11 Best Camping Lanterns on the Market

For centuries camping lanterns have been employed to illuminate the night. Initially made to encircle a candle flame, the lamps have advanced to be run by batteries, gas, solar panels, and USB ports. Whether you are searching to light up a dark campground close to your vehicle or deep inside the backcountry, lanterns shall provide a dependable light source to assist you set up camp, relax comfortably and cook during your getaway. To any emergency readiness kit, lamps are likewise a treasured inclusion.

To select the best lanterns, we searched for functionality, quality of light, and versatility. We selected stuff like brightness, number of illumination settings, plus the pigment of light radiated by these lanterns.

Thus whether you require a lantern for a vehicle camping tour or even to craft enjoyable heaven on your lone backpacking expedition, you shall be sure to discover the ideal camping lantern in this listing.

1. UST 30-Day Duro LED Lantern

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This camping lantern does not come devoid of downsides; however, it is top in our list for versatile employment.

The star attraction of the Duro’s feature set is impressive battery life. UST asserts that the lantern shall last for approximately a month of continuous employment on the lowest setting.

The diffuser screen of the Duro offers a soft light, plus it is effortlessly detachable for more focused lighting or usage as a down-light.

On High, the Duro’s rating is a blinding 700 lumens. That extra brilliance is not as perceptible if the diffuser is in position; nonetheless, the Duro effortlessly outperforms the smaller camp out lanterns.

The glow-in-the-dark aspect is attractive; however, it is not constantly bright enough to assist in discovering the lantern in the darkness. On the whole, though, the structure appears rugged sufficiently to handle any exploitation that is thrown its way.

The significant faults are at the base. Its battery section detaches straightforwardly enough, nonetheless replacing it needs aligning a tiny tab with a fissure on its lid. It requires close examination and some run-through to get familiar with it. The little hook on the bottom is likewise fragile, even though it does function for dangling as a down-light.

Those are comparatively negligible worries. The Duro’s brightness and battery life overshadow the deficiencies. The Duro is the lantern you should go for, for all-purpose camping employment or as a blackout backup.

Product Specs

  • Max Burn Time: 720 hours
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Power Source: 3 D batteries
  • Max Lumens: 700

2. Coleman Dual-Fuel 2-Mantle Lantern

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The Coleman Dual-Fuel 2-Mantle Lantern is the product to buy for those who favor a natural flame instead of the white light of the bulb. Casting an enormous 700 lumens of light at its uppermost setting, this lantern claims a brilliant light than most other lanterns. Plus, with Dual-Fuel technology, the Coleman lantern functions with either unleaded gasoline or customary white gas.

With a weight of three pounds and providing almost eight hours of light at the high setting and 14 hours while on low, this lamp is a perfect pick for nature lovers who wish to light up a big outdoor expanse with a single source of light. A long wire handle makes it effortless to hold the lamp out in front, whereas walking or dangle it from a post to illuminate from above, however, avoid hanging it on a weak fixture or tree branch. The flammability and weight of this lantern need maximum attention.

Product Specs

  • Power Source: unleaded gasoline or White gas (favored)
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Maximum Lumens: 700 lumens

3. Goal Zero Lighthouse 400

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The Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 provides the suitability of a battery-run lantern devoid of the price and trouble of substituting the batteries after a couple of expeditions. This is owed to its lithium-ion battery that recharges through an incorporated USB cord. Whenever the lantern is not charging, the cable and USB port can likewise be employed to charge the tablet or phone on the move. And, on the junctures, whenever the battery has exhausted, there is a convenient wind-up utility to add a little juice! A different suitable feature is the aptitude to switch on just half the light to prevent light from gleaming in your eyes and for battery power conservation.

Product Specs

  • Very powerful and bright
  • Comes with a USB port to charge gadgets
  • Eco-conscious and rechargeable battery

4. Primus Micron Lantern

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Micron Lantern from Primus is a lantern on our listing that is powered by butane fuel. Meant precisely for outdoor and backpacking use, the globe close to the flame is constructed from durable mesh rather than glass. Its mantles are likewise additionally tough to lower the gamble of either disintegrating inside your package. For those who would instead utilize propane fuel to power up the brightness to around 360 lumens, butane-to-propane converters are obtainable for about $20 on the web and at numerous outdoor stores.

Product Specs

  • Quite compact
  • Mega lightweight

5. Supernova LED Camping Lantern

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The Supernova 300 Lumens Ultra is perfect for hiking, home use camping, and fishing. If there is a blackout owing to bad weather, this LED will keep lit, even the darkest rooms.

