15 Heavy Duty Camping Chairs (Buying Guide)

Camping is fun and works wonders for your mood and general well being. However, the outdoors world can be unforgiving if you don’t have the right equipment. Chairs are one of the things you’ll need to make your outdoor adventure comfortable.

Camping chairs are not like ordinary chairs. Because you’ll be using them outdoors, they have to be easy to carry and also durable to survive rough handling. They’ll also experience exposure to weather elements, and you’ll probably have to take them with you. This is very important, especially if you love camping and hiking.

You, therefore, need to consider several criteria before picking a camping chair. We’ll refer to this list of requirements and the general process of choosing a chair as a buying guide. It would be best if you went through the buying guide thoroughly before buying your chair. It will save you much trouble.

Heavy-duty camping chairs buying guide

Before you go ahead and get a heavy-duty camping chair, there are several issues you need to look at. We’ve mentioned a few of these in the introduction. There are more, however, and you also should follow a well laid out process before you make a choice.


There is perhaps no consideration we should give more attention to than this one. Nothing can be quite as important if you are looking for an outdoor chair. For you to know the strength of the chair, you have to see the material of the chair. The best camping chairs have a metal structure. It would be best if you went for a metal that does not corrode quickly. You should also identify the covering on the metal; it should also be durable.

Weight capacity

When manufacturers come up with a chair, they provide a weight specification for the chair. The higher the weight capacity, the more weight the chair can handle. It is better for you to choose chairs with higher weight limits. A higher weight limit means the chair has a more sturdy construction and more durable covering. It can handle you, especially if you are heavy.

However, you can still choose a chair with a lower weight capacity if there are other impressive features.

Weight of the heavy-duty camping chair

The weight a chair can handle is significant but so is the weight of the chair. It would help if you chose a chair with as little weight as possible. A light chair is easier to carry and will also fit into a smaller bag for carrying.

The weight of the chair depends on the material of the chair. Lighter materials lead to a lighter chair but are expensive.

Another determinant of weight is the number of features on the chair. Chairs that have many features carry more weight. You will get the benefit of added features but at the expense of additional weight.


Accessories add weight to the chair but also provide value-added functionality. Some of the accessories you might find in a camping chair include side tables, cooling packs, and padding. Side tables give you a place to keep cups while padding gives you extra comfort as you sit.

Padding and cooling packs don’t add much weight to the chair. You should go for a chair with accessories, but you should also consider the weight of the chair.


The dimensions of the chair show how much comfort the chair offers. The idea chair you should go for should have adequate width and height. Extra-wide chairs give you much support while the height is essential, especially if you want to rest your back.

Best heavy duty camping chairs

1. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

A chair that will function well outdoors must have a sturdy frame and durable covering material. With this chair, you get all the two. The structure consists of steel. Steel is one of the most durable metals, and it doesn’t corrode. Your chair will, therefore, not rust from exposure to rain and snow. Because steel is sturdy, the chair can also carry your weight without giving in.

On top of the steel, you have a polyester covering that is both comfortable and strong. The strength of polyester means your chair can survive through all kinds of terrain. You will not have your chair tearing from thorns, twigs, or rocks

In the package, when you buy the chair, you get a free carrier bag. The chair also has a side pocket for storage and a cup holder.

Best Features

  • The chair is light; it weighs 12.5 pounds.
  • This seat can hold weights up to 800 pounds.
  • It has a polyester covering that is both durable and comfortable.
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ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair, Khaki

Product Description

  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame and 600D polyester fabric provides stability and comfort
  • Each adjustable armrest comes with a cup holder and side pocket for maximum storage
  • Includes convenient shoulder carry bag, allowing you to transport and store chair with ease
  • The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is on our best sellers list; you'll know why as soon as you take a...
  • Dimensions: 38" W x 20" D x 38" H, Weight: 12.5 lbs.; Weight Capacity: 800 lbs.Fabric Seat: 24.5...

