorbing shock.

The Facemask

A football facemask is usually made of carbon or stainless steel. These materials offer durable but lightweight protection. You can buy your helmet with or without a facemask. A good facemask is one that goes perfectly with your helmet.

There are varieties of facemasks to protect different areas of the face, as shown below:

  • Oral Protection Only: It is excellent for defensive backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. It has a clear field of vision.
  • Jaw and Oral: It is best suited for tight ends and running backs. It offers additional protection from hits and blocks.
  • Nose and Oral: This one offers protection for running backs and receivers. It also provides a clear field of vision. 
  • Nose, Jaw, and Oral: Linemen are open to frequent hard hits. This facemask offers the perfect protection for them. 
  • Eyeglass and Oral: this one is great for players such as linemen who must experience hard contact during play. 

You can access facemasks that have a quick-release feature for ease of access when a player suffers an injury. 


Football helmets have a few accessories that provide extra protection and comfort. They include:

  • Chin Straps: These are attached directly to your helmet. They come in soft and hard styles and give the player a cozy, protective fit. 
  • Mouthguards: They protect your mouth and teeth from damage when you are engaged in rough play. 
  • Visors: They are optional, but they help to give extra protection for your eyes without interfering with your vision. They must be compatible with your facemask. Some leagues do not allow them; hence, you must check with yours

Try some of these accessory options out!

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Fitting Your Helmet 

Your football helmet must be a perfect fit. A fitting is, therefore, inevitable. Have someone measure your head. The best way is to have them wrap some measuring tape above your eyebrows and around your head. This is where the helmet lies. 

Record those measurements and check them against the size chart on the product page. Remember to include an appropriate pump if you opt for inflatable pads, as you must pump air into the specified areas. 

If the helmet comes with transposable pads, you can replace the thinner ones with thicker alternatives for a snug, secure fit. 

Your helmet should rest an inch above your eyebrows. Test to see if you feel pressure on the crown of your head using your hands to press down on the helmet. There should be no pressure on the brow. 

When you move the helmet up and down, and from left to right, all movements should be fluid. There should be no twisting or pushing of the skin or your forehead against the pads. 

Sports buffs buy helmets for different purposes. Some for display and some for necessity. Helmet manufacturers today cater to both the aesthetically inclined helmet buyer and the serious player. You must buy the right helmet for the right purpose. The final decision lies with you because, ultimately, you must have a fitting to determine the one that works best for you. If you are buying a helmet for swag, or the field, you must do due diligence before purchase.

Moreover, your choice will depend on the position you play because as we saw above, different helmets protect differently. If you are the type that prefers to spectate rather than play, do not fret! The elegant display helmets have your back, and can make great conversation starters and icebreakers!

Thank you for reading with us today! Be sure to check out more helpful guides to choosing the right products online at ReviewsCube.


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