10 Best Hiking Shoes for Your Outdoor Adventures

In our current world, hiking has become one of the most popular outdoor fun activities. Besides hiking being a fun activity it is also a cost-free way to keep your body fit. Well, for you to make the best out of your hiking sessions, it is important to have the right gear for the activity. Most of the enthusiastic hikers we have met mention that the key secret to a fulfilling hiking session is having the right hiking shoe.

So what is a good hiking shoe all about? Just to mention a few: It should be comfortable, lightweight, and a perfect fit. With the mentioned features on your hiking shoe, you won’t get overly exhausted or get your feet injured at the end of the day.

If it’s the first time you are buying a hiking shoe and you are wondering where to begin you need not worry anymore because we’ve got your back. That’s exactly where we come in to ensure that you get the ideal shoe to revolutionize your hiking adventures. In this write-up, we are going to review some of the best 10 hiking shoes you will come across the market. Before we kick off, let’s first look at some of the reasons why a hiking shoe is a must-have if you are involved in regular hiking trips.

Why hiking boots?

  • Blister Protection – Many new hikers ignore the need for hiking shoes until they find themselves with a million blisters at the end of the day. With proper hiking shoes, you will never have to suffer from blisters as a result of long hiking trips.
  • Debris and Rock Protection – hiking shoes keep your feet protected from injury in case you step on a pebble or stones on the hiking trail.
  • Stability –while hiking on a wet and muddy trail, these shoes provide stability to protect you from sliding.

The Best Hiking Shoes in the Market Now

1. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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For the longest time, the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 hiking shoe has been a top choice among male hikers. It is designed with the best of comfort, durability and maximum protection against pebbles and debris.

With this hiking shoe, you will definitely become a master in hiking during wet weather conditions. This is courtesy of the M-Dry feature on its surface to block out water and keep your feet dry when it is raining. It is also lightweight allowing you to hike for long distances without getting weary.

The heel of the shoe is designed with an air cushion to improve comfort. The cushion plays the role of reducing stress on the foot with every single step you make. This way you won’t end up blistering your feet due to long hours of hiking. The Vibram outer sole is also quite durable and slip-resistant to offer you maximum stability in all kinds of weather.


  • These shoes dry pretty quickly after exposure to wet weather during hiking.
  • With leather and synthetic construction, these shoes are quite durable even when exposed to frequent hiking.
  • The Vibram outer sole ensures that you hike with optimal stability through wet and muddy trails.
  • This Merrell hiking shoe provides adequate support for all foot types. You won’t end up straining your ankles after mountain hiking.
  • With this hiking gear, you will enjoy a comfortable perfect fit all day long.


  • The shoe feels a little bit slow for a number of individuals.

2. Columbia Men’s North Plains Ii Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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Being among the most comfortable hiking shoe in the market, the Columbia men’s hiking shoe is an ideal choice for any serious hiker out there. Firstly, the shoe is designed with waterproof seam-sealed construction to keep your feet warm while hiking in a snowy environment. Moreover, the upper part of the shoe is made of 100% leather and textile making it super durable for tough hiking conditions.

This is an incredible hiking shoe that won’t leave you extremely weary after a hiking session. In other words, the shoe doesn’t feel like a brick on your legs. This is because it features a Techlite lightweight midsole that makes the shoe pretty light on the feet. The sole of the shoe is also designed with a great grip enabling to hike on wet weather without the fear of slipping.

If you are a man that cares a great deal about your appearance, this is the right hiking shoe for you. It comes with a modern design to give you a classy look while on your hiking trips. Moreover, the heel is designed to provide maximum comfort for various types of heels. Though the shoe may feel a little bit tight on your first day hiking on them, they tend to loosen up after wearing them severely.


  • The shoe is remarkably durable and it will surely serve you a good deal before needing to get a new pair.
  • With the lightweight midsole, the shoes won’t slow you down while climbing the mountains as is the case with the heavy type.
  • A protective rubber toe cap is designed along to protect your toe from injury in case you hit it on hard surfaces while rock climbing.
  • The rubber sole keeps your foot protected from the stress that may result from stepping on pebbles on the hiking trail.
  • With the shoes, you experience a confident grip on every kind of terrain while hiking.