Only 3 d cell batteries power this multipurpose LED Lantern. They are brighter than most of the other lights in the market plus even the regular room lights. And they are definitely superior to whichever of the candles which leave wax around and get blown out.

It comes with hooks on the bottom and top, which can be employed to hang in tents and at home. Because its screws aren’t stress-free to handle, inserting the screw back after a change of batteries can be problematic. The covering requires to be flawlessly lined, and you have to be detailed here. On the whole, it is an outstanding creation to have.

Product Specs

  • Up to 3 days on high and six days on low
  • Lifetime service contract
  • Watertight

6. Streamlight 44931 Siege Lantern

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The C4 LED expertise makes the lamp to be shock and impact resistant. That feature guarantees the lantern is long-lasting plus durable. The lantern as well is made of hard-wearing polycarbonate lenses.

The Streamlight lantern has five modes- Red SOS Flashing mode, Red mode (10 lumens), Low mode (55 lumens), and High mode (540 lumens).

Alkaline batteries power it. There is a battery level indicator built into the on and off button.

The lantern offers 360-degrees of even light. It possesses an outer globe that excellently lights up the path. The lantern can get utilized with or devoid of this globe covering.

You can take away the globe and suspend it upside down, employing the D-ring if you desire an even more significant lighting extent.

The lantern has been cast with rubber making it steady on rough and slippery façades. The lamp isn’t watertight; thus, you require being vigilant when employing it during rainy weather. Whenever the lantern is turned off, it is sensible to take out the batteries as the lantern is likely to drain them sooner or later.

Product Specs

  • Long-lasting lenses
  • Impact resilient
  • Shock resilient
  • Offers 360 degrees of even light

7. Black Diamond Apollo

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The Black Diamond Apollo appears modest; nevertheless, this straightforward design is concealing lots of beneficial aspects, from rubber-tipped legs which shall not slip and slither to metal dangling hooks. You will not need to think if something is watching you from the darkness despite wherever you go.

Product Specs

  • Double power meters
  • No maddening brightness
  • Apt price for its superiority

8. Nite Ize Radiant 400

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It provides 400 lumens of lighting at its highest setting, a great deal of light for family camp goers, and other significant assemblages.

With a single switch, the LED lantern possesses three light settings that one can toggle through. Its light is quite bright but not overpowering.

For camp out, this Nite Ize lantern tops owing to its jagged structure. It stands up finely to the bruises and bumps of the campsite.

Extra stuff to note comprises the carabiner clip for effortless dangling and the built-in transport bag for safe storage. It essentially doubles as a diffuser of light.

This outdoor lamp’s major disappointment is its mass. It needs three D-Cell batteries plus that adds some weight. The approximately 800 hours of battery life on its lowest setting is its flip side.

Product Specs

  • 3 Light Setting Modes
  • Reasonable Price
  • Luminous 400 Lumen LED
  • Extensive Battery Life
  • Carabiner Fastener for Stress-free Dangling

9. Streamlight 44945 Lantern

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Apt for camping during the night, this lantern has the finest-designed handle at the marketplace. Streamlight 44945 Super Siege Series is itemized amongst the leading camp out lanterns with its high-powered 1100 lumen LED bulb. Its spring-loaded d sized rings possessing the lantern shape make it more nice-looking to the client. Owing to the portable charging feature it makes it to this list of 11 best camping lanterns.

With a yellow color, this 1100 lumen lantern has a dimension of 7.8×3.8×3.8 inches and a weight of 1.9 pounds. It necessitates only 12 volts of both DC and AC power sources to get it charged. It features an energy-saving LED bulb plus is shaped inside D sized ring for lighting up a vast expanse. As one of the top camping lanterns, it has an integral battery level display. If you are looking for the exceptional aspect of this lantern for camping, we ought to state about the impermeable stowage compartment. It offers additional protection for adults as well as kids.

Product Specs

  • Fantastic illumination, which is apt for camp nights.
  • Portable kind of USB charger.
  • Water-resistant stowing to keep stuff dry.
  • Rechargeable battery.

10. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

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This lantern employs LED technology and is amongst the brightest and portable, and it is motorized by three AA batteries that are rechargeable. A single recharge shall offer you in excess of 12 hours of bright 360-degree illumination at its – highest setting. Its measurements are 7.6 x 5.4 x 3.8 inches plus weighs 10oz with batteries within. The lumen capability is 140, which is moderately bright for a backpacker or camper. Regular battery life is around 12 – 30 hours, counting on the brightness you want.

