6 Best Mini Midi Keyboard In 2019 (Review Guide)

Your Next Mini Midi Keyboard 

You must agree with me that producing music in the 21st Century is easy. You would ask why. Well, technological advancement has a lot to do with it. Many music technologies have revolutionized the industry. One of them is mini midi keyboards. Let’s face it. These babies are lightweight, easy to carry, and piece of cake to use. Plus they’re great for the price too! Want to make music while traveling? Go ahead; they will do it. Want to produce beats from the comfort of your home; they got your back on that as well.

If you are into music, professionally or casually, a mini midi keyboard should be in your must-own list. They are small, yes, but their musical punch can knock out any music genre and propel you to stardom. However, it is not going to be an easy decision for the best midi keyboard. There are hundreds of brands on the market right now. Browsing through each of them is going to take ages. The chances of buying the wrong keyboard are only a second away. What do you do; you give up?

We thought about your predicament and decided to help a brother or a sister. In this article, you will get reviews for the 6 best mini midi keyboards in 2019. We will go through each one with a fine-tooth comb telling you the desirable features, the pros, and cons. Before this ship comes to the dock, we will also give you a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Are you ready for your music takeoff to the skies with the best mini midi keyboard? Read on and see the surprises we have for you.

Making your baby steps to the world of music has never been effortless, especially with this midi keyboard. This Akai portable mini Keyboard makes the entry and growth very smooth. It comes with a limited offer for features such as Serato studio, Loopcloud, and Splice. With it, you are getting access to the best libraries for samples, and the freedom to make music from wherever and whenever you want. It captures the idea that music is a random art, and an idea can come when you are traveling or in the middle of the night. You are getting control of your sound through your fingers. Thankfully, it arrives ready to play: plug it and play it. If you’re looking for the best in this article, it might actually be this one. The price isn’t that bad either. 

What We Liked

  • It is ultra-compact and USB compatible
  • It is armed with the best features for a budding musician
  • Adjustable melodic range gives you flexibility for playing
  • You get seamless integration for your software and hardware
  • It has a gentle learning curve perfect for newbies
  • The pedal input is conveniently located

What We Didn't Like

  • Its software will intimidate a beginner

Bring in a fresh breath to your music with this MK II minilab  midi keyboard. You have all the control in your fingers and that is a dream of every aspiring musician. It is feature-rich with incredible convenience delivered to your mobile studio. You are getting access to a virtual studio in a snap of fingers. The featured software is what the big boys in the industry use to make international sounds. While it is an excellent piece for making an entry, it will surprise you with its performance and user-centered features. And of course the price here for this is very affordable as well. 

What We Liked

  • It features analog lab lite
  • The mini keys are beautiful and great performers
  • You assemble, record, and produce your music from one spot
  • t is built to last and optimize portability and performance.
  • The feel of the keys on your fingers is soothing and welcoming

What We Didn't Like

  • The VST control uses knobs that rotate endlessly. It is a bit frustrating to some customers

In our list of reviews, the Novation midi keyboard is one of the most compact pieces. It will fit into your bag so that you can make music even when camping. The features packed in this small guy will leave you with a dropping jaw. In fact, there is everything you need to get started on Ableton Live. You get it out of the box, and you can fill your ears with any genre you would like to play. 

What We Liked

  • It has color-coded pads with 16-velocity sensitivity, mode and touch strips, 8 rotary controls, and sustain input
  • You can add chords to a specific key
  • You are getting Ableton Live control
  • Its use is straightforward and gives you impressive control over pattern, octave, rhythm, and gate
  • The pads are excellently sensitive
  • Guarantee of getting free updated Novation software

What We Didn't Like

  • Track buttons are positioned on the other end of the keyboard away from the shift key. It feels a bit awkward when you want to use them both.

In this Akai Mini MK2 keyboard controller, you are getting ultra compactness. What will impress you first is the space-saving design and portability you get for the price. Get into details, and you will be amazed by the features assembled in this small fellow. You will not require external power adaptors or program drivers. When you have it in your hands, you simply plug and get into playing. It only needs one USB connection to a laptop, and things get going. If you have been stuck with your music production, here is your chance to fly with the eagles. You do not need money for studio time as long as this MK2 portable keyboard stays by your side. 

What We Liked

  • Its 25 keys are velocity-sensitive to play whatever tempo you want
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • It has a full load of virtual instruments and professional-grade software
  • It features two banks that multiply the MPC-styled pads to a whopping 16. You have more space for creativity.
  • The thumbstick comes in 4 ways for better modulation
  • 4 USB ports for external accessories

What We Didn't Like

  • May give you some headache setting it up for the first time. It will be a breeze after the first try.

Alesis VI25 is a mini keyboard revolutionizing the notion of making music on the go. Its keys are super-sensitive and always ready to play to your desires. A collection of knobs, pads, and keys will give you the control to the tempo and pitch of your music. It is a mini keyboard in size, but you can increase its melodic scope to play anything you want. Putting your money here is like a sure bet, you will love whatever this device delivers to your music.