  • The shoe lacks padding on the sides and the back part of the shoe.

3. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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Are you a woman that loves to stay fit by regular hiking? The Merrell Women’s shoe will be the perfect hiking shoe for you. To begin with, the shoe comes with a Vibram outsole that’s meant to offer optimal slip resistance while hiking on muddy trails. Moreover, you won’t have to cancel your hiking activities during wet weather. This hiking shoe is waterproof to ensure that your feet don’t get cold while hiking on chilly weather. On the other hand, the shoe keeps your feet cool while hiking during hot weather.

Made of a100% leather, this shoe will serve you for the longest time. Also, it is easy to keep the shoe in a good posture with the suede leather material that’s used for construction. With the air cushion on the heel, your feet won’t get bruised as a result of hiking for a long period of time.

If you have large feet and you are worried about getting a shoe with a perfect fit, this is the hiking shoe for you. It is wide enough for large feet and the toe box that’s provided as well. The shoe is not only wide but also provides ultimate comfort and flexibility for a smooth hiking session. Additionally, the shoe comes with a rugged design to keep your feet protected while on harsh hiking conditions.


  • The shoe allows you to keep hiking during rainy weather since it won’t let in any wetness into your feet.
  • Being lightweight, this hiking gear gets you hiking for the longest time without becoming too heavy on the feet.
  • You won’t slip while walking on a muddy train thanks to the Vibram outer sole that enhances slip resistance.
  • The shoe is meant to fit all types of feet. If you have large feet, just grab a pair of these women’s hiking shoes for the most comfortable hiking trip ever.


  • The tongue is bulky.

4. Columbia Men’s Redmond Waterproof Low Hiking Shoe

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This is yet another incredible hiking shoe from Columbia for men who are enthusiastic about hiking. It is richly designed with all the features you will need for a fulfilling and adventurous hiking session. First and foremost, the shoe is waterproof. With this, you can go hiking in wet weather without having to worry about getting your feet dump. Additionally, the design construction material is not only waterproof but also air permeable as well to keep your feet fresh all day long.

Its construction features an advanced technology of 100% sued leather webbing and mesh, which makes it pretty durable. With its outstanding durability, you can use it for all your tough hiking trips. Be it mountain climbing or walking along rocky trails, the shoe will give you a pretty long service. The outer sole is made of rubber and provides super traction to prevent slipping on wet trails.

This shoe won’t slow you down while on your hiking trips. It is designed with a lightweight Techlite midsole to ensure that the shoe isn’t too heavy on your feet. Moreover, superior cushioning plays the role of impact absorption while hiking on aggressive terrain.


  • The shoe is pretty comfortable and it can hold up in the most extreme terrains without leaving you with any bruise.
  • It is lightweight thus allowing you to be as light as possible during your hiking adventures.
  • The outer rubber sole comes with a slip resistance capability to keep you from falling while hiking on slippery terrain.
  • Being both waterproof and breathable, this shoe will keep your feet fresh and dry all day long on both wet and dry hiking environments.


  • The shoes are pretty narrow so they may not be a good choice for individuals with wide feet.

5. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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Here’s yet another high-performance hiking shoe from Merrell that has everything that any enthusiastic hiker would need. Firstly, the shoe is waterproof which allows you to run during wet weather without worrying about getting your feet cold. Moreover, the Vibram traction sole ensures that you never slide while running or walking on a muddy trail.

Talk of comfort and the Merrell men’s hiking shoe will not disappoint. Designed with air cushioning, it provides the maximum comfort that you need for a productive hiking session. The feature ensures that there’s no stress on your heel while hiking for long distances.

It is also made of a durable suede leather material and mesh to make sure that you won’t be disposing of this shoe anytime soon. Whether you are an irregular hiker or an enthusiast, this shoe will definitely give you a long term service.


  • The shoes are waterproof and allow you to hike all around the weather.
  • It provides maximum comfort thanks to the air cushioning feature.
  • It comes with unmatched stability due to the Vibram high traction sole.
  • It is lightweight thus allowing you long hours of hiking without getting overly exhausted.


  • The shoe might be too tight for individuals with feet that need an extra fitting. 