2. KingCamp Heavy Duty Steel Camping Folding Director Chair with Cooler Bag and Side Table

If you like your seats extra-large, then you’ll love this product. At 17.3 inches high and 20.8 inches wide, this is one of the biggest camping seats we’ve ever seen.

It can support up to 330 pounds of weight and has a durable 600D oxford covering.  The oxford fabric is especially good if you want your seats to be wear-resistant. On the arms, you have extra padding so that your hands are comfortable as you sit. The steel frame makes the seat sturdy but doesn’t add weight as steel is light. Steel is also resistant to rust, so your chair will last long.

Some of the accessories you get on this seat are a cooler bag and a side table that is retractable. The whole chair is retractable; you can fold it and store it in a camping bag easily.

Outstanding Features

  • The chair has a durable covering. 600D Oxford doesn’t wear out quickly and is also comfortable to the skin.
  • It has a side table and a cooler bag. The cooler bag has a capacity of 12 liters.
  • It has extra width for more comfort as you sit.
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KingCamp Heavy Duty Steel Camping Folding Director Chair with Cooler Bag and Side Table

Product Description

  • Rugged steel frame, extra large size, can support up to 330 lbs; Seat height 17.3 inches, width 20.8...
  • Fold-way insulated cooler bag (12 liters); Side table with cup holder; Relax with a drink and a...
  • Sets and folds in seconds, very easy to use and store; Packed Size 36.6 × 22.8 × 7.1 inches
  • The folding chair is comfortable and firm at the same time, great for camping, car...
  • Lifetime Warranty: We provide the best experience to all of our customers. Please feel free to let...

3. 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair

You will never have to worry about weight handling with this chair. It can handle a massive 500 pounds without any hassle.

The extra-rigid frame can handle all kinds of use from mild to super aggressive. You also have the 600D polyester covering that distributes weight across the frame. The feet are oversize and shatterproof, and this provides added traction.

But what stands out about this chair is the accessory set. On the left arm, you have an oversize cup holder. You can put big cups on this holder without any fear of spillage. The right arm features a dual holder. You can put a cup on it or any other gadget. There’s also a mesh side pocket and a tote bag. You use the tote bag to store the chair while transporting it.

The frame is light because of the metal used in construction and the extra light polyester covering.

Outstanding Features

  • It has an impressive accessory set.
  • It has a covering that distributes weight across the frame for added comfort.

4. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler

Portability is vital in a camping chair. It would be best if you had a chair that folds easily and doesn’t weigh a lot. The Coleman Portable Camping chair meets all these requirements. It has an extremely lean structure and a polyester covering. Both the framework and the covering weigh little.

However, the light structure and polyester covering don’t sacrifice comfort and sturdiness. The chair can handle your weight comfortably, and the polyester covering is both durable and comfortable.

Additionally, there’s a cooler pouch that can hold four cans. You get this cooler pouch for free when you purchase the seat. The cooler attaches to the armrest. You also get a mesh cup holder and side pocket.

The side arms are adjustable, meaning you can tune them to your liking. Moreover, you can fold the arm quickly and transport it in a bag.

Lastly, though the frame is lean, this seat can hold weights up to 300 pounds.

Outstanding Features

  • It can hold weights up to 300 pounds.
  • It has a portable armrest cooler that holds four cans.
  • You can adjust the armrest heights to your liking.
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Coleman Camp Chair with 4-Can Cooler | Folding Beach Chair with Built In Drinks Cooler | Portable Quad Chair with Armrest Cooler for Tailgating, Camping, and Outdoors

Product Description

  • 4 can cooler built into arm so a cold drink is always within reach
  • Mesh cup holder
  • Comfortable head cushion
  • Side pockets; Comfortable 18.1 inch sitting height
  • Roomy 24 inch seat

5. Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

The Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair goes big on comfort and space. It is oversized, and the feet are also significant to give you more comfort. Having the chair this big not only adds to your support but also brings stability.

