11 Best Poker Sets (Review & Buying Guide)

Poker refers to a set of card games that involve gambling and strategy. All variants of the game require you to have cards and chips. These cards and chips are what make up a poker set.

You can choose any random pack of cards and even design your chips, but that lacks professionalism. If you intend to be a serious poker player and, additionally, wow your audience, you need a professional poker set.

Buying Guide for Poker Sets

There are several issues you need to look at before choosing a poker set. It would be unwise of you to land on the first set you meet without any prior process.

Below we discuss four essential aspects that should inform your choice of a poker set.

Number of Chips

The number of chips will determine how many players you can accommodate. If you want to host larger tournaments, you’ll need a set with more chips. Also related to this is the value range of the chips. Collections with a more extensive value range will make for better games.


Most poker sets these days ship with additional products. These extras can find application in other games or can make your poker games more interesting. If you want to spice up your game nights or diversify your range of games, go for a set with extras.

Chip Material and Design

You’ll be using your chips often, and so the material on them is critical. The material also determines the weight of the chips. Lighter chips are better than heavier ones.

Packaging of the Set

The packaging your chips come in is critical. Suitable packaging should be durable yet stylish.

Let’s go through the 11 best poker sets in the market today.

1. Trademark Chip Poker Set

The Trademark Chip Poker Set will be ideal for you if you are a beginner. It will serve you nicely as you become more and more skillful. You get an abundance of features that will impress even the most experienced poker players.

The chips come in four different colors for different values, and there are 500 of them. These chips are also casino-sized, which adds to the professionalism.

Additionally, there are two decks of cards and a poker button for Texas Hold’em. The inside of the case consists of black velour fabric, which is both rust and dust resistant. Also, the exterior is aluminum which is stylish looking and durable

Key features

  • Dark chips with no nominated value for breakout versatility 
  • 200 red, 100-$ five green, 150- $1 white, and 50-$100 black casino-sized 39mm diameter and 11.5 grams composite resin chips 
  • Black felt lining security locks two lock keys
  • Classy aluminum carrying case perfect for storage and transport 
  • Two standard size decks of cards, one dealer, one little blind and one big blind button

2. Brybelly Ultimate Heavyweight Poker Chips Set

This poker set comes with 1000 heavyweight chips that fit beautifully into the chipset. The chips consist of a clay composite and have a look and feel close to that of real casino chips.

Also, the chips come in a variety of denominations. You are, therefore, able to play different variations of poker at your convenience.

The set has five acrylic trays that have a tier arrangement. Each tier holds five rows of 20 chips. You can pair up the poker set with other poker accessories to increase the authenticity of your experience.

Key features

  • Adaptable chip Values 
  • One thousand named heavyweights 14-gram Chips in an assortment of qualities going from $1 to $1000. 
  • Mainly finished Chip trim for simpler acknowledgment and stacking 
  • Premium quality clay-composite material for a valid gambling club feel 
  • Carefully put away in a straightforward acrylic grandstand for show or ongoing interaction

3. Fat Cat Poker Set

You should go for this set if you intend to play games with six to ten participants. You have five classes of chips with different colors.

Additionally, you also get accessories for regular gambling and tournaments. Having these accessories improves the experience of your games and makes them more authentic.

The chips consist of Claytec, and because of this, you get a sleeker aesthetic than regular resin chips. The design also closely mimics real casino chips, and you’ll notice this in the weight and dimension of the chips.

If you’re a rookie trying to impress your poker buddies, then this is the set for you.

Key features

  • You get a big blind, a little blind, vendor catches, and two decks of cards 
  • Dark plate additions and thick froth coating to keep all accessories set up 
  • 500 clear Claytec gambling club style striped bones poker chips of 5 colors 
  • Lockable silver aluminum conveying the case with a sturdy handle and three metal fastens

4. Da Vinci Professional poker Set

The Da Vinci Professional Poker Set contains 500 chips with denominations ranging from $1 to $500. On top of this, you get two decks of cards and other poker accessories to make your poker games better.

The chips have a metal core and around this core a clay composite resin. The design gives you a light and portable chip that still retains the look and feel of real casino chips.

There are five dice in the set that act as accessories. These dice consist of semi-transparent red resin with white pips. They are slightly larger than standard casino dice but should still serve you well. You can use these dice on games such as Craps and Ricochet. In this way, you’ll break up the monotony of regular poker.

Key features

  • Five hundred named esteem gambling-club style poker chips made of dirt composite, sap, and metal. 
  • Flexible betting set contains vendor catches, five 18mm shakers and two decks of cards 
  • Snappy plate supplements and thick froth inside coating 
  • Overwhelming Dirty lockable aluminum conveying the case with a solid handle

5. Cardinal Industries Poker Set

The Cardinal Industries Poker Set is an engaging yet modest set. Within it, you have everything you need for one of the most prominent games on earth. You get one deck of poker cards and 200 chips of four colors within a robust aluminum case. Extras include a dealer as well as big and little blind buttons.

