11 Best Bird Baths for Any Garden

Are you tired of the dull nature of your garden, deck, yard, or lawn? Why not blow a fresh breeze of life into it by installing a bird bath. Simple, right? Well, this mild addition can bring a buzz of activities to your space. What if you could bump into rare birds splashing and singing outside your window on a hot summer afternoon? It’s a priceless sight to behold.

About bird baths

Bird baths have been in existence from time immemorial. They offer one reliable water source that never runs dry throughout the year. Today, irrespective of your garden, we now have bird baths that can suit your theme. Pick between mounted, staked, wall-hanging, hanging, grounded, and freestanding bird baths. Are you undecided about what kind of bird bath to install for your patio? Why not start with the freestanding types?

Freestanding bird baths

Freestanding bird baths work for almost any garden. They comprise of a bowl balanced high in the air on one or several pedestals. These pedestals are rather heavy, providing the needed balance for the bird bath. Indeed, it’s a safe design for the birds that drink and slurp water at a safe distance from crawling predators. Besides, such bird baths are the best as they are easy to find, have low maintenance, and can be customized to suit your garden.

The reviews

In this guide, we’ve hand-picked 11 freestanding bird baths for your garden. Pick any of these bird baths to transform a plain-looking backyard into a bustling one. In turn, create a haven for our feathered friends and a sight to behold for friends and family. Are you ready for the review? Here we go!

Dimensions: 18 inches by 18 inches by 21.20 inches

Safe and robust frame

The Peaktop Outdoor Bird bath is of a three stand pedestal frame holding a durable glass bowl. This sturdy frame stays balanced off the ground, even in windy conditions. Do you keep pets in your house? You can still enjoy the view of birds chirping outside your window with this first bird bath. The Peaktop Outdoor Bird bath stands 21.2” high. It is a safe distance from snakes, frogs, dogs, cats, lizards, and any other predator for the feathered friends.


The Peaktop Outdoor Bird bath is available in at least seven mosaic designs. These include pink, tropical green, purple, Hummingbird, yellow, and blue butterfly flower fusions. Use these captivating mosaics to rouse up your landscape. The baths blend well with most garden themes. Plus, the glass’ natural light reflections create an ambiance of a centerpiece.


This bird bath’s pedestals are light and foldable. Hence, you can always rotate its location around your garden as you wish. Or, fold and store it when you are not home for long. The Peaktop Outdoor Bird bath takes less than five minutes to assemble. Indeed, easy to follow user guide makes it convenient for anyone.

What We Liked

  • It consists of a sturdy frame.
  • It retails in a variety of designs.
  • The glazing amplifies the lighting in your garden.
  • Easy to use and store. Also, it has low maintenance.

What We Didn't Like

  • The fountain pump retails as an extra chargeable item.

Dimensions: 19.75 inches by 28 inches by 15 inches

Water Capacity: 0.78 Gallons

Rustic style

Now, do you fancy a relaxing afternoon in an outdoors with a rustic appeal? Then the Outdoor Lily Leaf Resin Pedestal Bird Bath is your best pick. Indeed, this heart-shaped bird bath comprises of pleasant-looking touches with an antique finish. It’s a must-have for those who cherish the sights and sounds of feathery visitors amidst earth colors. Does this resonate with you? Then, get this bird bath in either copper or green floral Fleur-de-Lys accents.


The Outdoor Lily Leaf Resin Pedestal Bird Bath is a perfect piece in your patio. How so? First, the bowl has a lily leaf design with a heart shaped trough to hold water. In turn, it blends with the vegetation in the garden without making the bird bath stand out.

Second, this bird bath can withstand harsh weather. Its resin coating is resistant to both frost and other harsh elements. Third, the bird bath weighs 4.2 pounds, a portable weight that stands sturdy on any flat surface. The fresh water added to the bowl improves the bird bath’s center of gravity. Fourth, it works well with a solar fountain.

What We Liked

  • It has a sturdy design.
  • It uses a unique vintage finish.
  • Ideal for use in freezing temperatures.
  • The bowl is safe for the birds.
  • It works well with a solar fountain.

What We Didn't Like

  • The bowl depth is a bit shallow.

Dimensions: 20 inches by 28.5 inches

Premium design

The Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath is a tall, lightweight bird bath of resistant plastic materials. Yet, its stone-like look oozes a premium quality that makes your garden a favorite for all. As expected, this bird bath blends in so well with nature you’ll have birds flocking your garden in no time. Get this bird bath in green, gray, or bronze color scheme.

The light bird bath stands 28.5 inches above the ground, supported by a series of steel stakes. Thus, it never wobbles in windy and stormy weather.