A unique feature of the seat is the draining mechanism. The draining device is a system of tubes that remove standing water from the surface. This tubing is essential because the chair will find most of its use outdoors. Also, there is a cell phone sleeve on the arms. This sleeve does not allow water in, and so is ideal for storing your electronic devices.

The chair can handle up to 600 pounds of weight. You can adjust the height of the arms in any way you like.

Outstanding Features

  • It has a water-resistant storage area for electronic devices.
  • It can hold up to 600 pounds.
  • You get an oversized frame for added comfort and stability.
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Coleman 2000026491 Chair Quad Oversized

Product Description

  • Extra-large camping chair provides ample space for lounging
  • Oversized seat and large feet offer exceptional stability. Comfortable 19 inch sitting height
  • Seat Drain system empties collected standing water from the seat
  • CellPort water-resistant cell phone sleeve for storing electronic devices in wet conditions
  • Steel frame supports up to 600 pounds and provides long-lasting use.Adjustable arm heights

6. Timber Ridge Camping Chair Ergonomic High Back Support

This chair features a heavy-duty metal frame that can handle up to 300 pounds of weight. The design is also favorable because you get extra sitting space. The width of the seat is 22.5 inches. That is more than enough for your comfort.

On top of the framework, you have a polyester covering. The polyester covering is durable. It can handle the weight and rough treatment. Outdoor environments have all kinds of sharp objects that could rip the fabric of chairs. Polyester is a sturdy fabric that is tough to cut, but it is comfortable and pleasant to sit on.

On the arms, you have detachable padding and a cup holder. The filling is for extra comfort of your hands. The chair comes with a bag. You can fold it up fast and keep it in the bag for transportation.

Finally, the chair comes with a one year warranty. This warranty covers any faulty construction that could affect you during the course of one year after purchase. It also comes with customer service in case of any issues as you are using the chair.

Outstanding Features

  • The chair has extra width for comfort.
  • The padding on the arms is removable.
Timber Ridge Camping Chair Ergonomic High Back Support 300lbs with Carry Bag Folding Quad Chair Outdoor Heavy Duty, Padded Armrest, Cup Holder

Product Description

  • Maximum loading capacity: outdoor hard arm chair can support up to 300lbs with durable polyester)...
  • Large space and sturdy sports chair: back Height is 22 inches. Weight is 13. 67 lbs. Width is 22. 5...
  • Fully padded and cup holder included: Smooth foam padded seat and detachable padded arm rest with...
  • Easy open and easy storage: collapsible folding chair with a portable carry bag for easy transport...
  • 1-Year MANUFACTURE'S : we back our products with a full 1 year manufacturer's against any defective...

7. KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Director Chair

The best camping chairs provide you with comfort but are also durable and sturdy. The KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Director Chair has a width of 20.5 inches and can support weights up to 396 pounds.

The chair weighs 9.7 pounds, and that is quite impressive. It has a seat height of 17.7 inches. It can, therefore, accommodate short as well as tall people.

The steel frame gives it sturdiness that adds to comfort and durability. You’ll be using the chair outside where the conditions are harsh, so you need a chair with durable materials.

You get padding on the arms and also on the back. Most camping chairs give you arm padding, but back padding is rare.

There is also side storage space and a side table with a cup holder and extra space for other wares you might have.

For storage and transportation, the chair is foldable, and you get a bag to use in carrying it.

Outstanding Features

  • It is one of the lightest camping chairs at 9.7 pounds in weight.
  • You get padding on the armrests and the back.
  • It has impressive width and, therefore, a larger sitting area.
KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Director Chair Oversize Padded Seat with Side Table and Side Pockets, Supports 396 lbs

Product Description

  • Rugged steel frame, supports up to 396 lbs; Seat height 17.7 inches, width 20.8 inches, weight 9.7...
  • Side table with cup holder, relax with drinks and snacks at hand; Side storage pockets for small...
  • Sets and folds in seconds, very easy to use and store; Packed Size 32.6 × 19.6 × 5.5 inches, easy...
  • The folding directors chair is comfortable and firm at the same time, great for camping, car...
  • Lifetime Warranty: We provide the best experience to all of our customers. Please feel free to let...

