10 Best Water Socks (Buying Guide)

If you are a fan of water sports or just working out along the beach, protecting your feet is very important. Both at the shoreline and deeper in the waters are potential hazards ranging from sharp objects to rough rocks. Besides, sea waters tend to be slippery on boats, and you may experience accidental slips with bare feet. Therefore, having a pair of the best water socks is paramount to your safety and comfort. They are also worn without shoes on wet conditions such as river hiking or hot surfaces. Herein, we have listed and reviewed brands with the best safety and ergonomic features in the market for your consideration.

1. WateLves Water Shoes

The WateLves Water Shoes is a unisex design that can be worn on different indoor and outdoor occasions to offer excellent protection to your feet. These aqua shoes are lightweight for performing water aerobics and waterfalls hike. Its sole is made from quality and flexible rubber that feels comfortable on your feet. Your toe is also safeguarded against hard knocks by a special toe guard at the tip.

The upper fabric is smooth to eliminate hassles you experience when sliding your feet in or removing effortlessly. It also comes with pores that allow your feet to breathe when working out during hot summers. Additionally, the pores provide for quick drying drainage. Hence, it’s convenient for jogging and playing games on the beach. It also comes in stylish patterns and colors that go well with any swimming outfit and a variety of occasions.


  • Comfortable rubber soles that ensure complete flexibility for all activities.
  • Drainage holes assist the shoe in drying up quickly
  • Awesome elasticity for comfort
  • Special toe protection


  • The outsole is too thin

2. SIMARI Water Shoes

It is a unique design that comes with ergonomic features for your comfort and protection. Foremost is the smooth neck design that takes care of your heel section from abrasion. It also ensures the shoe stays in place at all times, whether in deep waters or when you are walking on rough and slippery surfaces.

The SIMARI Water Shoes come with a plastic material that is slip-resistant and lightweight. Wearing them feels like walking on barefoot. It offers you the comfort and freedom of movement to run, walk, or perform yoga. The thinness of the sole does not compromise the safety of your feet as they are resistant to sharp objects, rocky, and surfaces.


  • Upper fabric comes with elastic diving fabric
  • Smooth neck to prevent chafing
  • The sole is shock-absorbent and non-slip
  • It is fast draining and quick drying.


  • Slips off if the fit is not snug

3. Coser Paradise Water Shoes

The Coser Paradise Water Shoes is a unique design that features lightweight crafting and easy to roll materials for portability. Therefore, when going for an outdoor adventure, you can comfortably tack it in your pockets. The upper side comes with a knit, smooth fabric that offers comfortable feeling and great freedom. The unique material can stretch and align with the shape of your feet. It’s hence easy to slip on and off. It also allows quick drying to prevent soggy water conditions.

Its sole is made of TPR material that is durable and resistant to slip on wet surfaces. Hence it will provide adequate traction to ensure you don’t suffer injury. It’s also sturdy to protect your feet from hot beaches and sharp objects. This design is suitable as a water sport slip on as it is easy to put on and to take off. You may also use it for jogging on the street. It is a unisex design and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to match with your sporting outfit or swimming costume.


  • It’s compressible and easy to carry.
  • Durable thermoplastic rubber sole.
  • Protection against sharp objects.
  • Smooth and elastic knit fabric.


  • None, as of yet!

4. SOSUSHOE Water Socks

The ideal design for a variety of occasions is the SOSUSHOE Water Socks. They are suitable for swimming in a pool, windsurfing, aqua sport, walking on the beach, yoga, among others. It comes with a diving material on the upper that allows your feet to breath comfortably. Thus, protecting you from heat sores on a hot day. The pores in the upper fabric also allow water to drain outwards quickly while they are on to prevent sogginess. It is easy to wipe clean as the material does not absorb dirty waters.

Wearing SOSUSHOE Water Socks will offer the best protection to your feet thanks to its rubber outsole. It features the use of TPR materials, which also allows air circulation from below. Hence your feet will remain fresh as if you were barefooted all day. The rubber has good traction and will resist any form of slipperiness. This sole is strong and will prevent you from sharp rocks on the beach and hot sand. The tip has a cushion to protect your toe if you accidentally knock a hard object. You can easily compress this model by rolling it for ease of carrying.


  • The toe is cushioned from injuries
  • The sole absorbs shocks on hands surfaces
  • It offers good traction for slippery waters.
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • The neck may allow sand in if not tight

5. Bigib Aqua Socks

The Bigib Aqua Socks is a multipurpose design that comes in a variety of colors. These features make it ideal for many occasions. Hence, it is suitable for beach games, sailing, yoga training, windsurfing, jogging, among other outdoor activities. The top comes with a smooth diving fabric that drains water easily and dries up quickly. The fabric allows your feet to keep aerated for freshness all day and dissipates heat to prevent burning your feet.

The outsole is made of durable and robust rubber that also protects your feet from sharp objects. When swimming, you won’t feel the weight on your feet because the outsole is extremely lightweight. It is adequately flexible and allows you to kick the waters freely as you would on bare feet. More so, the seam neck holds it tight on your feet to prevent it from slipping off. Other than being light, you easily compact it by rolling for ease of storage and carrying.


  • It’s a multipurpose wear
  • It is easy to roll and carry.
  • The seamed neck offers snug in deep waters.
  • It’s lightweight and convenient to wear for long
  • It comes in different colors


  • Lacks special toe-protector
  • For children only

6. Barerun Water Shoes

The upper of this design comes with quick to dry and stretchy fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable features.  It has an elastic shoe neck to allow you to put on and take off quickly. There are no health problems to wear them all day. The Barerun Water shoes come with a quality anti-slip rubber sole with molds to strengthen the grip. It effectively protects you from slipping when walking in wet, rocky environments.