Convenient make

Do you prefer a low maintenance bird bath? Then the Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath is your best choice. For starters, it retails in a pre-assembled form, with ready screws for installation. Indeed, you don’t have to maintain a toolbox when you are not sure of how to use it. Second, this bird bath is easy to clean. A quick rinse gets it clean in no time.

Money-back guarantee

The Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath retails with a six months warranty. This money-back guarantee is a plus, in an industry where most items retail with no warranty. Hence, this is further proof of the garden accessory’s robustness.

What We Liked

  • Exquisite design.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Great value for your money.
  • It retails with a six months money-back guarantee.

What We Didn't Like

  • Looks heavy.

Dimensions: 19.7 inches by 13.8 inches

Royal European decor

The VIVOHOME Outdoor Double Birds Garden Bird Bath is a sight to behold. For, if you cherish a touch of the European royal artwork, then you ought to get your hands on this bird bath. Imagine listening to chirping birds on the bowl’s bronze patina as they drink, play, and take a quick dip. Again, the two birds figures on top of the bowl work like a charm to attract birds from far.

Robust construction

Like European designs, this bird bath is of a resolute frame. Its polyresin material is in a weather-resistant resin coating. Three stakes are keeping the base firm on the ground. And, with a bowl depth of 2 inches at the center, you can add some gravel into the fresh water to further stabilize it. Forthwith, it can endure rain and windstorms without falling or breaking.

Ease of use

Once you buy this bird bath, it takes less than 3 minutes to install it. All you have to do is fasten the screws on its base, and you are good to go.

What We Liked

  • It comprises of sturdy, lightweight construction.
  • It has a deep base.
  • Ease to assemble and clean.

What We Didn't Like

  • You may need a heating device during winter.

Dimensions: 24 inches by 17 inches by 17 inches

Ceramic design

The Sun Pottery Bird Bath by World Source East is a circular bird bath of a ceramic make. This bird bath’s classic design adds a warm ambiance to your garden, welcoming birds from far and wide. Let this bird bath’s gazed color plots reflect the summer beams against your leafy garden.

Functional centerpiece

Opt for this bird bath if you are looking for a piece that is easy to clean, assemble, and blend with most gardens. This bird bath turns clockwise to lock in place. It works well with a solar fountain. Plus, for a ceramic bird bath, its 25 pounds weight is easy to move from one side of the patio to another.

Built to last

Do you prefer keeping your garden organic? Then, note that this bird bath gets its sturdy features from its pottery process. Indeed, the ceramic goes through a fiery furnace to reinforce it. The final product is hard as stone, except with a much even color. It’s a unique chance to conserve nature by using natural products for your bird bath.

What We Liked

  • It uses natural ceramic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.

What We Didn't Like

  • Ceramic is not ideal for use during the winter season.
  • Should it break, you can only get a new one.

Dimensions: 24 inches by 17 inches by 17 inches

Chic design

The Bellflower Blue Bird Bath from Birds Choice Burley is a clay garden accessory. It comprises of a blue bellflower shaped bowl supported by a thick yet elegant pedestal. Sure, this frame’s glazed color scheme, beaming the sun’s rays back into the garden. Its one-gallon capacity ensures the water doesn’t run dry all a sudden. Plus, you can always place some gravel to reduce the 3 ½ inches depth of the bowl to accommodate smaller birds.

Stable construction

The bird bath has a 17-inch broad base provides a stable footing for the bowl. By all means, such a width is necessary for a 29.1 pounds bird bath, keeping it intact amidst strong winds. Then again, its 24-inch tall pedestal keeps squirrels, deer, and raccoons off. 

Easy to assemble and maintain

Once you buy the Bellflower Blue Bird Bath, twist its top to secure it in place. In this case, use the preassembled screws to attach the pedestal to the base. This setup takes less than a few minutes to get it right. Also, it is easy to dismantle and get it cleaned.

What We Liked

  • It's an elegant design.
  • Safe for the birds.
  • It has an extended base for stability.
  • Ideal for use in windy areas.
  • It retails as a pack of two.

What We Didn't Like

  • A bit pricey.
  • Available in one color only; blue..
  • It’s not ideal for use during winter.

Dimensions: 22.5 inches by 17 inches by 17 inches

Hand-painted piece

The Burley Clay Hummingbird Bird Bath Set has a ceramic bowl that locks into a pedestal. This pedestal then extends to a 17-inch hollow base. The entire set is a unique hand-painted in the US, providing that personal touch to your garden. The artwork is a charming leafy scene with hummingbirds doing what they know best. Sipping the tree’s sap as they hum away. Hence, you know what you order is never a replicate of another bird bath somewhere else.