8. KingCamp Heavy Duty Compact Camping Folding Mesh Chair with Side Table and Handle

You will love how compact and portable this chair is. It fits well in a mid-sized bag. However, you won’t need such a bag as you get one when you purchase the seat.

The frame consists of the best materials and can handle any weight up to 300 pounds. You will have no worries over your weight with this chair.

The back and bottom of the chair have an additional mesh layer. These additions reinforce the chair and make it stronger than usual. In addition to the padding, you also get 600D oxford polyester fabric. With this fabric, you get durability and comfort at the same time. It does not wear fast, so you will be using it for a long time.

The armrests have padding. It is fixed padding, meaning you cannot remove it at will. There’s also a side table with a cup holding area and a larger space for your other needs.

The seat comes with an impressive weight of 11.9 pounds, a height of 18.5 inches, and a width of 20.5 inches.

Impressive features

  • It has a height of 18.5 inches.
  • The seat features an additional mesh layer for comfort and durability.
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KingCamp Heavy Duty Compact Camping Folding Mesh Chair with Side Table and Handle

Product Description

  • Compact and space saving, only 19.6 × 19.6 × 5.9 inches when packed, easy to carry with handle;...
  • Heavy duty chairs, rugged steel frame, supports up to 300 lbs; Seat height 18.5", width 20.5",...
  • Reinforced mesh back and bottom, sturdy and breathable; 600D Oxford fabric, durable and...
  • Padded armrest to add more comfort; Side table with cup holder, relax with drinks and snacks at hand
  • Lifetime Warranty: We provide the best experience to all of our customers. Please feel free to let...

9. Timber Ridge XXL Large Directors Chair

This heavy-duty camping chair folds fast, and you can quickly and efficiently carry it around. You should choose this chair if you want more sitting space, it has a width of 28 inches. However, you should factor in the weight as the seat weighs a massive 20 pounds.

Below the seat, you have storage space. It is an invisible net bag that can hold your phone or notebook. You can access these stored tools by flipping the side table up. The side table has a cup holding space and space for holding other things too.

The arms have padding, so you will not be in direct contact with metal. 600D polyester covers the seat. In the fabric, you have 25mm steel tubes with powder. The steel and the powder give the polyester fabric added durability.

You can put up to 600 pounds of weight on the chair without any worries because of the sturdy construction.

The chair is ideal for camping, fishing, and most other outdoor activities.

Outstanding Features

  • It can handle up to 600 pounds of weight
  • You get storage space under the sitting area.
  • The fabric covering has reinforcement in the form of steel and powder.
Timber Ridge XXL Large Directors Chair Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair for Full Padded with Side Table, Supports 600lbs

Product Description

  • OVERSIZED & EASY FOLDING: large size- 28"Wx19.7"Dx34.6"H (unfolding), more space, more comfortable,...
  • CONVENIENT & FUNCTIONAL: a invisible net bag hidden below the seat, you could put phone,notebook or...
  • COMFORTABLE: padded hard armrest, comfortable and space saving while folding. Extra wide seat(28...
  • EASY CARRIED & DURABLE: this outdoor camping chair for adults is made with 600D polyester embossed...
  • USES: this heavy duty directors chair is suitable for camping ,traveling, barbecue, picnic, and any...

10. KingCamp Moon Saucer Leisure Heavy Duty Steel Camping Chair Padded Seat

This chair has one of the most impressive designs we’ve ever seen. It has a saucer shape, and there is no doubt that this adds to your comfort. Because of the unique design, you get less height support. The chair only goes up to 13.8 inches high. Despite this height disadvantage, the seat supports 330 pounds of weight.

For the covering, you have 600D oxford fabric that is both wear-resistant and comfortable. On the back, you have a cooler bag that can hold several cans or bottles

If you want to transport the chair, you have to fold it. The folding process is easy; you’ll finish everything in minutes. You also have a shoulder strap and a carry bag that you can use to carry the chair after folding it.

