11 Best Jobsite Radios on the Market

If you work on-site, you probably know how things can get boring. It is understandable that you would love a little distraction and make the work environment a little livelier. You could say that your phone is the best solution for boring job-sites. But we all know that some working environments are not fit and safe to have your mobile device lying around. What then can solve the problem for you?

A job-site radio is what you need. These are heavy-duty radios that are durable, portable, and with generous battery life. As you work, you will keep tabs on the news and some music to keep you going even when the tasks are taking a toll on you. Unfortunately, there are so many job-site radios in the market. Choosing one for your needs is like searching for a needle in a stack of hay. Don’t give up yet. This article had you in mind and reviewed 11 of the best job-site radios you can buy. It will also give you a buyer’s guide to make sure you make the right decision.

Is it time you make things somewhat bearable at your work site?

Why a job-site radio?

A lot of research has been into the effects of music on the brain with a bias on how it motivates individuals and boosts their performance. Conclusions drawn from such studies are in agreement that workers who listen to music as they work are relatively faster than their colleagues who do not. It is also on record that those who play music at their working stations are most satisfied and motivated. On particular study titled, The Effect of Music Listening on Work Performance, done by the Society for Music adds to the body of evidence that music improves general mood, motivates, and increases the level of productivity among workers. Therefore, whatever you do for a living, you should consider playing some music while at it and get things done easily and faster.

11 best job-site radios in 2019 and beyond reviewed

1. DEWALT ToughSystem Radio

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If you have been in search of a durable and reliable job-site radio to lighten up your working moments, the DEWALT tough system is all you need. To begin with, the tough radio system is sturdily built with an impact-resistant case that makes it quite durable. It also features a Bluetooth capability to allow you to play music from any Bluetooth enabled device.

For a balanced sound, the system comes with dual speakers with a super clear sound. The radio is also chargeable enabling you to enjoy your favorite music while away from an electricity source. The 2 powerful DEWALT 12V – 20V MAX Li-Ion batteries get fully charged within 90 minutes.

While playing your favorite music from your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about running low on power. This system is designed with two USB ports to keep your compatible devices charged. Moreover, it also features controls that allow you to select your most preferred jams from your playlist.

A comfortable carry handle is included for easy portability when you want to use the system on an outdoor job. A carry dock for your smartphone is included as well for safe storage when connected to the speaker.


  • The system is lightweight and compact making it easily portable when you need to move it around.
  • It’s a worthwhile purchase that will last you for the longest time with the impact-resistant case that makes it pretty durable.
  • The speaker has both corded and cordless capability. It can use corded power or battery power where there is no electricity power.
  • It comes with an LED indicator to keep you informed on battery status; when it’s low, too hot or when it’s charging.
  • With the Bluetooth connectivity feature, you can enjoy music from your Bluetooth enabled devices with a 100-feet distance.


  • It lacks an external antennae

2. Bosch Bluetooth Power Box Jobsite AM/FM Radio/Charger

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Enjoy more job-site freedom while staying entertained by the Bosch Bluetooth Powerbox Jobsite Radio. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to enjoy music from your Bluetooth. The Bluetooth capability connects within a range of 150 feet. The system also features a quality sound system with 4-way speakers and a sub-woofer transmitting top quality sound at a 360 degrees radius.

This radio also keeps your smart charge as you listen in to your regular playlist. This is thanks to the 5 volt USB port to ensure it meets your charging needs while at work.

With top durability, this is a zero-regret purchase. It features a weather-resistant design and protective aluminum and rubber roller cage. With this, you can use it in a tough job-site without worrying about getting it worn out.


  • It is compact, lightweight and also has a carrying handle to enable you to carry it to wherever you may need it without much hassle.
  • The system has the capability of running on 18 Power Bosch batteries when you don’t have access to an AC outlet.
  • With the Bluetooth capability, you are able to access your favorite playlist from your Bluetooth powered devices.
  • User controls are provided to allow you to conveniently make adjustments on bass or treble and for equalizer customization as well.
  • The radio comes with an assurance of longevity with its sturdy construction and weather-resistant design that protects it from wear and tear when exposed to tough working conditions.


  • The digital screen that’s provided doesn’t work so well under direct sunlight.

3. DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Jobsite Radio and Battery Charger (DCR025)

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This is yet another DEWALT radio system that’s specially featured to give you the best of moments when it’s work time. First of all, the radio is designed with 100 feet to range Bluetooth connectivity to give you the pleasure of listening to your preferred music directly from your gadgets with Bluetooth support.