Attracts sensitive bird species

Do you live in an area with too much glazing? Now, the Burley Clay Hummingbird Bird Bath retails in a neutral pedestal and base. The bird bath’s glazing is only at the interior of the bowl. In effect, you don’t have to worry about scaring away the more sensitive bird species. Besides, its 3 1/2 solid bowl makes ample room for a solar fountain. Of course, this stream creates a welcoming scene for the birds.

What We Liked

  • It has a unique hand-painted masterpiece depicting the hummingbirds in a garden.
  • It uses the most exquisite ceramic.
  • Robust design.
  • Easy to assemble and clean.

What We Didn't Like

  • Requires a voltaavge converter to operate smoothly

Dimensions: 24 inches by 12 inches by 18 inches

While still on the Burley brand, we have the Burley Clay Hand Tinted Butterfly Ceramic Bird Bath. This bird bath is a bit different from the Hummingbird series reviewed above. But, how do these two bird baths look alike or different?


Both these bird baths are of a hand-painted design. Hence, they appeal to homeowners or tenants who love a personal touch to their patio. Second, no one piece is like another. Third, they have a bowl with a glazed interior with the rest of the parts maintaining a rubbed finish. Fourth, these two unique designs use ceramic to blend in with the patios vegetation. Given this, when should you opt for the Burley Clay Hand Tinted Butterfly Ceramic Bird Bath?

Opt for the Burley Clay Hand Tinted Butterfly Ceramic Bird Bath if: –

  • You want a bigger bird bath for your garden.
  • You prefer a butterfly design to a hummingbird one.
  • The deeper base of the Hummingbird style is not convenient for you. The butterfly style’s bowl is 2 ½ inches broad. It’s best to fill it with sand instead of gravel when adjusting its depth to attract birds.

What We Liked

  • Beautiful and very sturdy
  • Made of good quality material
  • Heavy enough to stay in place

What We Didn't Like

  • ou do need to add water everyday if it is bright and sunny

Dimensions: 25 inches by 15 inches by 10 inches

Multi-purpose design

The 2-in-1 Bird bath with Planter Base is a multi-purpose must-have for your garden. It consists of a water bowl standing 25 inches above the ground and a planter base at the base of the bird bath. This setup ensures your feathery friends access both water and growing food in one place. Indeed, it is cheap for the homeowner who does not want the hassle of leaving bird food at the bowl each day. And, the plants below blend into the bird bath, creating a natural ambiance that is hard to ignore.


The 2-in-1 Bird bath with Planter Base has a 15-inch full bowl for the water. This ample space allows the birds to chirp and splash on the pool as they want. They then alternate picking pollen from flowers on the planter base. You may plant flowers to provide ready growing food for the birds on the planter base. But, how do you keep the base predator-free and discourage the birds from getting to the ground level? Because of this, opt for faux flowers instead.

What We Liked

  • It's an innovative design that takes full care of the birds.
  • It economizes the available space in the garden.
  • It uses a light, yet durable plastic frame.
  • The frame is easy to install.

What We Didn't Like

  • The planter base may harbor predators for the birds.
  • Available in only one design: the green and black patina blend.

Dimensions: 22.5 inches by 17 inches by 17 inches

The Burley Clay Lavender Bird Bath Set is of a hand-crafted ceramic bird bath. It features the aromatic lavender plant spreading out on the meadows. Do you prefer fewer details in your bird bath? Then, this third variation of the Burley Clay Bird bath brand will work best for you. Indeed, this bird bath will not steal the show from your centerpiece. All the other features are as per the Burley Clay Bird Bath brand reviewed in an earlier section.

What We Liked

  • It's beautiful
  • The design is nice and unique
  • Fairly lightweight, so easy to put in place

What We Didn't Like

  • It's too dip for little birds

Dimensions: 23 inches by 17 inches by 17 inches

The Burley Clay Zanesville Blue Glazed Bath Set is our final bird bath on this list of the best freestanding bird baths for any garden. Again, this bird bath is part of the Burley Clay bird bath family. Still, this bird bath is of a plain cobalt blue color scheme throughout. Plus, it has an intricate artwork at the base of the pedestal and along the bowl’s circumference. The bird bath’s more under bowl ensures there is adequate clean water for the birds. Unlike the other Burley Clay models, this piece is of a glazed finish all round. Hence, it exudes a tender yet solid aesthetic look.

What We Liked

  • This bird bath is beautiful
  • The top locks
  • The finish is very high quality

What We Didn't Like

  • Too porous to stand up to cold weather.

Final thoughts: Best bird baths

A bird bath is a necessary addition to your garden as it lures in our feathery friends. Use this buying guide to select your ideal piece based on an informed decision. If you are still new to this concept, start by installing a freestanding bird bath. Compare the height, material, convenience, durability, and adaptability to your garden. Now that you have a broad idea of what to expect in a freestanding bird bath, pick one that suits your garden the most.

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