Outstanding Features

  • You get a carrier bag and shoulder strap for transportation.
  • It features a unique and comfortable saucer design.
KingCamp Moon Saucer Leisure Heavy Duty Steel Camping Chair Padded Seat (Grey with Cup Holder and Cooler Bag) (Grey)

Product Description

  • Rugged steel frame design, supports up to 330 lbs; Seat height 13.8 inches
  • Padded and round seat chairs provides special comfort; Durable, wear-resistant 600D oxford fabric
  • Cooler bag on the back keeps your drinks fresh and cool
  • Open and close in seconds, packed size 34.6 × 9.1 × 7.9 inches, space saving; Carry bag with...
  • Lifetime Warranty: We provide the best experience to all of our customers. Please feel free to let...

11. CORE Equipment Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair

The padding on this armchair is 100% polyester. Polyester is a durable plastic that handles wearing well. It is also water-resistant, and so your seat will remain dry even in wet conditions.

The polyester has a quilt covering for an attractive finish, and the arms have an extension of soft padding. The soft padding gives your arms extra comfort. You get brushed polyester on your seats. Brushed polyester is smoother than regular polyester.

The frame supporting the polyester covering is hardened steel. It is light because the chair is foldable. You’ll have to carry the chair around, so it had to be light.

There are two accessories: an oversized cup holder and a gear pocket. The gear pocket is waterproof, and the cup holder can accommodate cups of several sizes.

When you purchase the seat, you get a bag and a strap. The bag is for storing the chair once you fold it. You attach the strap to your shoulders for carrying the chair.

Notable features

  • It features oversized cup holders
  • It has a durable and sturdy frame.
CORE 40021 Equipment Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair with Carry Bag, Gray

Product Description

  • Cozy quilted seat; padded hard arms provide extra support and comfort
  • Folding, durable steel frame; 600D Brushed polyester soft-touch seat
  • Built-in, oversized cup holder and gear pocket; perfect for the lawn, camping, sporting events,...
  • Carry bag and carry strap for easy transport and storage

12. Guide Gear Oversized Directors Chair, 500 lb. Capacity

The legs of this chair feature a cross design. The cross design gives your chair more stability.

You have a minimalist frame structure, and this makes the chair light and portable. Additionally, the covering is minimal too. There is enough coverage to give you all the comfort you need but not an ounce more to add weight to the seat.

Because of all these considerations, the seat is light and portable. You will not have any problems moving around with the chair. Once you fold it and store it in a bag, there’s nothing else to do.

You may think that the minimalistic design impacts the weight capacity, but that isn’t the case. The seat can accommodate weights up to 500 pounds. There are much heavier seats in the market that cannot handle this weight.

The side table on this seat is also made of steel and is as sturdy as the rest of the seat. The total width of the seat with the side table is 34 inches. However, the seat without the side table measures 20 inches.

Notable Features

  • It can handle up to 500 pounds of weight
  • It features a minimalistic design that makes it light in weight.

13. PICNIC TIME ONIVA – a Brand PT-XL Over-Sized 400-Lb. Capacity Outdoor Folding Camp Chair

This extra large and portable chair is ideal for your excursions to the beach or a camping site. You can also use it in your backyard.

The skeleton consists of powder-coated steel for extra durability and strength. On top of this is a ripstop polyester canvas. You get power with this canvas because it can sustain rough handling. The material is also breathable and will stay in good condition for years.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a side table, but there is a convenient beverage table. Because this chair does not have a side table, it is much lighter than other camping chairs. Having a light camping chair is an immense advantage. You will appreciate this more when you have to cover long distances.

The lack of a side table also led to a chair with more width. At 24 inches, this is one of the broadest camping chairs we’ve ever seen. More width results in more comfort. the headrest is also high at 24 inches.

You get a drawstring bag and a strap to help you carry the chair with you.

