11 Best Kneeboards On The Market

Kneeboarding is becoming quite a catch among water sports enthusiasts. Unlike other extreme sports, its learning curve is gentle. You only require the right equipment, and you are ready to rumble in the water. Having the perfect kneeboards will get you started on the right foot. However, the market is full of all manner of those kneeboards. Therefore, making a decision is overwhelming, and the chances of getting it all wrong are at an all-time high.

Thankfully, you found this article. In it, you will learn about the 11 best kneeboards on the market right now. After reading to the last stop, making your decision will be a breeze.

 1. Serenelife Water-sport Knee Board

Its name may not be what you expect for an extreme sport, but let that not fool you. This Serenelife kneeboard is what you need to get your adrenaline pumping. The feet slots are super comfortable to fit in all sizes, shapes, and ages. Its ultra-lite design makes sure you will glide over water effortlessly. It is also easy to carry through the sand to the water and back.


  •  It is waterproof and corrosion-proof. The board is made from marine-certified materials. It will keep away water and remain stainless. It is a sturdy board that beginners and pros will find irresistible.
  •  Lightweight and compact design. What is the point carrying a kneeboard that will bog you down before you get to the water? This Serenelife baby is 9lbs only. You will not feel any weight carrying it. It is also compact, thus will easily fit into your car’s cab or a boat’s box.
  •  It comes in a fit-all size. If you are a family of Kneeboarding fanatics, you can all use this one board. Its 50 inches length and 20 inches width are adequate to accommodate kids, teenagers, as wells as grownups. It confirms the premise that sharing is caring.
  •  You will get a flexible safety strap. On the safety front, the Serenelife water sport board does not leave anything to chance. It has an adjustable safety strap to give you a vice-firm grip. You can dare any rough waters since your safety is never in any doubt.


  •  There are complains about its poor turning ability
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
Serenelife Water-sport Knee Board

2. O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard

Thanks to its EVA padding and a beginner’s hook, O’Brien kneeboard is a match for both seasoned and novice riders. It packs quite a punch for both your safety and comfort. Its padded strap is adjustable to make sure you can share it with others. If you are a rider who is ready to take their game to another level, you will appreciate the inclusion of the beveled edge. It gives you unrivaled performance and control. The fin-like quads at the hull corners help with transitioning and tracking.


  •  The tow hook is a big plus for beginners. They will get help on the board while not concentrating on the rope. It is a significant advantage when teaching first-time knee boarders.
  •  EVA padding is a reminder that this is not your average board. It is a guarantee for safety and comfort for riders.
  •  This O’Brien kneeboard has fins modeled like quads. They are not merely decoration. They make it easy to keep track and transition seamlessly. Any rider would afford to smile in the kind of calmness you get from this device.
  •  Its universal padded strap means everyone can suit it up and take a rider. There is no need to have other kneeboards when all of you can use this one.


  •  The fins and grooves will be a hindrance to doing 180s and 360s stunts
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard

3. Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard

One of the notable features of the Hydroslide revolution board is its attractive design. It will catch your eye, and you may want to consider it. Whoever said beauty and functionality could never be paired, got it all wrong. This kneeboard has the looks of a star, and its spoon-like design makes it glide over the water like a champ. With the hydro hooks, you will not waste a second getting it started. You get on and be ready for a ride immediately. The knee wells are relatively deep to make sure you are tacked safe and can control your movement.


  • This kneeboard does not tag the word ‘revolution’ in its name for nothing. Its thin and sleek design is the actual revolution in Kneeboarding. It makes it easy to pass over water with the least resistance. It also makes it lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The nylon strap has 3-inch padding. It will not only deliver your safety but also make it comfortable as you ride.
  • The knee wells are intentionally deep. They give you more grip and control of your performance. A beginner will have it easy using this board.
  •  When you can’t wait to get started, the hydro hook makes sure the starting is always easy and fast.


  •  There is dissatisfaction with the comfort of the padding
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard

 4. Leader Accessories Kneeboard

The leader accessories kneeboards décor are more fitting to younger enthusiasts. The print colors and graffiti are very appealing. This is not a case of beauty without functionality. The knee padding is generously padded to give you a soft landing. You can feel its stability once you set on the water. While this leader board is more inclined to beginners, it won’t harm any pro to try it. You will love its pocket-friendly price.