The material, ABS, is quite hard and can withstand tough situations. The aircraft-grade material shall endure a 10-foot drop minus breaking anything, which is the reason regular travelers purchase this lamp. It similarly is IP44 dust and water-resistant, which enhances its customer appeal. It comes with two steel holders that are collapsible for transportability.

Product Specs

  • Transportable
  • 360-degree lighting
  • Material is not easy to break and watertight
  • Employs AA batteries
  • Lifetime warranty

11. LE LED Camping Lantern

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The LE LED Camping Lantern may be the one you need if you are searching for a lamp with an IPX4 fortification grade and is relatively bright. Having 1,000 lumens, one can be sure it is amongst the brightest there are on our marketplace. It utilizes three 1.5V D batteries that aren’t incorporated in its packaging and shall illumine at an angle of 360 degrees that is perfect for RVs and houses. Numerous critics approve it is so bright for tents lest its settings are at low.

With only a single elongated press on the switch, one can regulate the lantern’s illumination amid its four modes; 1000lm (flash mode), 300lm (warm white), 1000lm (cool white) and 700lm (cool white). You can take away the cap plus then turn it inverted to employ it outdoors or in storms. This lamp comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Product Specs

  • Turn the lamp upside down and suspend it on any tree.
  • Watertight.
  • Four modes plus 1000 lumens.
  • Energy-saving feature.
  • Integrated compass

Buying Guide

Significant features of the transportable lanterns


Smaller lanterns are perfect for camping and movability as they are likewise relatively light; nonetheless, that doesn’t imply they are weak. When camping with your car, you shall require lighting up more spaces like the living area and the kitchen, and thus you shall require a lamp with additional power. If just camping inside a small gazebo, then a much lesser lamp shall function okay. Whenever camping, you need a lamp with extended battery life, however relatively light simultaneously since you might necessitate it to read your journal and maps whenever you do not need to trouble other campsite inhabitants.


Go for rough and rainproof because life outside is rather tough. Your lamp shall be bare to weather elements, and it just works aptly if it can withstand that quite well. You need to watch out for hard-wearing material – rigid plastic – and designs that web-based reviewers articulate are meant for endurance. The better it shall serve you if it is rainproof.

Power Source and Illumination

Lanterns are rated in lumens, and many individuals go for ones between 100 and 200 per lamp. For the more prominent groups employing a single lamp for everyone, you might need it brighter, and hence 200 to 400 lumens or more, shall serve. Many lamps possess low and high settings, and you can’t achieve all-out runtime, whereas turning up the highest brightness setting.

The power source likewise defines runtime and brightness. Solar-powered lamps do not last extensively like gas-powered ones since they require recurrent recharging; nevertheless, they do fine if they are getting exposed to extended hours beneath straight sunlight. We have four primary power sources for lanterns –gas, solar, electricity, and battery. Many battery-powered lanterns are recharged if plugged into a power source.


1) Which one should you select for the best camp out experience – headlamps, lanterns, or flashlights?

Initially, you should understand the differences. A flashlight is a sort of guiding light. Nevertheless, it can illuminate a long expanse but cover just an individual course.

Headlamps are likewise similar to flashlights. The only difference is that they can be fastened to the user’s head. On the other hand, lanterns shall illume the surrounding extent. Consequently, lamps are the preferred alternative.

2) Between electric lanterns or gas-powered lanterns, which one is superior?

Essentially, it relies on the objective of employment. If you require extra light, then purchase the gas-powered lamp, which is mostly powered by white gas or liquid fuel; however, if you want a lantern that shall serve you unceasingly but shall have a somewhat smaller quantity of lumens then buy the electric lamps.

Since many of the electric lanterns are powered by alkaline that can easily get converted to rechargeable batteries. This aids the lamps from being charged from the up-to-the-minute solar panel innovation.


Still, overwhelmed to get the apt camping lamps? Camp out lanterns might be battery-powered, rechargeable, and watertight or whichever types. If there is no choice obtainable in your hands, choose any from this list the best camping lanterns.

But it is recommended you to select the sorts of the invention which are durable and lightweight. Typically, camping lamps comes with durable body materials, watertight facility, and dominant energy-saving bulbs.

However, being the best camping lamps possess all these features; thus, before purchasing, just ensure and conclude for which objectives you need to employ that shall make the lantern worth acquiring.