Notable Features

  • It has an impressive width of 24 inches
  • It can support weights up to 400 pounds.
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ONIVA - a Picnic Time Brand PT-XL Over-Sized 400-Lb. Capacity Outdoor Folding Camp Chair, Navy

Product Description

  • PT-XL extra large portable folding camp chair by ONIVA -a Picnic Time brand; Great for tailgating,...
  • Foldable powder-coated steel frame covered with durable, ripstop polyester canvas and breathable...
  • Features inward-folding compact design for easy transport and storage; Includes a matching...
  • Generous 24 inch wide seat, and 17-1/2 inches deep, with 24 inch high headrest; Maximum weight 400...
  • Backed by the Picnic Time Family of Brands BUILT TO LAST Lifetime Pledge to repair or replace if...

14. Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table

When you look at this chair, the sturdiness and durability of the skeleton immediately hit you. You will also notice the prominent side table that is flat and accessible. The side table has a cup holder on one end, and the rest of the space is free for your other needs.

This chair is ideal for both proper camping trips and lesser demanding operations, such as a weekend barbecue in your backyard.

The maximum weight this chair can support is 225 pounds. Although this is less than most other camping chairs, it isn’t such a lousy deal breaker, most people weigh 225 pounds or less, so the chair should be comfortable for them.

Lastly, the whole design is collapsible; you can have the entire chair fit in a bag.

Notable Features

  • It has a prominent side table with a dedicated cup holder.
  • The chair is easily collapsible.
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Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table | Folding Beach Chair | Portable Deck Chair for Tailgating, Camping & Outdoors

Product Description

  • Portable deck chair ideal for camping, picnics, and patio barbeques
  • Side table with integrated cup holder provides easy access to food and personal items
  • Offers a supremely comfortable seat with padded arms
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame can support up to 225 pounds
  • Collapsible, folding design with carrying handles for easy transport

15. ALPHA CAMP Oversized Moon Saucer Chair with Folding Cup Holder and Carry Bag

The design of this chair features a sitting area that is much longer than other camping chairs. You’ll also see extra straps at the bottom of the chair. These straps increase the strength of the fabric. They also make it possible for the chair to handle more weight capacity.

The chair weighs only 13.9 pounds and is in the middle range among all the chairs under review. To achieve this, the manufacturers chose steel. The steel is corrosion resistant and fade-proof. You will, therefore, be able to use this chair for years without any change in appearance.

This chair also doesn’t have a side table. It has a side pocket that can hold an average cup. Whether you consider this an advantage or not depends on whether you find side tables convenient. The exclusion of a side table means your chair will be lighter. It also adds to the portability as you can fold the chair quicker and have it fit in smaller bags than regular camping chairs.

Notable Features

  • The chair has an oversized sitting area. It gives you more comfort.
  • It consists of rust and fade-proof steel. Your chair will remain in top condition for years.
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ALPHA CAMP Oversized Moon Saucer Chair with Folding Cup Holder and Carry Bag - Blue

Product Description

  • 👉【Focus on Details】Extra straps on the bottom enhance the tear strength of the fabric...
  • 🚶【Easy to Carry】Weights 13.9 LBS. Folding size: 35.43" x 25.98" x 38.19". It comes with...
  • 👌【High-Grade Material】With hammer tone powder coating prevent corrosion and fading....
  • 📂【Extra Storage Spaces】Side pocket allows you to store your drinking cup and other...
  • 🙏【1 Year Guarantee】We try to make our moon chair as good as we can. If there is any part...

Choosing the right heavy-duty camping chair can be challenging if you don’t have a guide. The pointers we went through, in the beginning, should provide a useful enough guide. You should go through the manual and identify the requirements you need in your chair. After this, you get to the list and identify the chair that fits these requirements.

Though the chairs on this list are different, they all are of the highest quality. Any chair you choose from this list is among the best in the market and will serve you well for long.

Thank you for reading with us today! Be sure to check out more helpful guides to choosing the right products online at ReviewsCube.


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