  • Its patented design means you will not be running into every other person with it. It is a unique board that will give you bragging rights.
  • Take a close at the edges, and you notice that they are beveled. No, that is not for decoration purposes. It makes it easy for the board to make way through the water. It also allows the board to be slightly low into the water for adequate stability.
  • You can take this kneeboard to rough waters, and it will give you an unrivaled performance. It is built to impress and serve you for long.
  • The EVA padding is there to make sure you never pick any injuries after performing daredevil stunts. You always come down to a soft and soothing landing.
  • Its universal sizing means you can use it across all ages and sizes.
  • This leadership board is appealing to the eye, thus makes it a perfect gift to a teenager who is finding their feet in a variety of water sports.


  • It only comes in two colors
  • A bit on the pricey end
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
Leader Accessories Kneeboard

5. Driftsun Kneeboard

When you are all into water sporting, you need a board that everyone can use. Do not look further. Driftsun kneeboard is all you need. It is highly versatile and will fit your kids, teens, and adults. It is a high-performance board that will give the pros a run for their skills. You can tell by its features that it is suited to take on hard knocks and still keep you floating thanks to its hard shell body. Safety is a priority for this board, but that does not mean it will sacrifice on other ends.


  • Its versatility means you will use one board for the entire family. You will find it easy for training and will give an exceptional performance in the hands of seasoned riders.
  • The twin tips will help it make swift cuts through the water. You are getting a device that is optimized for speed. If you love the thrill of cruising at high speed, this is the kneeboard for you.
  • This Driftsun kneeboard is sturdily constructed. You will use it for a long time and keep getting unfading performance every time.
  • The board will keep its original color for its entire lifespan. It does not allow water to wash away its beautiful appearance.


  •  It is not the best choice for heavy individuals
  • It does not offer a variety of templates
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
Driftsun Kneeboard

6. O’Brien Radica Kneeboard

You don’t wake up one morning and become a surfing pro. Courage to face your fears, practice, and honing your control skills will get you there. And what a better kneeboard to introduce you into this thrilling sport other than O’Brien’s Radica board. It is designed to fit into the skills of a novice. Don’t limit it to that only; it can pack a powerful punch for the experts as well. Its quality is exceptional, and the performance is on par with the very best. You get all these without having to break your bank.


  • Its integrated hook makes it easy for learners to get started. If you are training someone, you will not have a hard time getting them on the board and starting the ride.
  • The padded strap is adjustable not only to fit in different sizes but also give the rider a lot of control.
  • O’Brien Radica has foam padding. Yes, it is hard, but you will get a gentle landing. These add to the structural integrity of the board.
  • The four fins modeled into the board is a genius idea. You feel no friction on the water, and those who love speed would be happy with such an inclusion.
  • You are getting a top-quality board that has no rival in performance. Its versatility gives you a solution to a range of activities in different positions.


  • Its body is made from poor quality plastic
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
O’Brien Radica Kneeboard

7. Hydroslide Pro XLT Kneeboard

For the big boys who need equally big toys to play with, Hydroslide Pro XLT kneeboard will not let you down. It is an adult-only option. Once you get your grips into the sport, this is the kind of tool you should buy. The most outstanding feature is its slim design that will cut through water effortlessly. While there is evidence of evolution, this Pro XLT board is easy to use, just like the ones you used to learn the ropes.


  • When adults need to make a statement of their skills, this board will send that message loud and clear. It is an adult-only choice, and that separates boys from men.
  • Speed is a big thing in water activities. This Hydroslide device does not spare anything for speed. The slim profile design means you will have almost zero friction in the water. It will feel like you are gliding through space.
  • While the padded strap is adequate for your safety, you get an extra three-inch layer for more security while riding at top speed.
  • Eva padding will make sure your knees are deep into the board well. You get more control even at cruising speed.
  • The thin design not only helps with smooth movement in the water but also makes the board extremely portable. You squeeze it in a tight space in your car or boat.