The Audio Video Remote Control Protocol capability is included to give you control over the playlist from your device via the system’s interface. This way you can skip forward to next or the previous song or skip a song without handling the device. Besides the USB port for charging your phone, 2AC adaptors are also provided for your working tools.

It provides an exciting sound experience with the enhancement of tweeters, airports, and woofers. It is also quite convenient to transport since its lightweight and compact. It can also be powered through an AC power cord or 20V/60V FLEXVOLT DEWALT batteries. This way you can still have an exciting job-site moment even when there’s no access to electrical power.


  • The radio allows you to listen in to your favorite playlist from your smartphone with the Bluetooth connectivity feature.
  • It gets you enjoying music from your phone without the worry of getting a low battery thanks to the USB charging port that’s included.
  • Once you purchase the system you get to walk home with a bonus of a bottle opener to open your favorite drink whenever you need a cold drink while at work.
  • It is designed with a large lower compartment to accommodate your handset and the cables.
  • Voice reception is top-notch when tuned in to the local radio stations.


  • The device isn’t water-resistant. Leave it under the rain and you will find water sloshing inside.

4. PORTER-CABLE PCC771B Bluetooth Radio

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Tune in to your favorite radio stations to stay entertained while working for long hours with this quality PORTER-CABLE PCC771B Bluetooth radio. Firstly the radio features a powerful sound system composed of two top quality speakers and a sound equalizer as well.

Featured with blue tooth compatibility you can listen to your top playlist from any of your Bluetooth enabled devices. With this you won’t be limited to listening to the radio stations only. Moreover, the radio also allows you to save up to 12 of your favorite radio stations.

Being lightweight and compact, the radio allows for hassle-free portability in your work area. This also makes it easy to store since it won’t require much of your storage space with its compact nature. Moreover, in case you face a blackout or while working in an area without electricity you can keep your entertainment going with 20V Max lithium-ion batteries.


  • The sound quality is top-notch. It comes out loud and clear, even while in a noisy working environment.
  • When fully charged the 20V lithium-ion batteries will last you at about six hours without the need for a recharge.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music from your smartphone with a wireless connection.
  • You can always play your MP3 audios by plugging in your MP3 players through the AUX mode feature that’s included.


  • The AC cord isn’t as strong. It tends to wear out pretty quickly.

5. Sangean LB-100 Ultra Rugged Compact AM / FM Radio

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The Sangean LB 100 is a digital rugged design radio featured with all you need for job-site optimal entertainment. It comes with 10 station memory presets with five being FM and five AM to keep you entertained all day long.

The radio doesn’t only feature a pleasant rugged design but a roll cage protective design as well. This keeps it protected from impact and drop effects. The volume controls are made with the ABS plastic body which is also quite durable. The 5 ¼ inch speaker that’s provided is made with a water-resistant material to keep in good condition even when exposed to wet weather conditions.

It can operate on both AC power or 4c batteries. With this you won’t be limited to getting an all-day entertainment only in regions with electricity. Moreover, the radio also comes with a powerful sound system which delivers the sound loud and clear even in the noisy industrial areas.


  • It’s a great entertainment choice for building sites with the impact resistance feature that’s included.
  • An LCD display screen is provided to keep you updated on time and the station that you are tuned in. Being backlit and super clear you will be a position to read the screen details while across the room.
  • With safety in mind, there’s space where you can roll up the AC cord while using the batteries. This ensures it doesn’t get you entangled accidentally.
  • With resistance to water and dust, the radio is a great entertainment companion for an industrial set up.       
  • Sound reception is also great thus highly recommended if working in a noisy environment.


  • The antenna is a bit small for individuals that are used to using the lengthy ones.

6. Avantree Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

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This Avantree portable radio could be your ideal motivation at your job-site in many ways than one. Take a look at the Bluetooth connectivity, it allows you to enjoy music right from your smartphone wirelessly. A micro SD card mode is also included to enable you to listen to your preferred stories or playlists stored in your SD card.

The auto-saving channel feature enables you to run an auto search and spontaneously save all the available channels. Note that you can always improve the radio reception by connecting a USB cable as an antenna. With the six equalizer modes that are included you get to enjoy an incredible sound quality while listening to your favorite radio programs or music.

The radio is pretty lightweight and small which makes it easily portable. You can tack it comfortably into your backpack and carry it around without breaking your back. Also, a hand strap is attached on the side of the radio to enable you carry it around conveniently when out of the bag. With the included menu you get access to different playback modes. You can input repeat all, repeat one or the random option.


  • The radio comes with a Nokia lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable. This ensures that you still get to use it in areas without electricity.
  • You are able to bring the radio everywhere with its portable nature and a carrying hand strap.
  • A volume knob is included not only to enable you to adjust the radio volume but it also acts as an on and off turning mode.
  • The radio is very easy to use. Just get conversant with the user guide and you are ready to get entertained all day long.