These socks can be used for kayaking, sailing, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, water park, yoga, fitness, and even at home. It is suitable on many occasions and to protect your feet when you perform water sports. This pool shoes for both women and men and very easy to package and saves room for your sports suit.


  • Easy stretch for easy fitting
  • Offers good traction on slippery surfaces
  • Lightweight to carry or wear-all-day
  • They are unisex


  • Sand may slip in when not snug

7. IceUnicorn Water Shoes

The IceUnicorn Water Shoes comes with a non-slip rubber sole to keep you stable of wet poolside and slippery rocks in the seas. The bottom is so soft sole that you can conveniently pack in your rucksack as you travel without taking much space. Its tender texture offers protection against shocks when running to prevent abrasions. Therefore, this design is very comfortable to wear when sailing, boating, cycling, jogging, walking, fishing, or playing beach volleyball.

The upper fabric is from polyester and spandex that is not only soft but dries quickly. It allows your feet to breathe and keep fresh. This fabric is also extra light and stretchy to let you put on and take off easily. At the tip, your toenails are protected with reinforced material when playing outdoor.


  • Have a reinforced toenail protection
  • Comfortable in a wide choice of occasions
  • The upper fabric features a quick to dry feature
  • Easy to carry when traveling


  • Limited choice of colors and patterns

8. YALOX Water Shoes

Wearing the YALOX Water Shoes makes you experience ultimate comfort and good feel of adventure in watery environments. The upper section comes with a diving fabric that is soft on your skin. It stretches easily to accommodate the width of your feet and to prevent chaffing. This material also has breathing pores for freshness and quick-drying immediately when you are out of waters.

The swimming wear comes with a flexible sole that offers you the freedom to move your feet. This unique sole design also absorbs shocks when running on hard surfaces. Hence your feet will always feel comfortable and will not ache at the end of the day. Besides, your toe is under protection from hard objects by a soft cushion that is separate from the sole.


  • Comes with swimming ultralight material
  • Features quick to drain properties
  • The upper fabric is highly durable


  • The neck may not snug properly

9. HMIYA Water Shoes

The HMIYA Water shoe design is crafted using high quality material for a comfortable fit. The ultralight upper fabric is stretchy and breathable. It is also flexible to provide excellent movement freedom and perfect feeling in wearing. This unique brand is comfortable to wear and take off and allows you to enjoy your beach events in style. The advanced outsole has an improvement in traction and comes in a unique color with a translucent design. The sole’s color also matches the finishing of the upper fabric make it more stylish and beautiful.

Additionally, the rubber outsole is thickened with a breathable insole to cushion and protect for your feet from shocks. It further prevents your feet from injuries by rough stones and sharp objects on the beach. These shoes are flexible like socks and compressible for easy packing even into your pocket. Perfect for a wide choice of occasions such as beach travel, windsurfing, beach volleyball, and other aqua sport. They also come in different patterns and colors


  • Ultra-light for swimming with comfortably
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Comes in different stylish patterns
  • Compressible for ease of packing


  • None, as of yet!

10. APTRO unisex Water Shoes

The APTRO unisex Water Shoes is a strong brand, even in harsh conditions. It comes with a high-quality polyester upper that drains easily and dries quickly. The fabric also features breathable and smooth fabric properties with fine stretch on upper mouth seams. They are more like socks, flexible and comfortable to wear all day. It is a convenient design to wear and take off, and you can fold it easily after use.

The outsole is from top-quality rubber and is also thick for durability. It is strong to protect your feet from being hurt by sharp objects when in water. The design ensures that a given size will fit different feet conveniently. Hence, irrespective of the shape or thickness of your feet, your size will be perfect. Its smooth neck design prevents chafing when wearing our water shoes.  The APTRO unisex Water Shoes is convenient for beach, swimming, pool, wake-boarding, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, cycling, jogging, walking, and even driving.


  • They are wearable for both sexes
  • Easy to remove without chaffing
  • It comes with a durable outsole and upper fabric
  • They are easy to carry to any occasion


  • May feel heavier in the pool waters

Buyers Guide

Adventure in the waters or on wet environments such as the beach, lakeside, or riverbanks feels good on bare feet. However, you are, at the same time, risking your feet to injuries from sharp objects and burns hot surfaces. To ensure your fun is not spoilt, water shoes come in to take care of such risks while reserving a comfortable feel. Below are some of the features you need to watch out when buying one                                                                     

Anti-slip properties

Wet surfaces are generally slippery, and this poses the most common danger of playing in moist conditions. Hence, the right aqua shoe should have a sole mainly made of rubber to eliminate this risk. Besides, they should allow you to move your feet in any direction quickly.

Foot protection

Like regular shoes, water shoes are supposed to prevent injuries on your feet from sharp objects. The sole must feature some degree of strength to resist piercing while offering flexibility. Your toenail is equally at risk of hitting objects, and design with a toe protection feature is an added advantage.

Quick to dry

As soon as you are out of waters, you want to feel your feet light as if bare.  Your shoes must be able to drain all the water inside without removing them through pores. Further, the upper fabric should be quick to dry so that you can pack it back in your bag comfortably. The pores also allow your feet to breathe and keep refreshed.

Good traction

Other than swimming or playing in the water, a versatile water shoe should offer you the convenience of working out on dry land. It should, therefore, have a rugged sole to stay on foot on beach sand. Excellent traction also ensures you exercise without much resistance.

In summary

The best water shoes should protect your feet while offering the comfort and convenience of bare feet. They ensure you enjoy your outdoor and indoor activities naturally. In light of the essential features to look for, our pick products have a good rating on most of them. The pricing is also in line with the quality of the designs.