6. Adidas outdoor MensTerrex Swift R2 GTX

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Need a high-end hiking shoe to allow you to track through all kinds of weather without much trouble? The Adidas outdoor men’s Swift R2 GTX should be part of your hiking gear. To begin with, the shoe is lightweight. This allows you to move fast on difficult terrain without straining your muscles.

This Adidas shoe also keeps your feet fresh and dry all day long is made of breathable mesh material on top. Additionally, TPU overlays are included to enhance the longevity of the shoe. Not to forget to mention the shoe is waterproof allowing you to enjoy your strolling sessions even when it’s rainy.

As you shop for a hiking shoe, always remember to have your safety in mind. This shoe is designed with a Traxion rubber outsole that comes with 100% traction in all kinds of terrain. It also features a long term EVA midsole cushioning that allows for comfortable long-hour hiking moments without developing bruises.


  • Featuring a Bungee lace-up system, the shoe is quite easy to adjust to your favorite fitting.
  • It comes with impressive durability even under frequent use.
  • Being waterproof, the shoe enables you to keep up with your trekking sessions even under wet weather.
  • The footbed is thoroughly cushioned to ensure optimal comfort while fast climbing the mountains.
  • With the lightweight feature, you will traverse through the hills without overly tiring your body.


  • The shoe’s lace holes are a bit tiny whereas the laces are a bit thicker. 

7. New Balance Men’s 481V3 Cushioning Trail Running Shoe

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For any individual out there looking for a quality reliable shoe for serious hiking, the New Balance men’s hiking shoe will be a great choice. It is made of leather and textile for longevity and resilience in extreme trail running conditions. The inside of the shoe is super comfortable with the CUSH+ feature keeping your feet protected from debris and pebbles impact while trailing.

Featured with a high traction rubber sole you don’t have to worry about slipping while hiking on wet or snow trails. With the AT tread design, these shoes offer both trail and running design for various types of terrain.

If you have a large toe, this is the shoe for you. It comes with a large toe box to take care of individuals with large toes. Moreover, this new balance hiking shoe comes with a perforated construction to enhance breathability. It is also lightweight allowing you to have interesting hiking trips without getting extremely fatigued. A mesh lining is also included to whisk away moisture, thus; providing you with all the comfort you need to make the best out of your hikes.


  • The shoe comes with super traction that ensures you enjoy optimal stability in all kinds of terrain.
  • With the perforated design, the shoe keeps your feet fresh all day long.
  • It comes with a large toe box for individuals with large toes.
  • The CUSH + comfort feature is included to ensure maximum protection from injury while trekking on tough terrain.


  • Most individuals that have used the shoe find the tongue of the shoe remarkably narrow. 

8. Skechers Men’s After Burn Memory Fit – Strike Off Lace-Up Sneaker

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With Sketchers being a renowned brand in manufacturing classic high-performance footwear, it’s definite that this strike off hiking sneaker is off the hook when it comes to hiking footwear. It is made of 100% leather and synthetic material that makes it pretty durable. Besides durability, this shoe also comes with an appealing design to suit the trend-savvy hiker men. Its fashion sense is enhanced by the S logo imprinted on the sides.

For an unaltered comfort, this Sketchers hiking gear is designed with a padded tongue and collar. Also on comfort is the memory foam innersole that keeps your feet comfortable and protected from harmful debris on your hiking trails. The middle sole is also shock-absorbing to keep your feet from getting bruised while maneuvering through harsh terrains.

A front perforation vent is also included to keep your feet fresh and all dry at all times. Most importantly, the flexible rubber outer sole comes with super traction for optimal stability while hiking on slippery trails.


  • With optimal cushioning on the inside, the shoe provides maximum comfort on long hours of hiking.
  • The upper leather material and the synthetic overlays that are included enhance the longevity of the shoe.
  • With a contrast-colored design and the S logo, this hiking shoe is a great choice for the fashion man.
  • The lightweight midsole design you keep your feet as light as possible for prolonged mountain climbing.


  • They don’t have arch support.

9. Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Q2 Hiking Shoes

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Are you a woman that loves to stay in shape through hiking and you are wondering about the best shoes for trekking or mountain climbing? Merrell has got your back. It brings you the Merrell women’s siren edge Q2 hiking shoes specially designed with all you would need for an adventurous hike.

It is made of 100% textile, which is durable. You will not be going back to the market to look for another pair anytime soon. Moreover, the insole and the middle sole are genders engineered especially for women to provide a natural fit.

We all know the embarrassment that comes with taking off your shoes and serving your friends some good amount of bad odor. To save you from such instances, this shoe comes with M select fresh antimicrobial agents to prevent bad odor. With this, you can comfortably get off these shoes wherever you want without the fear of earning yourself some creepy look.


  • With the M select Grip, the outsole provides optimal stability for walking confidently on muddy roads.
  • The shoe is super durable with 100% textile material.
  • It doesn’t produce bad smell even after long hours having it on.
  • This incredible hiking wear is lightweight thanks to Kinetic fit TRI insole.


  • The shoes tend to squeak while walking. It is a bit irritable to some individuals.

10. KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe

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From ice climbing to mountain climbing, Keen brings you a hiking shoe that will give you a chance to make the best out of your outdoor activities. Primarily, the shoe is made of waterproof leather and mesh. This is to ensure you won’t miss out on mountain climbing just because of chilly weather. Moreover, the leather and mesh design makes the shoe sturdy and pretty flexible at the same time.

If you have a large toe, this is the shoe for you because it is designed with large toe space made with patented rubber for all-day comfort. The outsole comes with high traction to prevent slipping while climbing during wet weather.

Polyester linings are included to keep moisture off your feet. This ensures that your feet stay dry and warm while on your hiking adventures. Additionally, webbing pull loops are featured at the heel and the tongue of the shoe for effective absorption of moisture and debris from the shoe.


  • The non-marking outsole provides super traction for all kinds of landscape.
  • Being waterproof, you can hike with the shoes during both winter and summer.
  • The guards keep the feet protected from abrasion or bumps.
  • The mesh ventilation and leather design ensure breathability and durability.


  • The shoes need a bit more cushioning on the footbed. 

Buying Guide for the Best Hiking Shoes for Your Outdoor Activities

Your dream of an adventurous hiking moment can only come true when you have the right hiking shoes. For this to happen, there are several factors that you will need to have in mind before stepping out to get a pair. Below we have highlighted a number of factors that will be a basic guide to you when it comes to purchasing hiking shoes.


Weight is one of the most important decisions you will need to make in a hiking shoe. This is because weight carried on your feet tends to consume more energy than the weight on your back. A heavy shoe won’t allow you to go as far as you may wish before getting overly exhausted. For this reason, we always recommend that you check out the shoe weight to ensure that it will be light on your feet. Basically, in regards to weight, you need to ensure that you get a hiking shoe that will not slow down your outdoor adventures.


Long hour trailing or mountain climbing may cause foot swelling among many individuals. With this, it’s usually a good idea to purchase a shoe half size larger than your normal if it’s for hiking purposes. This way you won’t end up with strained feet at the end of your lengthy hiking sessions. Always remember that buying hiking shoes that aren’t your size will cost you pain in every single step you take on your adventure.

Water Proofing

We all know how awful it feels when rain gets to seep into shoes leaving your feet wet. It is definite that your adventure cannot be as fun-filled under such conditions. That is the reason you need to consider getting a waterproof pair of a hiking shoes. It will allow you to keep hiking even during winter without the worry of getting damp feet.


While hiking on hot days, it is without any doubt that your feet are likely to get sweaty which will most definitely result in bad odor or blistering. However, this only happens if the moisture accumulating inside isn’t allowed out. For that matter, we highly recommend getting hiking shoes that are highly breathable to let moisture escape when need be.


Mostly, hiking shoes made from full-grown leather material tend to last longer compared to other materials like synthetics and split-grain leather. Also on durability, it’s important to lean on the shoes that have support on the top mesh.


A successful hiking trip starts with a superb pair of hiking shoes. The above review is all you ever needed to have that memorable outdoor adventure you have always looked forward to. Just select your most suitable pair and get on the go! We hope we have pointed you in the right direction and your decision will be easy.