  • The radio doesn’t have an AM mode, it operates on FM only.

7. Milwaukee 2890-20 18V Dual Chemistry M18 Jobsite Radio

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Milwaukee brings your way unlimited entertainment at your Jobsite with this M18 Jobsite radio.  It comes with both an AM and FM tuner which allows you to have 10 preset stations at a go to keep you entertained all day long. Also, it is sturdily built with rubberized ends for weather and impact resistance. The rectangular design makes it pretty convenient for storage in a box or a bag with other tools carefully placed on the top.

With this radio, your smartphone will definitely be shielded from harm’s way. It is designed with a USB charging compartment at the back from where you can safely your smartphone as you use it to play music. A 3.5mm auxiliary jack is included as well to get you playing your best music right from your phone. Moreover, the radio features a quality fold-out antenna that makes its reception topnotch even in enclosed environments.

If you work in a noisy Jobsite your entertainment won’t get cut short with this radio. This is thanks to its rich sound system that delivers your music loud and clear regardless of the environment.


  • The system is designed to run on both battery and 110V to enable you to use even without convenient access to electricity.
  • The radio comes with M18 5.0 Ah battery to give you an uninterrupted 12 hours of entertainment without running low on power.
  • It is easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech expert to operate the system.
  • With the sturdy wear and tear-resistant construction, the radio is ideal for the individual in tough working environments.


  • You cannot control your playlist on the radio’s menu. You have to reach out for your auxiliary device anytime you want to change your playlist.

8. Porter Cable PCCR701B 20V MAX Corded/Cordless Jobsite Radio

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If you need a radio that will give you durability, good sound and keep you enjoying your smartphone playlist look no further. The Porter-Cable PCCR701B 20V Jobsite is all you need. This job-site radio is designed with a durable roll cage to withstand the harsh conditions of an industrial environment. It also features the cord and cordless capability to keep the radio running either on an AC outlet or a 20V battery.

The radio also allows you to enjoy a versatile music play. This comes with the AM/FM and auxiliary mode that’s included to get you tuned to several stations and also connect your auxiliary device for your favorite music. When it comes to the sound system you won’t be disappointed since the sound levels are pretty loud and clear as well.

Reception from the local AM/FM radio stations is pretty good in turn allowing you never to miss out on your favorite radio programs while working.


  • With this radio, you won’t be limited to entertainment from the preset stations only. The auxiliary mode that’s included allows you to access your smartphone’s playlist via the auxiliary cable.
  • The radio comes with a powerful stereo system to provide you with a great sound for optimal all-day entertainment.
  • Its durability and roll cage design allows you to carry it in tough job-sites without worrying about getting it damaged.
  • It charges the batteries quite well.


  • The radio doesn’t come with the 20V battery that powers it when it’s not running on electricity.
  • It lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

9. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2792-20 Electric Jobsite Radio

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With good music on your job, you will stay motivated and rejuvenated even while on long hour assignments. The Milwaukee 2592-20 job-site radio is designed with everything you will need for fun-filled moments while at work. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to listen in to your all-time playlists from your smartphone with a wireless connection. Note that the Bluetooth connectivity ranges up to 100 feet.

The radio can be powered by AC power or Milwaukee M18 Lithium-Ion batteries. With this, you won’t miss out on your favorite radio program because of a power outage. Moreover, the radio has an inbuilt battery that charges the Milwaukee M18 Lithium-Ion batteries quite well.

With this radio, you will not only get an all-day entertainment but also a rich sound as well. This is thanks to the 40watt amp that’s featured and top quality speakers. A customized sound equalizer is also provided to enhance the stereo system.


  • A protective compartment is included to provide a safe storage space for your smartphone and some more of your personal effects.
  • The radio is decently loud enough to enable you to enjoy an interruptedly even when in a noisy environment.
  • An inbuilt phone charger is included to keep your phone charged while you use it on the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A power cord handle is provided where the power cord is safely wrapped around when not in use.
  • Exterior handles are featured for ease of portability when you need to move the system around your working site.


  • The radio’s antenna is a bit feeble and can easily be destroyed if exposed to rough working conditions.

10. DEWALT 7.2V-18V Radio and Battery Charger (DC012)

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One of the things that can make you have the best of productivity while working is a quality job-site radio. Well, DEWALT brings you the D012 job-site radio that’s richly featured for limitless fun and entertainment. To begin with the radio runs on both AC power and 18V DEWALT battery. With this you will still stay tuned to your best programs while in a job-site without electricity access. The radio hascharging system for the 18V DEWALT battery which offers optimal runtime and also prolongs the battery life as well.