This set is not as big as other sets; you have only 200 chips. However, it is ideal for beginner players or someone who might need to take a set with him while traveling. You can use it comfortably with four or five individuals.

Key features

  • Minimal Aluminum conveying case for advantageous stockpiling and transport 
  • 200 bright clay poker chips in four color tones 
  • Fundamental arrangement of Texas Hold ’em guidelines for first-time players

6. Chips and Games Custom Poker Set

If you could get a custom poker set that is as good as a professional one, you would be happy. The Chips and Games Custom Pokee Set is one such set.

Usually, it would take about a month and a half for you to get a unique set of chips. However, with this set, you get your chips in 4 to 5 business days. You also have variety as you can alter up to three initials on a chip.

The design of the chips is entirely up to you. You can have a custom logo or picture on your chips. You can also have any other patterns you wish on the chip.

Key Features

  • You get 200 pieces of expert chips. 
  • The chips have excellent printing with no shade discharged or blur. 
  • Slippy and smooth edges make you feel good when contacting these cards.

7. Goplus 500 Chips and Dice Set

Because this set includes a set of dice as well, you can increase the variety of your games.

You get 500 chips of different colors. These chips closely resemble the chips you’d get in a high-end casino. You can use the chips for Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, and Roulette.

The chips consist of a clay-based material which is both durable and lightweight. For storage, you get an aluminum case.

Key features

  • Appropriate For Texas Hold ’em, Blackjack, Roulette 
  • Set of 500 Casino-Quality Poker Chips 
  • Aluminum Case Included 
  • Ready to Play

8. Claysmith Gaming ‘The Mint’ Poker Chip Set

The Mint Casino in Las Vegas is the inspiration behind this poker set. Because of this, you know you’re getting high-quality chips and accessories. There are 600 chips in this set. The choice of materials and color of these chips mimicks casino quality for the best experience.

Other than the chips, you also get extras such as a seller button, two decks of cards, and five translucent redbones with five pips.

Key features

  • Chips weigh 13.5 grams each 
  • The chips have four triangular edge spots. Each chip has edge markings

9. 500 Dice Style Poker Chips By Trademark Poker

This poker set is all you’ll need for poker night with your friends.

The set includes 500 poker chips in different colors. You also get two decks of cards, blind buttons, and seller chips. You can travel with your chips and cards in comfort because of the sturdy and reliable aluminum case.

The cards in this set are of high quality and will elevate the level of your games. Also, they are durable and flexible and so can survive rough handling.

Key features

  • Set of 500 gambling club-quality poker chips 
  • Composite resin development with overwhelming supplements 
  • Shrewd bones striped plan adds to chips’ allure 
  • Incorporates hardcore aluminum case with dark felt inside 
  • Accompanied by two decks of cards, vendor catch, and two blind buttons

10. Monte Carlo Poker Set

The chips in this set have a design that is pleasing but also high quality. You get 500 chips with values ranging from $1 to $1000. Having such a range of values on the chips means you can play games with more participants. Each chip weighs 13.5 grams, and so will be comfortable in your hands.

The case has an aluminum exterior and has a handle and latches. Your chips and accessories are herefore secure while in the case.

Key features

  • Stylish, Quality Silver Aluminum Poker Chip Case – Either Trolley or Standard 
  • Solid Carry Handle and Lockable Latches 
  • Dark felt fixing with Heavy Duty plastic plate

11. Brybelly Poker Chip Set in Wooden Carousel Case 

 This set has some of the lightest chips in the market at 11.5 grams. You can handle these chips without any fatigue. The set comes with 200 chips. Two hundred chips are less than other poker sets in the market but should still be enough for four or five players. Another advantage of this set is that it comes in retail bundling for a unique and high-quality appearance.

The carousel that houses the chips is wood, while the chips come in five colors. The material in the chips is mud composite, and this is what accounts for the lightweight nature.

The carousel is of elegant wood that is also durable. The handle to the case is silver. With this handle, the carousel is simple to move and store.

The wooden carousel that acts as a holder is a stylish approach to housing the poker chips. The carousel sorts out your chips into eight compartments and has space for two decks of playing a card game. You also get two decks of playing cards with this set.

Key features

  • Rich passage level poker set housed in and a la mode sturdy wood carousel
  • Durable silver handle for portability 
  • It is perfect for 4-5 players. It incorporates 200 betting chips of five hues in addition to 2 decks of cards 
  • Chips are made of mud composite and weigh 11.5 grams each ensuring a genuine club feel

Check out all the poker sets, below!

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Final thoughts: Best poker sets

After going through the four essential pointers to an excellent poker set, you should have a clear idea of what you need. The eleven products we’ve reviewed are all excellent but should appeal to different clients.

If you want a set with many chips, the Brybelly Ultimate set is your choice. The Monte Carlo set has fewer chips but has a stylish package that also consists of aluminum.

ClaySmith ‘the mint’ poker set draws inspiration from a real-life casino, and so has authentic looking chips. Most of the other sets are pretty similar with either resin or clay chips. They also have different value spreads. You can choose the set you want, depending on the number of