What We Liked

  • You get access to a premium software suite
  • Effortless integration from one USB connection to your computer
  • Extremely responsive keys and a colorful pad display
  • It comes with both pitch and modulation bars
  • You get 8 knobs and 24 buttons to add effects and sample virtual instruments at will
  • The controller screen is in a perfect size

What We Didn't Like

  • For beginners, the mod and pitch wheel can get out of its way and mess up with the pad and distort your sound.

This 25-Note mini keyboard from Akai will bring together all the music tools you may need. It creates a seamless integration for both conventional and digital music tools. The end product is a rich sound that will make everyone nod in admiration. One of the things that this keyboard underscores is letting you do what you like. It places all the control into your fingers. Its ultra-modern features make it a must-have piece for anyone serious about making a name in music production. Just you know; it comes in a lightweight design to allow the flexibility of making music wherever you go. You never know when the music bug will bite, and keeping this mini keyboard by your side takes care of that. 

What We Liked

  • You can create, produce, and perform your music from the same device
  • It bridges the old and new technologies in music
  • The VIP3.1 adds to the proficiency of this music device
  • With Ableton Live Lite, you can remix, record, and edit all from the same space
  • It is USB compatible
  • The keyboard can easily fit into a laptop bag

What We Didn't Like

  • The shift button will interrupt your creative flow before you get used to it.
  • The keys are a little bit shaky

Best Mini Midi Keyboards Buying Guide

Before you commit to spending your money on the best of anything, you should ask hard questions, price is definitely one of them. It is not different from Mini midi keyboards. On that end, we have done the homework for you, and we present to you the considerations before making the purchase. 

Number of keys

It is down to your preference and what you want to achieve. Mini midi keyboards come with a range of key counts. You can get 25, 37. 49, all the way to 88 keys. Each of them is better in its own way. For those who travel a lot, fewer key counts will work to your advantage. If you do your production at home with adequate space, more key counts will be the way to go. However, the more keys on your mini midi keyboard usually determines a higher price as well so keep that in mind. 

Key action on midi keyboards

It is this feature that determines how easy and comfortable you can get your melodies out. In midi keyboards, key action comes in 3 different types. They are semi-weighted, full-weighted, and synth action. Let’s discuss them into depth below; 

  • Semi-weighted: It is a lightweight design that is geared towards portability. It is easy to carry around and make music anywhere you want. While its key action is not fast, you get an authentic feel on your fingers.
  • Full-weighted: The full-weighted design is not as common in midi keyboards, but they do come in the pricey pieces in this range. They are more inclined to the digital midi keyboard than the conventional ones. 
  • Synth-action: it is the dominant key action for midi keyboards. The keys are made of plastic, and they use spring action. No weight is attached to synth keys. The spring helps them return to their position once you press them. 

Whether it is a semi, full weighted, or synth-action midi keyboards, it is your decision to make depending on what is best for you. Our personal preference is the synth keys because they are made explicitly for the midi keyboards. 

Type of pads

It is no brainer that midi keyboards are a perfect match for midi pads. These pads are a revolutionary addition to these mini fellows. They have drums to make a complete collection for anyone interested in music production. Consider going for these midi pads, and you will have put your money in the right place. Some pads will have software or 3rd party software you can install too, for even more customizability. 

Auxiliary features

You would not want to buy a midi keyboard and find out that it misses a lot of the features you want to use. That is why it is advisable to analyze the extra features in a keyboard you are about to buy. Some common extras include appreciator, knobs, USB support, Access to the best music libraries, buttons, and faders. Come with what you want in mind and look for a keyboard with all the features you desire. 

Remember, the more feature-packed a keyboard is, the more it will cost you. However, be careful not to spend on a price tag and not get what you need. 


These music tools are called mini midi keyboards because they come in a compact and lightweight design. They give you portability and save packing space as well as storage space. If you are looking for a keyboard you can travel comfortably; then you should get a small size piece. Choose one that can fit into your laptop bag and will not demand a lot of space in your desktop table. It’s part of the reason why these are the best portable instruments too! 


After everything, your budget or price concerns will be the deal-breaker. You can admire some of the keyboards in our review list, but if you cannot afford them it will just be that: admiration. Of course, you will buy what you can afford. Stick to your budget, but do not yield an inch of your needs. 

It has been a long ride, and we hope you enjoyed every bit of it. If yes, that means you have already made your purchase decision. The midi keyboards we have included in our reviews are handpicked from the top cream in the market right now. Choosing any of them will be the right decision. Above all, your needs and preferences should take priority. Make the decision now because you not only know some fantastic products in the market, but also the considerations you should make. Thanks for reading the best mini midi keyboards, if you’re interested in reading more articles check them out below. We hope you found the best mini midi keyboard to sustain your music interests! 

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