With this radio you will enjoy a superior sound quality. This is attributed to the featured top notch speakers that come with dual bass ports for the best of bass effects. It is also designed with AM/FM tuner with 15 memory station presets to give you a variety of radio play. Moreover an auxiliary port is included to provide connectivity with MP3 players and CD players.

For loud and clear reception this job-site radio comes with an 11 inch dual pivoting antenna. Even with all your doors closed this antenna provides for the best reception ever. Moreover, the system has various power outlets where you can plug in some of your working tools.


  • The radio runs on the 18V DEWALT battery which keeps your entertainment going when you don’t have a nearby AC plug in.
  • The provided LCD screen is easy to read, the same case with changing the radio stations.
  • With the radio sound system noise won’t be a problem for you while working in noisy job-sites.
  • It features large on, volume and tuning knobs which makes the system quite convenient to handle.


  • It lacks the blue toot connectivity and a USB port as well.

11. TREBLAB FX100 – Extreme Bluetooth Speaker

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Though the last on the list this is one of the most rugged you will ever get for your out outdoor jobs or hiking activities. First and foremost is that the system is certified as water resistant, shock proof, and dust resistant. This makes it fit for withstanding the tough conditions out there on your industrial jobs or while hiking.

With this Bluetooth speaker, you will never run out of power with the 7000Amh battery that’s featured. When full this battery will not only keep you entertained for a continuous 35 hours but it will also keep all your devices charged.

Having a super loud and clear sound system any noise within your environment becomes a non-issue. This is because the system releases sound on a 360 degree radius. Also, note that all the distortions that come with high volumes are completely eliminated to give you a clear soothing tune of your favorite music.


  • With superb Bluetooth connectivity, the radio allows you to play your all-time songs from your smartphone, tablet, iPhone and all other devices that are Bluetooth supported.
  • User-friendly buttons for volume control and tuning to give you a pretty convenient user experience.
  • The system being water, dust and shockproof makes it your ideal entertainment source to keep you motivated while on tough industrial jobs.
  • You will be able to use the speaker while it’s still charging.
  • While playing music from your phone you will still be able to pick your calls. Just touch the home button anytime you need to pick a call.


  • The speaker is a little bit heavy.

Best Jobsite Radio Buying Guide

When you to buy the ideal job-site radio that will suit your entertainment needs there are a number of factors that you will need to look at. Well, all these factors will follow suit once you have a budget in mind that will narrow down your search to a particular category of these systems. Below we are going to highlight these crucial factors and also discuss how they should influence your job-site radio.

Electric/ Battery Power

The power-on which your radio runs on is a very important factor because if you make the wrong choice here the radio may never be of any benefit to you. Regardless of most jobsite radios having the capability of running on both AC and battery power do not forget to check if the feature is available. If your worksite is in an area without electricity access, make sure to get a rechargeable radio with a battery that will last you for the longest time.

Radio/ Speaker

Note that some systems under this category are only speakers without the radio. If you are that person loves to listen to your own playlist all day long then a speaker the only system will work for you. If you like both radio and your personal playlist make sure that both capabilities are on board so as to meet your entertainment needs effectively.

Size of the Radio

One thing you need to have in mind is that in most cases bigger radios are able to accommodate bigger speakers thus delivering a better sound quality. This makes it recommendable for big working sites where you are providing music for everyone else. The only downside side of this is that you will need a secure place for storage at the work site. This is because having to carry a huge radio to work every single day could be pretty hectic. Moreover, if you are considering a big sized radio don’t forget to select one with a transportation handle.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This radio with Bluetooth connectivity offers you versatile music play options. The reason being it makes it possible to play music from all your Bluetooth enabled devices through the Bluetooth medium. With this, you won’t need auxiliary cables to have your phone linked with the radio. The only shortcoming with the Bluetooth connectivity is because it consumes much of battery power thus best when the radio is using AC power.


 The fact that this is a jobsite radio you definitely need one that is quite durable to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial working sites. The dust, water, and shock proof models are the best since you don’t have to work worrying about either dropping them or splashing water on them.


While choosing a jobsite radio you can’t afford to compromise on sound quality because as the title of the system suggests they are meant for noisy areas. Before purchasing one you need to ensure that the sound system will deliver effectively even in noisy working environments.


Hopefully the above-discussed reviews and the buying guide included will help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a job-site radio. Whether you are looking one for an entire jobsite or for your personal job site you can be sure you won’t go wrong with the systems that have been discussed above.