  •  Youngsters will not be happy that this one is not for them. Anyway, it is for their safety.
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
Hydroslide Pro XLT Kneeboard

8. Hydroslide Havoc Kneeboard

This is yet another one for adults. It is large and sturdy to give enough accommodation to big-size individuals. Those who are on the heavy side and tall will find this Hydroslide Havoc a fantastic choice. The size does not limit it in terms of speed. Its thin profile makes sure you can cruise at high speed without any struggles. Comfort has a big room on this device. You will get no knee pain after a long ride. As long as you are an adult, you are good to go with these kneeboards.


  • Most of the kneeboards target kids, teens, and average-size adults. Big size individuals will have a problem fitting in ordinary kneeboards. This Hydroslide kneeboard is here to solve that problem once and for all.
  • It may be big and sturdy, but that does not make it a slow device. It has a patented, slim profile design to optimize its speed. This also makes it extremely portable.
  • The knee walls are textured to give you a firm and comfortable grip when in motion. You are in total control of what happens.
  • This is a toy for the big boys. Its performance matches the expectations of the pros. Nevertheless, this board will be gentle on adult beginners.


  •  The padding is a bit rough on the skin
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
Hydroslide Havoc Kneeboard

9. O’Brien Sozo Kneeboard

There are the rest of the kneeboards, and then there is O’Brien Sozo Kneeboard. It is a mile ahead of the rest. Its design, engineering, technology, and futuristic technology are what any waterboarding enthusiast would give anything to have. It may be best suited for pros, but newbies can get it and be on their way to the top. Safety, check. Comfort, check, performance, check. What more would you ask for?


  • You are getting a stealth machine that will clock the highest speed on the water. It does not make disturbance as it glides in water.
  • The board is amazingly adjustable. You can work on it until you find the position that you feel more comfortable.
  • The engineering and technology used to make this device make it safe and gives it unmatched performance. You will always be the rider to beat.
  • Forget about all other forms of landings. The Sozo kneeboards use air for a soft landing. You can never break anything landing on the air padding.


  •  Beginners will have to skip this one until their skills are up
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
O’Brien Sozo Kneeboard

10. Hydroslide Phantom Kneeboard

Hydroslide does not believe that your creativity and having fun should have any limits. That is why they give you a phantom. No stunt is too scary for this kneeboard. Your guess is right. The Hydroslide Phantom Kneeboard is a machine for professionals. With it comes a lightweight design and minimal dimensions. Its features are user-centered and optimized for safety and performance.


  • The kneeboards are designed with the end-user in mind. The combination of the best engineering and ultra-modern technology gives it an edge over the rest.
  • The twin tips make sure that the board’s movement on the water is seamless. You will not get any reaction force from the water.
  • The design is dynamic. Therefore, the board can be used in a broad spectrum of water activities.
  • The incorporated hydro hook is your safety net. It minimizes any chances of accidental falls.
  • The term ‘phantom’ is not a selling trick by Hydroslide. You will get the speed and performance you are yearning for.


  •  Comes in a heavy-duty design thus not appropriate for youngsters and beginners
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
Hydroslide Phantom Kneeboard

11. Connelly the King Kneeboard

Talk of versatility and that is where Connelly the king kneeboard comes it. You car ride it on your belly, standing, or kneeling. Its wide body allows for all manner of positioning experimentation. You can use the tow rope to attach the board and have your hands free. Thanks to its simplicity, even kids will find it easy to use. It is an entry-level kneeboard, yet you will have a blast using it.


  • What you will see first is the colorful décor on the body. It does not have to be a dull affair when you cruise over water.
  • Connelly, the king, makes sure you are not limited to one position. The wide-body allows you to kneel, lie flat, or stand. Such versatility makes it easy to perfect your craft.
  • The double fins help with tracking through the water. The fins are removable to minimize storage space.
  • Do all the stunts you want, and be sure you have a soft spot to land. The EVA padding is thick and robust to ensure that no harm comes your way.


  • The absence of a knee strap increases the chances of a fall
11 Best Kneeboards on the Market
Connelly the King Kneeboard

Are your feet itching for a kneeboarding experience? The first rule of the game is having the right tools. Knock yourself up with one of the kneeboards from our rich and diverse list. Remember to choose a board that matches your skills. Have a blast and stay safe all the time.

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